We love this Ikea solution to collect dirt from shoes

Ikea shoe rack tray

En Decoora We always talk about the convenience of having a small shoemaker in the hall. Taking off our shoes when we get home prevents us from dragging dirt from the street into our homes. That's why this Ikea shoe rack tray for collect dirt from shoes It seems like a great solution to us, because with it we will be protecting the furniture or the floor itself where we usually leave them.

La Baggmuck shoe rack tray from Ikea prevents dirt from coming into contact with the floor, keeping it in good condition. But it also prevents water and mud from damaging the floor in places with a rainy climate. Discover the features of this shoe rack tray which only costs €2,49 and all the advantages of incorporating it into your home.

Features of the Baggmuck shoe rack tray

The Baggmuck tray has a simple design that, far from subtracting from its functionality, adds to it. And this accessory makes cleaning much easier from under the shoe rack and inside the closet, as we will have time to check.

Ikea shoe rack tray

It has a length of 71 centimeters and a width of 35 centimeters; Large enough to accommodate 3 pairs of adult shoes. And it is not flat, but has a high edge which keeps dirt and water on the mat.

Made in polypropylene plastic, with at least 20% of this being recycled, it is very easy to clean. Simply remove it and clean it with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent to leave it as good as new.

Is available in dark yellow and gray. The first is perfect for giving a fun and colorful touch to your hallway or shoe rack. Grey, for its part, will be ideal for those looking for something discreet that at the same time provides a certain elegance.

Advantages of using it in the shoe rack

Do you have a shoe rack in the hall? Do you take your shoes to the bedroom? Whether you already have a shoe rack or want to place a simple one at the entrance to your home so that, especially in winter, you don't drag water and dirt into your home, this Ikea shoe rack tray will become a great ally. And it seems incredible that the use of something as simple and as economical as this tray can provide us with so many advantages.

Ikea shoe cabinets

Protects the floor from dirt

This tray prevents the dirt that sticks to the sole of our shoes from coming off once we leave them in the shoe rack and coming into contact with the floor. This way it will be easier for you always keep the floor clean and in good condition.

Makes cleaning the shoe rack easier

Another great advantage of this accessory is that it makes cleaning easier. under the shoe rack and inside the closet, in the case of a closed shoe cabinet. You will simply have to remove the tray carefully, empty it if it has water and clean it. And you can do it in a simple way, as we have already said before, with soap and water. Once done, let it dry or dry it with a cloth and return it to its place!

Water stays in the tray

The tray has a high edge that acts as a stop for shoes and also for water, which It won't ruin your floors. This is especially useful if you place the tray near the entrance to the house, since your shoes could be wet or muddy when you take them off.

Combine it with a shoe rack

Especially in humid areas, where rain is abundant from autumn to spring, placing this shoe rack tray at the entrance can be very useful. However, it will gain practicality if you place a mesh shoe rack on top of it like the one in the images. Do you know that it only costs €3,99?

Thus, For around €7 you will achieve a functional space in which to leave three pairs of shoes when you get home, until they dry and you can take them to your closet clean. For three or six or nine... since the shelves are stackable. Think about it! And if you don't have a shoe rack in the hall, implement this idea for next fall.

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