3 simple ideas to cover the gotelé


Gotelé is a decorative painting technique that has been used for many years, but it has become quite outdated and aesthetically it is less and less used in homes.

The word comes from (from the French goutte or gouttelette, drop or "little droplet") and consists of applying a thick textured layer of paint, thicker than normal, applied to the wall with compressed air, which forms a large number of clumps similar to water drops.

At the time it was used to hide imperfections and add texture to smooth walls, But today it is something of the past, since minimalist decoration has prevailed.

That is why many people look for a way to hide this type of paint. If you have gotelé on the walls of your house and are looking to give them a touch of style and modernity, let's look at 3 simple tips to hide the gotelé and have decorative and modern walls.

Thin coating to cover gotelé


Skim coating is the most effective and popular method for remove the gotelé or cover it. There are many pastes to cover gotelé on the market and it is a very simple task but first we have to know what type of paint we have on the walls.

To find out we have to scrape a piece of wall and dilute the remains in water, if they dissolve we have a gotelé called tempera. If they don't dissolve it's plastic. In the case of having tempera gotelé, the ideal is to sand or scrape the wall before covering it.

This technique consists of applying a smooth coating over the current one to give the walls a modern touch. To do it good, you will have to properly prepare the surface by cleaning it well, and then apply the new paint with a wide brush or roller making sure to add an even coat.

After The ideal is to remove excess material with a spatula so that it is very smooth.. You can apply several layers without having to wait for the previous one to dry.

You can completely cover it when you sand the surface so that the wall is very smooth. Finally, you apply a coat of primer and let it dry for the time recommended in the product instructions.
The wall is now ready to paint, If you want, you can add a striking color to make a total change in the room.

Textured wallpaper


If you want to give your walls an extra decorative touch while hiding the gotelé, try decorate with wallpaper With texture, or striking motifs, it can be a good option.


You can find different types of wallpaper in many stores, with a wide variety of textures and patterns that adapt to any style. Before installation, you should treat the wall as the primer coat and seek help to make sure the bonding level is correct.

Cover the walls to cover the gotelé with panels


Wood panels are a very popular option today, ideal for people who like the rustic style.

So that you do not have problems with the baseboards, the ideal is to remove them completely and place the panels from the ceiling to the floor. It is a very good idea to install a metal component to hold the bottom of the panel above the floor so that it appears to float, (the metal piece is almost invisible).


Another option is to remove the baseboards and add some wood to the bottom of the wall and reinstall the baseboards flush with the new panels. It is a very modern option that provides a warm and cozy look to the room.

Modern decoration trends seek to achieve simple and clean, well-defined spaces, therefore, if you have gotelé on the walls of your house and are looking for decorative and current ideas to cover it, these 3 simple tips are a good option.

Whether you use a covering as a more traditional method, a textured wallpaper for a modern touch or incorporate wood paneling. It is best to give free rein to your creativity, any of these options will add a touch of style to your home.

Another option is that you try to keep it if at the moment you do not plan to do any type of renovation, what you can do is Get some artwork that will distract from the paint on the walls.

You can also try keeping the lighting away from the walls, using neutral colors to soften the texture and placing appropriate and modern furniture, That way the walls won't be the center of attention.

What are the pros and cons of gotelé?

The gotelé can be quite aesthetically pleasing and, In some cases, it can improve the look of a room, especially in older homes, where it helps create a cozy and rustic feeling.

The granules give the paint a texture that would otherwise be difficult to achieve, and also help disguise any imperfections or patches on the wall.

However, gotelé also has some drawbacks. It may be difficult to paint or cover with another type of texture, and can make a wall or ceiling look quite dated. In some cases, texture can also exacerbate the appearance of cracks and imperfections over time.

Finally, gotelé is a popular texture technique that has been used for many years, but it can also look quite dated and difficult to replace with a modern texture. If you want to hide or replace the gotelé, there are several modern techniques you can try.
Use a special primer to create a smooth base for a new finish, or add wood panels, wallpaper, there are many very beautiful designs to add to the room.

You can do it yourself, depending on the type of gotelé you have on the wall it will be more or less difficult. Be that as it may, the result you will notice is incredible, the smooth walls will highlight all the decoration of the home.

If you find it very cumbersome, difficult, or think that you are not qualified for the task, you can hire an expert. With a little time and effort, you can create a modern, aesthetically pleasing texture that will breathe new life into any room.

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