What is the white cleaning stone and what is it for?

white cleaning stone

Have you heard of the white cleansing stone? It is an essential product in many homes due to its versatility. It can be used to clean almost all types of surfaces, which helps reduce the number of cleaning products at home and thus save both space and budget. Discover what the white cleansing stone is, its many uses and some cleaning tips with this as the protagonist.

What is white stone?

The white stone is a product composed of natural ingredients such as white clay, soap, water, vegetable glycerin and sodium carbonate. A white paste to which, in some cases, lemon or orange aromas are also added to make its aroma more refreshing.

Antibacterial, it is ideal for both daily cleaning and for a deeper one. As it does not contain any toxic ingredients in its composition, it is also safe and comfortable to use. and can be used to clean practically the entire house, one of its great advantages.
cleaning house

How is it used?

The white cleaning stone is sold, in many cases, with a sponge to facilitate its application. To do this, the first step is to moisten this sponge or, if applicable, a soft cloth, and then take a small amount of product and spread it over the surface to be cleaned.

Once the product is well spread, the ideal is to let it act for a few minutes and then rinse it with water. A clean damp cloth will be enough to remove the product and you can then use a dry cloth to go over the surface and polish it.

10 uses of white stone

What can't be cleaned with white stone? That should be the question since, as we have highlighted at the beginning, the white stone serves to clean almost all surfaces, from a white wall to a burnt pot. Discover its 10 most common uses:

Polish stainless steel

The white stone not only clean stainless steel but it polishes it. Of course, make sure to always use a sponge or a very soft cloth so as not to scratch the stainless surface when you do so. You can use it to shine the microwave, the extractor hood or the kitchen and bathroom faucets.

stainless steel

Clean the oven

The white stone allows you to easily clean the oven thoroughly. It is something that most of us don't like to do, but it is necessary at least every month. Follow the steps we mentioned at the beginning and it will be new! And the white stone is a great degreaser.

Remove grease from the ceramic hob

Have you let grease accumulate on the ceramic hob?? Soap and water are enough to clean the ceramic hob daily, but if you have neglected it, the white stone can help you clean it thoroughly. Use a very soft cloth to spread it so as not to damage it and proceed as recommended by the manufacturer.

white cleaning stone

Eliminate burns from pots and pans

If it serves to remove grease from the oven or the ceramic hob, why not to eliminate that which accumulates in the base of pans and pots? Cleaning this area is usually neglected and ends up acquiring a greasy texture and a brownish color. Does it sound familiar to you? Depending on the amount of grease accumulated, yes, it is likely that you will have to use a stronger scrubber that allows you to remove all the dirt.

The white cleansing stone is also effective in removing dirt. stuck and/or burned food residue inside a pot. First, heat water in the pot to loosen the fat and then apply this product with a sponge, leaving it to act for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Clean the ceramic of sinks and bathtubs

The ceramic of the sink or bathtub can regain its shine using white stone. Those scented with lemon will also leave a feeling of freshness in the bathroom, so in addition to achieve clean and shiny surfaces, you will also get a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

Clean plastic chairs and furniture

Have plastic or rubber chairs in the kitchen? You can also clean them with this product. And who says chairs means months or other pieces of furniture made of this material. No need to have a thousand different products, just one will be enough!

Clean white walls

Are there any stains on your White walls What have you not been able to remove? Try the white cleaning stone. Do first, yes, one try in a corner or hidden area to check the results. Apply a very small amount to the wall and with the damp sponge, give it another pass to remove the product.

Warm floors

Shine metallic jewelry

Another use of white stone is cleaning jewelry and other items in metals such as silver, gold, copper, aluminum and tin. Not only will it clean them but it will help you shine them and leave them sparkling. And they will not suffer any harm.

Return white to sneakers

The white stone can return the original white to the rubber of the shoes. And we say white because you should never apply it on colored sneakers, nor on other materials such as leather.

remove rust

Sodium carbonate, one of the components of the white stone, combined with other elements such as lemon helps eliminate the rust stains on any surface. It's a cleaning trick that we haven't tried yet, have you?

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