6 tall indoor plants to decorate the corners of your home

tall indoor plants

Is there a corner in your living room that you need to bring to life? A corner of the bedroom that is crying out for that something to make it stop being boring? Plants are a great ally to decorate corners of living rooms, halls and bedrooms. And in Decoora we propose six tall indoor plants that will look especially good in these.

Imagine that a plant that exceeds a meter high would look good in that corner that now seems empty. If you also provide a wide planter you will be providing it with the necessary space to continue growing. And if it is still small? You could always place it on a raised planter or stool for a similar effect.


You will have seen it in more than one room and it is that this tropical plant only needs a bright place to brighten up any corner. With an elegant appearance and a great height, this plant provides an exotic touch to any interior thanks to its leaves, similar to those of a palm tree. 


Areca purify the air, so including it in the decoration provides multiple benefits. Place it in a bright corner, a space near the window with light curtains through which it receives filtered light, and it will grow content as long as the environment is not too dry. And it is that as a tropical plant that it is, it prefers high environmental humidity. So in addition to watering it abundantly so that the substrate remains slightly moist (but not waterlogged), it will be convenient to place a plate with pebbles and water under it during the winter months if you use the heating.


The Dracena is another of the most popular tall indoor plants. Thanks to their long trunks and their palm-shaped leaves, they look great in corners. You will also find them with one, two or three trunks and leaves in different shades. They only have one but and that is that they can be toxic to dogs and cats so if they are very curious, you will have to keep her away from these.


The Dracena is also a purifying plant and also needs abundant direct light to develop. As for watering, be careful! It requires little watering and it accuses a lot of flooding, so the ideal is not to water until the substrate is completely dry. What you will have to do in dry climates or heated spaces is to provide humidity, exactly the same as with the Areca.

Ficus lyrata

Ficuses are a genus of plants with a multitude of varieties and among these one of the most popular currently is the Lyrata. This variety draws attention for its lyre shaped leaves, similar to those of the fig trees, and its great wingspan. But is it easy to take care of it?

Tall indoor plants: Ficus lyrata

Ficuses do not need much care, but they do not adapt to just any place either. They require a good amount of indirect light and are not particularly demanding when it comes to watering. Therefore, the ideal is to wait for the substrate to dry between waterings. As for its leaves, it will be necessary clean them with a damp cloth from time to time to remove the layer of dust that is usually deposited on them.


Monstera is a trendy plant that, thanks to its large, open, bright green leaves, is capable of dressing up any corner. The Monstera fills any place. It is a lush plant; the perfect one to turn your living room or bedroom into a rain forest as long as you don't have curious dogs or cats, since all its parts are extremely toxic.


As a climbing plant, as it develops, will require a tutor in order to continue developing in a certain order. While the tall indoor plants that I have named so far had a more orderly and vertical growth, this plant can fill large spaces also in width.

As for its care, it is an undemanding plant. It doesn't need a lot of light -but it won't grow in a poorly lit room- and it doesn't need big watering either. In fact, it does not tolerate waterlogging. It is grateful, like all tropical plants, in addition, a humid environment. You could even water it with the shower phone in the summer in the bathtub. As for its leaves, it will appreciate that you clean it from time to time.

Strelitzia nicolai

The Strelitzia Nicolai can reach reach 8 meters tall, although it is difficult to do it indoors. Slim, with large leaves up to 3 meters long, white falls with reddish hues and blue or dark burgundy petals -which are difficult to see indoors- it is a plant that does not go unnoticed.


Originally from South Africa, it requires warm temperatures and a bright space, away from the direct afternoon sun. A deep planter with a good drainage and a loose and humid substratum they will provide you with everything you need to develop. Regarding the risks, you will have to wait until the upper half of the substrate has dried to water again. It will also appreciate spraying with water all year round, especially important in winter when the heating comes on.

Yucca Elephantipes

Also called elephant foot yucca, it is one of the most common tall plants in homes. And it does not surprise us because it is a plant tremendously resistant and easy to care for. It is usually grown by planting two or three stems of different heights in a single pot, so it also acquires a certain sculptural air.


To develop at a good pace needs a lot of light. It could even benefit from direct sun in the early hours of the day. Like others of its kind, it is not a friend of excess watering, but unlike these, it does not require spraying.

As you have seen, most of these tall indoor plants need little more than light and humidity to develop. Afterwards, it will be up to you to control its size, transplanting it to a larger pot to keep it growing or keeping it in the same one to slow it down.

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