4 ideas to get an oriental decoration in the home


Oriental decoration seeks to create environments in which tranquility and harmony reign. And that is why in recent years it is without a doubt one of the most widely accepted decorative styles in Spanish homes. Oriental decoration advocates the natural when decorating the different rooms of the house.

In this way, it emphasizes natural light and materials such as wood. In the following article we show you four ideas to capture the oriental style in your home in the best possible way.

Materials and colors of an oriental decoration

How could it be otherwise the colors that will predominate in oriental decoration are those that are related to nature. In this way, colors such as green, blue or white will prevail. If you want to intensify these tones and give them greater strength, you can choose to add a color such as beige or brown.

In relation to the materials to be used in the furniture, natural wood will be preferred. This type of material is key and essential when it comes to achieving rooms that breathe calm, serenity and harmony. The different pieces of furniture must be made with simple lines to avoid overloading the different rooms of the house. It is not good to recharge the different rooms as it would break the much-desired harmony in this type of decoration.

eastern decoration

Divide the rooms

Another of the key elements in oriental decoration is to separate the different environments of the house. For this it is important to put screens with oriental motifs and fully accept this kind of decorative style. It is recommended that these panels are made with materials such as wood or paper. Screens are often used to divide rooms from the main rooms of the house, such as the living room and kitchen, and to divide rooms within the same room, as in the bathroom with the shower and toilet.

The furniture in the oriental decoration

The furniture within this type of decorative style should be low-rise. In this way, low-height coffee tables will predominate for the living room and low beds in the case of the bedrooms. Chairs are not necessary in the living room since it is much more advisable to opt for cushions around the low table.

In the furniture you can not miss elements that enhance the oriental decoration as is the case with handles and accessories in gold. In the different rooms of the house, scent sticks or incense sticks can be placed in order to create a relaxing atmosphere in which harmony prevails.

Other ideas that can help you create an oriental atmosphere in the house is to place a shoe rack at the entrance of the house. In this way you can save street shoes for another more comfortable one to be at home. In oriental decoration, functionality prevails over anything else to make the most of the space in the house.


harmony and tranquility

Oriental decoration is based on feng shui or what is the same in harmony and tranquility in the different rooms of the house. It is important that you can breathe positive energy at home to achieve a relaxed atmosphere. Candles are decorative elements that cannot be missing in this kind of decoration as they help purify the entire environment and help positive energy flow throughout the house.

Order and cleanliness are key when it comes to achieving an environment full of harmony and tranquility. Thanks to cleaning, positive energy flows throughout the house. Maintaining order in the different rooms is key to achieving an oriental decoration.

Mirrors are decorative accessories that help balance the energy present in the home, so they are important accessories when choosing a decorative style such as oriental.


Ultimately, Oriental decoration is a type of decorative style that seeks above all peace and tranquility throughout the different rooms of the house. It is important not to overload spaces and rooms with numerous pieces of furniture and accessories and always opt for what is necessary. In oriental decoration, order and cleanliness and wide spaces prevail to achieve great harmony throughout the home. Therefore, if you are looking for a type of decoration that will help you break the monotony and help you achieve a certain tranquility and peace in the house, the oriental is the most suitable for you.

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