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Alicante blinds

Are you thinking of changing the blinds in your home? This article will come in handy for you. We are going to give you all the information about the Alicante blinds: how they are, what types there are, how they are installed... If you want to know more, you just have to stay and read.

What are Alicante blinds?

La Alicante blind It has become very popular in recent years, its versatility and its beautiful aesthetics make it a very interesting option. But, what are Alicante blinds? It is a set of wooden or PVC slats that are joined together with some wires and some grips.

One of the most visible characteristics of the Alicante slippers is that their collection system is by means of a rope that is pulled so that they roll up on themselves. A system simple, but efficient and very durable.

How did the Alicante blinds come about? Well, its origin comes from its name. They are from the province of Alicante, from a town called Max. As it was very common in this town to work in the fields, they devised a system in which they could stop the heat, light and insects. Thanks to them, today we have a perfect element for our homes.

Types of Alicante blinds

There are two types of Alicante blinds that you can choose, having one or the other will depend on your needs and where you want to install your blinds. Next, we will talk about both varieties so that you can know which one you have to choose for your home or business.

wooden shutters

Alicante blind

Our wooden alicantinas They are the most traditional, since when they were created it was the material that was available. One of the great advantages of Alicante blinds like this is the variety of designs you can choose. There are plenty of shades and finishes that are sure to match the design style of your home. Also, as an extra point, if at any time you want to change the color, you can paint them.

This type of Alicante blinds serve both as for exterior as for interior and you should keep in mind that a material like wood always offers a pleasant atmosphere to any corner. Of course, this type also needs extra maintenance, you must take it into account.

PVC shutters

Alicante blinds pvc

Our PVC Alicante blinds They have their main attraction in how little they weigh, they are very lights, so they can be a very interesting option if you are going to place them in a place where they can take a hit for whatever reason. Like the Alicante wooden blinds, these too used for exterior and interior.

What can these blinds offer you? They have one great durability and resistance with very little maintenanceor, it will be enough that you pass a damp cloth from time to time so that they are perfect. As for the design, you will also find many interesting options, there are blinds from Alicante in many shades and colors of PCV, in fact, there are some that imitate other materials that you may be interested in, such as marble.

Where can the Alicante blinds be installed?

Alicante blind wardrobe

Our Alicante blinds are very versatile and you can use them anywhere in your home or business. The best thing about these is that they can be hung on: windows, doors, fences, pergolas… Come on, anywhere you want to place them.

If you are going to use them indoors, keep in mind that they are ideal for places where you want natural light to enter. The Alicante blinds will offer you a Very nice atmosphere In an office, for example, or in a room where you spend many hours during the day.

In the case of the exterior, the Alicante blinds they will save you from the extreme heat, for example in areas such as balconies or terraces and they will also give a very interesting touch to this area of ​​your home. If you want your house to look like something out of a magazine, opt for these types of elements that will give you extra style.

How to install Alicante blinds

Alicante blind

The installation of the Alicante blinds is not complicated at all. You will only need a little patience and calm, to do so they are usually attached to the wall or to the ceiling, depending on this the way of installation will be different.

To install Alicante blinds on the wall

In the case of wanting to install Alicante blinds on the wall, you will first have to place spikes in the area where you want to put them. Then, the 2 or 4 eyebolts that you have placed on your Alicante blinds will have to be hung on the hooks previously placed.

The most important thing is that it is separated from the wall so that it works correctly and does not get stuck or go slow.

To install alicantinas to the ceiling

If you want to place your Alicante blinds on the ceiling, installation is very simple. You will only have to place the eyebolts on the hooks that you have previously screwed to the ceiling. What do you have to take into account in this case? That there is not a double ceiling or a false ceiling in your house, it has to support the weight of the blind and if you place it on this type of element, it will fall.

How to measure Alicante blinds

It is important measure well the Alicante blinds so that they are perfect in the place where you want to place them. Take your time to do it and repeat the measurement a couple of times to check that it is correct. These are the steps to follow.

  • Measure width: To measure the width you must measure the places where you are going to place the eyebolts. But not only that, add 10 centimeters to your measurement so that the blind is perfect.
  • Measure height: In the case of the height of the Alicante blinds, you should not add 10 but between 15 and 18 centimeters more. In this way it will be perfect and there will be what is left over for it to work well.

Now you know everything you need to know about Alicante blinds, which one are you going to choose for your home? Wood or PVC? Remember that each one has different advantages, but without a doubt, both are a great option for your home.

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