What you should keep in mind before using blinds on windows


More and more people are opting for blinds when dressing and covering windows. Unlike traditional curtains, blinds are much cheaper and more practical, hence their popularity.

When it comes to getting a certain blind, You have to take into account various aspects that we will discuss below.

Kinds of blinds

Before buying a blind, it is important that you know that there are two well-differentiated classes: roller blinds and folding blinds.

In the first type, the blind is rolled up in a tube. Inside the roller blinds according to the amount of light they are going to let in from the outside, you can find the translucent ones, the night ones and the day ones.

The second type of blind are the folding ones. As its name suggests, the blind folds thanks to a rope. As with the roller shutters, the folding ones are divided into translucent, opaque and without rods depending on the amount of light they let in from the outside.


How to choose the right blind for the house

There are several elements to take into account when choosing a good blind. Apart from being an element that helps to protect the room from the sun and give some privacy, it is important to take into account the decorative aspect. Therefore, design or color becomes very important. In this way, if the blind is going to be placed in a child's room, it is advisable to opt for those that are multicolored. This kind of blinds help to achieve a happy atmosphere in the children's room.

If the room of the house in which you want to place the blind has little light, it is good that you opt for one that is translucent and of a color that is as light as possible. With this you will make the room seem much larger than it really is. If, on the other hand, a lot of light enters the room, it is best to choose a blind that is opaque or that does not let in much light from outside. You can also opt for blinds that have a screen fabric. This fabric is perfect to be able to see what happens outside the house and not be seen from the outside.

Putting a blind on the window is not at odds with the fact of using a curtain or curtain in it. Both accessories can be combined and played with to create a perfect environment in the room of the chosen house. The good thing about using both a blind and a curtain is that you can set the amount of light coming in from the street.

house blinds

The right blinds according to the chosen room

Not all blinds are suitable for all rooms in the house. In the case of children's rooms, it is best to opt for blinds that are made with materials such as cotton, since they are quite durable and can be washed in a simple and easy way. It is normal for children to dirty the blind when playing, which is why the fabric must be resistant and can be washed without any problem.

In the case of the living room, you have a wide variety of blinds in terms of colors or design. It is important that the blind combines perfectly with the rest of the decoration of the room. If you want a fabric that is resistant and lasts well over time, it is advisable to choose between cotton or polyester. If, on the other hand, you want to achieve a special touch and with some glamour, the best possible material is satin. In the case of opting for something much more classic and traditional, the best fabric for the blind is linen.

decoration blinds

If you want to place the blind in question in a part of the house such as the kitchen, it is advisable to opt for a fabric that withstands the passage of time quite well and that is also very easy to wash. In this way it is preferable to choose materials such as cotton or polyester. In the case of the bathroom, it is good to choose some type of fabric that is not damaged by the humidity of said room in the house. In this way the best are polyester and cotton blinds.

Ultimately, the blinds are a magnificent option when it comes to dressing the windows of the house. As you have seen, you can find blinds of all kinds on the market, so you will have no problem finding the most suitable one for the room you want. One of the advantages of blinds is that they can be easily installed, so you will not have a problem when doing it yourself.

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