A modern secretary to decorate your workspace

Modern secretary desk

The secretary desk has been the protagonist of very different workspaces for decades. This classic furniture is, due to its characteristics, appropriate to create small workspace at home whether in the hall, living room or bedroom. But it has also been one of the most valued pieces in important offices and cabinets.

The secretary is by definition a «cabinet with writing board and with drawers for storing papers. " There are many pieces of furniture that fall within this definition, however, we all have a very clear image of the secretary: a piece of furniture, generally made of wood, with a desk area and a hinged lid that allows to hide the work tools after use. An image that despite the changes in the design, continues to fulfill the modern secretary.

The secretary desk has managed to position itself as one of the most interesting pieces to decorate workspaces in the last decade. It is not difficult to find, in popular editorials, modern versions of this piece of furniture decorating majestic offices of classic architecture, charming corners in Nordic-style rooms and even fun youth spaces.

Modern secretaries

Reasons to bet on a modern secretary

For those who work from home or want to have a own space where you can read your emails, put your bills in order or order your letters, it is very practical to have a piece of furniture that offers you more than just a place to put your computer. A piece of furniture that allows you to have everything you need in a single space.

A secretary desk is the perfect combination between a desk and a wardrobe. It provides us with a surface to place the computer and take notes, as well as small drawers or holes to organize pens or notebooks. That is why it is especially appropriate in those homes in which we cannot dedicate a room of our own to this activity or we have little space for it.

Modern secretary desk

We must also require it to adapt in harmony to an existing decoration. A requirement that the modern secretary meets with note, also providing a undoubted personality to space. Made of wood, modern secretary desks generally have a clean design that gives them great versatility.

In summary, we will say that choosing a modern design secretary to decorate a workspace is a great alternative because:

  • It is a piece of furniture with an undeniable personality and style mark.
  • Easily adapts to the set of any space.
  • It is a perfect combination between a desk table and a wardrobe.
  • Allows us to have all we need by hand.
  • We can find them in a great variety of sizes, finishes and colors.

What type of secretary do we choose?

In the case of a trendy piece of furniture, the large number of designs that we can find in the market should not surprise us. Varied designs that allow us to adapt them to almost any space, regardless of its size and style.

Modern secretary desk with overhead door

The secretaries that allow us hide workspace They are great allies to maintain visual order. The fact of raising the door and making documents and work tools disappear from our view will also contribute to easier disconnection from work. Two good reasons, without a doubt, to choose this type of secretary.

Modern secretary desk with lid

This type of modern secretary usually has a compact design with different storage solutions: from drawers to shelves for storing books or classifying documents. The designs in medium or light woods are the most popular, but it is also possible to find them in modern combinations such as steel and wood.

Light modern secretary desk

Why light? In this type of secretary the up-and-over door disappears, making these secretary visually lighter. They are also, as a general rule, furniture of lower height and therefore with less storage space. Of course, they supplement the vertical storage with the horizontal one, since it is frequent that under the desk surface Let's find organization systems for stationery.

Modern secretary desk
Modern wall-mounted secretary desk

When space is an issue, floating furniture is a great alternative. Modern wall-mounted secretaries keep the floor clear, which in a small room can give feeling of spaciousness. They are usually small in size although there are models whose characteristics are not very different from those of previous models.

This type of secretary is widely used in spaces of minimalist character, in which they are sometimes camouflaged on the wall through color. They are also common in children's spaces; When playing it is even more time consuming, not having anything that hinders us on the ground can be a great advantage and a way to maximize useful space.

Modern wall-mounted secretary desk

You will also find in the market heavier secrets such as the furniture that occupies our second image and that combines aesthetics of a dresser in the lower part with that of a secretaire in the upper part. In this design, it is the table that comes out of nowhere, making it a great option to decorate the bedroom.

As you can see, the options are numerous and varied both in design and prices. Ikea's 2014 PS model is one of the more economical that we have found and its price amounts to € 209. They are not therefore, as you can see, cheap furniture. The normal thing is that the price of a modern secretary oscillates between 500 and 3000 € in the market.

Do you like this type of furniture to decorate your workspace?

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