Pergolas for the garden, types and how to choose them

Aluminum pergola

If we have a garden we want to make the most of it, and that is why the importance of creating a wonderful rest area with pergolas. The pergolas allow us to protect ourselves from the sun and wind and to be able to use the garden furniture in an area that can be used for conversation, as a dining room or as a rest area.

Today there are many types of pergolas to choose, so we will have to think about which is the most suitable for us. We can choose between different materials, measures and covers to have the perfect pergola for our garden. In addition, when choosing it we will have to take into account some things.

What is a pergola

Wooden pergola

Pergolas are structures mounted on pillars whose purpose is to protect an area from the sun and inclement weather to fully enjoy the garden area. These pergolas have a cover that can be bioclimatic, have shelves, fabrics or other materials. Pergolas can also be used in walkways and garden paths to provide shade. In this case, they are usually joined with vines to create a feeling of immersion in the garden, enjoying the shade of the plants at the same time.

Pergolas for the garden

Choosing a pergola for the garden requires thinking about a few important factors. The orientation of the garden is one of them, since to avoid sunlight, both in summer and winter, we will have to know how it affects our garden in order to know which is the best. area to put the pergola. We must also make a sketch of the garden to know the areas that we have free, so that we get an idea of ​​the size that the pergola should have. Today's materials are resistant to the outdoors, although we must always know in what style we want to create this rest or dining corner, because some will be more suitable than others. Wood is more classic and aluminum more modern for example.

Wooden pergolas

Wooden pergola

Wooden pergolas are among the most popular. There are many models and measures, and they also create a warm and natural atmosphere in the garden, being ideal for adding vines around it. This type of pergolas blend well in the garden area and as there are so many standard models they are at a good price. The only problem they may have is that they need some maintenance to protect the wood from the weather problems outside. It must be varnished more or less every two years to prevent it from being damaged by the sun and rain.

Aluminum pergolas

Modern pergola

Our aluminum pergolas They are somewhat cooler, but they have very avant-garde and modern designs. It is possible to find resistant pergolas that also will not require much maintenance. Today you can even find pergolas that have mechanical opening systems for greater comfort. We will have a garden with a sophisticated and very modern touch, and with a pergola that will need little maintenance, which is a great advantage.

Construction pergolas

Construction pergola

These pergolas are not so common, and it is that they are pergolas made in the structure of the house, something that not everyone can afford. They are usually made of materials like concrete and they will endure for life. The cost is higher and we will normally have to put them next to the house, so it limits our possibilities a bit, since it does not allow us to have a more secluded and quiet area in the middle of the garden, as it can be done with the others.

Covers on pergolas

Garden pergolas

In the case of covers we also find a world of possibilities. The most practical will choose the aluminum covers which are also bioclimatic, that is, they allow us to regulate the light and air that passes, manually or mechanically. They are the most sought after because they are very useful in places where it rains, as they protect outdoor furniture. On the other hand, you can choose canvas covers, which can be extended or removed as we wish to have more or less sun. The problem with these canvases is that they end up being damaged, either by rain or by the sun, so in a short time it will have to be removed and changed.

Pergola with awning

There are other types of covers that may be less common but are still chosen. There are covers made with bamboo and others with hurdle coverage. These are very rustic and of course they are a great natural option to make the garden much more beautiful. There are also those who choose to let the plants serve as cover in the pergola, using vines of all kinds. The end result in this case is very beautiful, although it takes a long time to get the vines to grow.

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    I need an aluminum pergola budget of 2,20 m wide by 4,20 long, that has a transparent roof or that through it between light and sides also that can be lowered.