Venetian stucco, a finish that does not go out of style

Venetian stucco

Do you want to give a new finish to your walls? Are you looking for a sophisticated proposal that does not go out of style? Venetian stucco was already used in Venice in the XNUMXth century., in the middle of the Renaissance, and today it continues to be an alternative to give a plus of elegance to both interior and exterior spaces.

It is no coincidence that this coating has reached our days enjoying such good health. In addition to contributing a added style to our homes Thanks to that marbled effect, the venetian stucco It has very interesting technical characteristics such as its high durability, its great resistance to humidity and its anti-mold and antibacterial properties. Reasons to want to know more about this coating, don't you agree?

What is Venetian stucco?

Venetian stucco is a coating that is obtained after applying a mixture composed of powdered lime, slaked lime, marble dust and natural pigments. A material that today, thanks to new production technologies, is capable of covering any surface, giving it a unique and original essence.

Venetian stucco

What do we mean by that unique and original aesthetic? To its elegant and dynamic appearance, Without a doubt, it seems to play with different intensities of the same color. An aspect that depends on many factors such as the number of hands, the direction in which the stucco is applied, the tool used and of course the expertise of the professional in charge.

Material characteristics

Venetian stucco continues to add sophistication to walls and ceilings today. But also Unique features that can provide walls with high resistance to humidity, a high degree of breathability as well as anti-mold and antibacterial properties. Discover them all:

  • It is composed of natural, non-toxic elements, which give it some anti-mold and antibacterial qualities unusual in other coatings.
  • It is breathable and therefore very resistant to humidity which will prevent its accumulation and the appearance of condensation.
  • It is a material of non-flammable nature which gives walls and ceilings greater resistance in case of fire.
  • It is very easy to maintain; You can clean the surface extremely easily using a damp cloth.
  • Guarantees high durability. Venetian stucco lasts perfectly for a long time. You will enjoy its beauty without the need to apply any treatment for several years.

How does it apply?

The application of the stucco is better to leave it always in the hands of experienced professionals. Both the direction in which the stucco is applied, as well as the number of hands or the tools used, condition the final finish, so only a professional can guarantee a good finish.

Do you want to test your skills? If you are curious to learn, take note of the steps you will need to follow to be successful in your application. It is not a simple or fast process, arm yourself with patience!

  1. correct irregularities of the wall. Does the wall have cracks, holes or adhesive residue? Repair them and make sure it is in perfect condition.
  2. Mix the stucco with the pigment chosen to start.
  3. Trowel a first thin, even coat of stucco. Once the wall is covered, trowel again to finish smoothing it, then allow the wall to dry for at least 6 hours.
  4. Use fine sandpaper to even out the wall and remove any bumps.
  5. apply a second coat with the trowel in the same way as the first one and let it dry completely.
  6. When it's dry, apply the third coat this time with irregular strokes to create small contrasts. Work with little product and short strokes, leaving some gaps unfilled, then lightly polish with the trowel.
  7. Apply wax in circular motions to polish and protect Venetian stucco.

Where do we apply it?

Venetian stucco can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its high degree of impermeability. Today, however, we will focus on the interior spaces, on those that are most frequently decorated with this technique: lounges, bathrooms, halls and bedrooms.

Venetian stucco in the bathroom

Given the luxurious and sophisticated aspect that this coating transfers to the rooms, we usually find it mainly in halls, living rooms and also in bathrooms. In the former, as in the bedrooms, It is usually applied on a single wall, in order to draw attention to it.

In modern bathrooms, however, it is common to find it applied to all walls in neutral tones like beige or gray. In Decoora we love it on half walls combined with some ceramic material at the bottom; not to you?

Whites, beiges and grays are probably the most popular colors when applying Venetian stucco. Nevertheless, pink and green tones are increasingly gaining prominence in rooms such as the living room or the bedrooms. And is that, why not dare with color?

Do you like Venetian stucco to give color and texture to your walls?

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