4 DIY projects with pvc pipes

DIY projects with pvc pipes

A weekend, a vacation, a free afternoon... Any time is a good time to dedicate time to those projects that we have pending at home. Projects to which we can add any of the four proposals that we present today if what you want is to give it a industrial and modern touch to your home in a simple way: create furniture from PVC pipes.

To carry out the DIY projects that we propose today, you will need rigid PVC pipes. We are going to find them for sale in any store or large DIY area. With them we can make from shelves to light fixtures with relative simplicity, painting them in bright colors or giving them a metallic appearance. But first, let's see what exactly is PVC:

The advantages of PVC

pvc pipes

The material known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) It is a chemical combination of three elements: carbon, hydrogen and chlorine. It is also one of the plastics with the lowest oil content.

PVC is a light and chemically harmless material, that is, completely safe for our homes. It is very malleable under heat, but incredibly strong when cooled. These exceptional properties, together with its excellent value for money, make it the most widely used plastic in our country, both for construction and in the world of decoration. Like the tubes that we are going to use in the DIY projects that we present in this post.

PVC windows
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PVC pipes: four decorative proposals

A creative mind will be able to immediately detect all the decorative possibilities offered by PVC pipes. Here we show you our four proposals, although in reality there is no limit other than our own imagination and ability. There are many other ideas that you can turn into reality using this element, especially if the ultimate goal is to give our homes a minimalist atmosphere with a charming industrial atmosphere.


DIY projects with pvc pipes

The very shape of PVC pipes suggests, almost naturally, the idea of build a bookshelf with them. However, as much as it may seem like a simple project, it has a certain complexity. And it is that to build a PVC tube shelf we are going to need wall elbows and bases, as well as wooden shelves.

To inspire you, we encourage you to take a look at the image that we show on these lines. There you can see in more detail how and where to integrate the pipes and the wooden planks, or the correct way to use metal fixings so as not to have to drill holes in the wood.

Another suggestion: paint the tubes with bright colors, thus also achieving a fresh and modern result, perfectly compatible with the industrial touch that we were looking for.

End Table

DIY projects with pvc pipes

PVC pipes can also be a fantastic raw material with which to create a piece of furniture as simple and as beautiful as a side table. Useful in any part of the house. In the example that we bring here, the table in question is built from a triangular base made with copper pipes.

Once you have cut 30 pieces of pipe of identical size, it will be enough to follow the rabbits that are explained in this tutorial to join them with a string and shape the structure. It is not an easy process, but with a little skill and following the instructions in the tutorial to the letter, you can build the table without any problem.

To finish adding that metallic effect how well it looks on this kind of furniture, you have to apply a coat of copper effect paint. To finish it off, all that remains is to add a wooden surface.

The result, as seen in the image, is as original as it is beautiful.

Coat rack for the hall and lighting

DIY projects with pvc pipes

Un coat rack for hall It is a practical element that never hurts in a house. And, if in addition to being useful, we take a little care to reinforce its aesthetics, we will give a plus to that space in the house that we so often forget.

Thanks to PCV tubes we will be able to achieve practical and attractive results at the same time. The coat rack can be a simple and spartan structure, or it can become a piece of furniture with all the letters, equipped with shelves to place bags and shoes and even some wheels on the base to be able to move it with total comfort. It all depends on the space we have in our hall and our own tastes.

You can also use PVC tubes to put a point of light in that same hall that we are decorating. In recent times, calls have become fashionable. 'bare' bulbs that provide an unfinished and industrial air that is very much in vogue at the moment. However, there is a proposal that we like much more: that of hide the cable in a PVC tube anchored to the wall, as shown in the image.

Wine racks

Finally, an original and fun idea to put PVC pipes to practical use: a bottle rack for the kitchen, the cellar and even for the living room. To manufacture it we will have to use tubes of different thicknesses, although it is essential to have some 15 or 20 centimeters in diameter, inside which our bottles will rest horizontally.

You have to cut the tubes, wide and narrow, with the same length (always longer than the length of a normal wine bottle) and arrange them horizontally to design with them a structure of our liking. You can also paint the tubes in the colors that best suit us according to the decoration of our rooms. In the images above we show a couple of suggestions.

The tubes must be assembled or joined with silicone, in order to ensure the consistency of their structure. As for the bottle rack sizeIt will depend on what each one wants or needs, but a small bottle rack is always better (for a maximum of 6-8 bottles) that we can install on the kitchen floor, in a corner of the countertop or on a table in the dining room.

If you like wine and always have a few reserve bottles at home, this is an idea that you cannot miss.

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