The best blankets to keep warm in winter

wool blanket

With the arrival of the cold and the drop in temperature, it is best to be at home with a good blanket. Although it is normal to have a good heating system that warms the environment, the price of electricity makes many people opt for good blankets to counteract the cold of the winter months.

In the following article we talk about the best blankets on the market to avoid the low temperatures of the coming months.

fleece blankets

These types of blankets are one of the most demanded in the cold months. A fabric like wool is perfect when it comes to getting the necessary heat and avoiding getting cold. Wool blankets are quite warm and very breathable. In relation to the disadvantages, it must be said that wool is somewhat rough, reaching to irritate those skins that are too sensitive. In this case, it is preferable to leave this kind of blanket aside and opt for more suitable ones.

fleece blankets

In recent years, more and more people are opting for this kind of blankets when facing winter. It is a wonderful alternative to wool blankets. The fleece fabric is quite warm and creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Another of the great advantages of polar blankets is that of being a fabric that helps the environment. As if this were not enough, polar blankets can be washed in the washing machine without any problem. Faced with what happens with wool, fleece blankets are ideal for those who have very sensitive skin.

fleece blanket

cotton blankets

When it comes to counteracting the cold and low temperatures, many people tend to opt for cotton blankets. They are quite comfortable and also help create a really cozy atmosphere. Cotton blankets are a classic in any home because it is a warm fabric as well as being quite soft. Apart from that and as with fleece blankets, the fabric is perfect for very sensitive skin and a good alternative to wool blankets. In addition, it should be noted that cotton is a fabric that perspires perfectly, so the person should not worry about sweating.

polyester blankets

Polyester blankets stand out for their wonderful value for money. These are very affordable blankets that provide great warmth and last a long time. The polyester fabric, in addition to being quite durable, withstands the different washes very well without losing its original color. In the market you can also find blankets made from cotton and polyester. These kinds of blankets are quite soft and breathe perfectly.

polyester blanket

coral blankets

If you are too cold and you are looking for a fabric that gives you enough heat, it is best to opt for a coralline blanket. The best thing about this fabric is that, in addition to providing warmth, it is quite soft, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Another point in favor of coraline is that it is a much lighter material than wool or cotton.

Hair blankets

If you want to be the latest when it comes to blankets, you should opt for fur. The touch of this kind of blankets is quite soft and combine perfectly with the decoration of the room.

fur blanket

What is the perfect size of a blanket

The size of the blanket will largely depend on where you are going to place it. A blanket to put on the bed is not the same than one that is going to be used on the sofa when watching television. In the event that you are going to put it on the bed in your bedroom, it is normal for it to have dimensions that cover the entire mattress and the sides.

In this case, it is advisable that the blanket is the size of the quilt. If, on the other hand, you want a blanket for the sofa, the size will depend on personal taste. You can opt for a blanket to cover one person or for a much bigger one to be able to share it.

In short, textiles are perfect when it comes to achieving the desired warmth, especially in the very cold months. In the market you can find a wide variety of blankets of all kinds and classes, so you will not have many problems to get the one you want the most. The different blankets are a wonderful alternative to heating systems. On the one hand, they are much cheaper and more economical, and on the other, they help to achieve the desired warmth on those days when the cold outside is quite important.

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