The keys to decorating the living room with an eclectic style

Eclectic living room decoration

Do you have very different pieces of furniture that you don't want to give up to decorate the living room? Don't you know how to mix them so that they look good and your living room has style? In Decoora Today we will tell you some tricks to decorate the living room with an eclectic style and come out graceful.

Mix pieces of different styles and origins it scares us all. And it is that you have to be skilled and / or know some tricks so that the result is unique and interesting and not an absurd chaos. Tricks that help us bring order out of chaos.

Either because you have pieces that you don't want to do without or because you don't like a single style If you're not attracted to each of them a little, decorating in an eclectic style may work for you. And that is what it is about creating a space that represents you, that says something about you. So don't be afraid of mixing! Everything will work out if you follow our advice.

Eclectic lounge

Designs by 1. Desc., 2. Maria Brita, 3. Colombe Campana

The keys to success mixing

You should not be afraid to combine pieces of different styles, materials, textures and colors in the living room. It is true that creating an eclectic space is not easy, it is not enough to put this here and the other there if you want achieve some coherence, but here we are to guide you. Take note of the following five tips to achieve it.

Define and order the space

Although it may not seem like it, each of the living room designs that you find in our selection of images have been previously thought out and meditated. And there is the key to doing it, in organize the space mentally first and physically afterwards so that the combination of pieces isn't too overwhelming afterwards.

Chaos is caused by furniture of different styles, so you will have to worry about organizing the space well to achieve balance. And yes, you may have to give up a piece if there are many that you want to incorporate and find a place in another room for it. do not clutter the space.

Recharging the space is one of the mistakes most frequently made in salons of this style. to avoid it distributes and defines the different zones and environments. Let them breathe, there will be time to add something else if you think you need to!

Choose a repeating item

Consistency in design is always important, but it can be even more so in a room with an eclectic style. And to achieve this, all you have to do is choose an element: an object, a pattern, a color… let it happen again. In this way, the view will travel through the room following it, which will visually promote order.

Create a color scheme

What colors do the pieces present that you do or want to incorporate into your living room? Create from them a color scheme that serves as a reference to choose the missing pieces. Don't you have a very good eye with colors? So creates a safe scheme to start. We teach you how to do it!

Bet on a neutral and bright tone on the walls that unifies everything and also choose neutral colors for the larger pieces such as the TV stand or the sofa. You can use more striking colors in armchairs, rugs, side tables, lamps and other decorative accessories.

Be careful with choosing many and very different colors! If you don't know how to use them well, they could generate a lot of visual chaos in the room. Our advice is always that together with that neutral color that serves as a common thread choose a maximum of three colors, two main and one secondary only applicable to small details.

Do not combine elements that become shadows

If you color very special and striking pieces in every corner, the view will not know where to stop. Don't let one piece of this type overshadow another. Place each of these space pieces in a well-defined space and surround them with other simpler ones that do not overshadow them.

Also, do not make one material overshadow another. Do not put furniture of similar materials but of very different qualities together because there will inevitably always be one that will lose out when comparing them.

Illuminate the key pieces

Wouldn't it be absurd to place a piece that we love in a gloomy and dark space? Pay attention to lighting so that each piece that we place in the room stands out it is key for the composition as a whole to make sense.

Highlight what you want to highlight, give prominence to what deserves it and bet on a more neutral light in the rest that unifies the space. Light can help soften the mix and make the space look more orderly, take advantage of it!

Do you like the idea of ​​decorating the living room with an eclectic style? Did you know the keys that we propose today to do it and that the result is good?

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