Home remedies to remove lime stains on tiles

Tricks to remove lime stains on tiles

The bathroom is one of the most demanding rooms in the house in terms of cleanliness. Bathroom tiles, in addition to dirt, accumulate limescale and even mold, so its cleaning becomes one of the most annoying obligations. From today, however, it will be less so thanks to the home remedies to remove lime stains on tiles that we share with you today.

Lime builds up on the shower tiles, with more intensity in those areas where the water is highly calcified. Cleaning them regularly, as the rest of the bathroom is cleaned, is essential so that they do not accumulate and appear those ugly white spots that it will be difficult to remove. And of course, so that the tiles shine and your bathroom is clean and sparkling.

When you clean the sink and toilet, do you also clean the shower tiles? Normally, they are not cleaned as regularly as these, which is why lime ends up encrusting them. But don't worry, we'll tell you what the best home remedies to remove lime of the bathroom tiles.

Water and vinegar

Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner that we can apply on many surfaces, also on bathroom tiles! One of the best ways to avoid lime stains on tiles, in fact, is to clean them regularly, weekly, with vinegar diluted in water.

Vinegar to remove fat

To do this you will need: a container, vinegar, a scouring pad, a cloth and a dry cloth. Take the container, put warm water in it and add a good splash of vinegar. Mix the solution and soak some newspaper in the mixture. Clean the tiles with the newspaper to remove the lime and then, finally, remove the remains that may have been left with a damp cloth to get perfectly clean tiles.

You can also lighten the tiles with the shower head, reserving the cloth to remove the remains of vinegar from those surfaces that are difficult to access with the shower head. Regardless of the method you use, when you finish, dry the entire surface with a dry cloth.

Are there tough stains? If so, use a scouring pad instead of the newspaper. Hard-to-reach nooks and crannies? A small bristle brush or an old toothbrush will become your best ally to access these areas and leave them as new.

Hot vinegar

When lime has accumulated on the tiles and the stains are very obvious, you may have to use some hot vinegar on them. Pick up some newspaper to clean again, dip it in the hot vinegar, and go over the surface. Then let it act before finishing by wiping it with a damp cloth to leave the tiles as new.

Soap and vinegar

Another home remedy to remove lime from tiles is to mix equal parts soap and vinegar. It is a good mixture to clean the tiles in greater depth from time to time with a scouring pad. Pass the entire surface with the scourer soaked in the mixture, leave it to act for about 10 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth to finish.

Liquid soap

You can use any liquid soap, whether it is the one you use to wash your hands or to clean the dishes. You can also grate a piece of a bar of soap and put it in water in a water bath until the soap is dissolved. This is an ideal and sustainable option for those who do not want to have a thousand soaps and products at home.

Ammonia and water

This ammonia and water-based remedy is perfect for getting bathroom tiles completely clean and free from limescale. You should keep in mind, however, that when handling ammonia you will have to take some more precaution, such as the use of gloves and a mask if necessary.

As in the previous cases, you will need a container, water, ammonia, a soft scouring pad and a cloth. You have it all? Then mix water and a good stream of ammonia in the container. Rub the wall with the help of a scouring pad soaked in the mixture to remove lime stains on the tiles. Once clean, finish with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt.

With these simple and easy remedies, you will have no problem to get rid of the lime dirt and get really shiny and perfect tiles.

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