4 ideas to achieve a cheap rustic decoration

Rustic style

Do you miss the town house where you enjoyed your summers when you were a child? Do you want to reproduce that warm and welcoming feeling when entering your own home? In Decoora we propose four ideas to achieve a cheap rustic decoration.

The furniture and wooden beams that characterize the rustic style, as well as many other common elements in this style are not exactly cheap. Worried about the budget? This can limit you, yes, but it will not end your idea of ​​enjoying a rustic decoration at all.

Why do we like the rustic style so much? The warmth that it transmits, that way of connecting with the exterior that it has and that feeling of comfort that it evokes in us, will probably have something to do with it. Reasons to want to bet on this style are not lacking and reasons to give up on this if it is what we want either, not even the budget. The rustic decor invites use recycled materials and furniture, making it an affordable option for those on a limited budget.

Do you want to start decorating your house with this style? Take note of these ideas:

Use warm, earthy colors

Paint your walls with warm and earthy tones to recreate the cozy feeling of a country house. Tones such as sand, beige and even terracotta used on the main wall are ideal for achieving this style.

Terracottas and boilers to decorate the living room

You can also use these colors in your furniture. You have a extremely deteriorated furniture but what would you like to keep? You can restore it by painting it in a soft color and combining it with other wooden ones to give warmth to the room.

Also accessories like cushions or pictures They are a great tool to add nuances in these colors in different rooms. And you can make them yourself; paint an abstract painting with stripes in these colors on a white cardboard, put a nice wooden frame on it and no one will dare say anything bad about it.

Look for second-hand wooden furniture and shelves

Nowadays you don't have to visit a flea market to find wooden furniture and accessories at good prices that suit the rustic style. You can do it without leaving home through one of the many second-hand applications that exist. If you also don't mind spending a couple of days to improve your condition, the chances of finding real bargains will be greater.

Worn tables, imperfect benches, antique chairs, old cabinets... This type of lived-in wooden furniture is expensive if bought new or in antique stores and yet, a lot of people get rid of them at thrift stores for very little, sometimes with the only condition that you take them out of their house.

You will also find planks and recycled wood that can serve as a countertop or shelf. Placed here and there with some nice fittings, they will provide you with that cheap rustic decoration that you are looking for.

incorporates flowers

Flowers are another of the essentials to decorate a rustic house. And you can incorporate them into the different rooms in so many ways… Start by decorating the tables with glass vases or ceramic and fill them with wild flowers or preserved flowers.

vase with dried flowers

Flowers may be present in addition to other forms. floral prints, for example, they are very characteristic of the rustic style. You can bet on dressing your bed with a flower bedspread or placing a blanket with this pattern on the sofa, since this element, in addition to being affordable, can completely transform the living room.

Floral wallpaper in the living room

The walls can also be covered with flower prints. A nice wallpaper on the main wall of the living room or the bedroom or a chosen corner will represent a great coup de effect in favor of that rustic style that you are looking for.

Decorate with vegetable fiber baskets

The baskets of vegetable fibers serve even torn and unstitched as they say. You can use them as a planter but also for keep your things organized. Place them in the children's room to store their stuffed animals, the living room to collect the blankets from the sofa when you don't use them or in the kitchen on open shelves with some fruits or vegetables.

Vegetable fiber baskets

You can also hang them on the wall in the hall or bathroom to store accessories when you get home or bathroom utensils. It is a very economical and little-exploited organization system that you can get a lot of out of.

In addition, the vegetable fiber baskets are very decorative by themselves and can be used to decorate the walls of your home. EITHER become lamp in a very simple way to print warmth to the rooms.

Rustic decoration offers us warmth, personality and charm, which makes it a great choice to create a cozy home. Put into practice our ideas to achieve a cheap rustic decoration and transform your home!

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