Aesthetic style: characteristics and 8 ideas to incorporate it into your home


Since your beginnings, the aesthetic style it has always been influenced by art, architecture and fashion. He is defined by the pursuit of beauty and individual taste.

Distinguished by the variation of colors, patterns and textures, as well as by incorporating minimalist elements, spaces decorated in an aesthetic style can be very welcoming.

Something to highlight in this style of decoration is that it is It is essential to surround yourself with accessories that are your style. The furniture and decorative elements have to be to your liking because to a large extent they reflect your tastes and your personality.

By doing it that way, you will feel very comfortable and you will not feel that something does not fit in your environment, even if it is a trend.
If you want to create a unique and charming space with this particular style, here are some tips on how to incorporate it into your home.

What is the aesthetic style?

The aesthetic style is a trend movement in interior decoration that seeks to create a unique environment. based on aesthetic criteria, using pastel colors, natural materials and soft textures that create a relaxed and minimalist atmosphere. It is inspired by architecture, fashion and contemporary art.

Characteristics of the aesthetic style

  • One of the main characteristics of the aesthetic style is its versatility., since it combines minimalist components with other simple and bohemian styles.
  • The style is also characterized by the use of clean lines, light colours, soft textures and quality materials.
  • This style commitment to the mix of trends, materials or colors, but creating a totally original look.
  • Likewise, always maintaining a certain visual balance to maintain focus and contrast.
  • Warm tones like pale pink, pale orange, light gray and bright white are some of the main colors of the style.
  • The aesthetic style interior decoration is also characterized by the use of patterns and textures, hand-painted and geometry.
  • Mix Current Items with other vintage such as old trunks, vinyls, vases. Nostalgia and time travel is essential within this trend.
  • Another characteristic of the style is to give importance to the space to choose the furniture. If the place is not a problem you can place larger furniture made of wood, glass or metal. If space is limited, it is ideal to get small and compact furniture so that it does not cover a lot of space.

Next, we will see some ideas so that you can incorporate it into your home.

Incorporate the aesthetic style by combining textures


Aesthetic decoration allows the use of different textures and styles in the fabrics of your home. Natural fibers such as jute, linen and silk are some examples of ideal materials for this decoration.

You should also bet on natural materials, incorporate handmade pieces that can be ceramic, glass. Add cushions of all shapes and sizes and materials and place them at strategic points, be it on the bed or on the floor, to add color and make your home look bright, alive, and welcoming.

Decorative lighting


LED string lights and neon signs are another interesting option. to give personality and joy to your room. This may be the best way to create a magical and cozy space in your home.

But also to take into account in the aesthetic style is natural light, it is a trend in decoration to create beautiful and comfortable spaces. In this case you can place the windows curtains in light fabrics that allow the entry of the sun. Essential to add color is to paint the window beams with pretty colors to add a plus to the lighting.



Plants are the perfect complement to the aesthetic style. Add a touch of color to your room with a vase with some natural flowers, a hanging pot with some succulents or a beautiful artificial tree.

Within this style they are allowed in all ways. It is essential to place them in all rooms, In corners, hanging, in pots, on shelves, in vases, vases, on the windows or if you can't find a more suitable place on the floor.
Another great option just vertical gardens to decorate the interior, there are many options and they look really adorable. The brightness and life provided by plants is a priority within this decoration.

Relaxing and clean colors

Light, warm and soft colors make us feel calm and they can create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Add fans of colors to your room through accessories such as pillowcases and curtains.



Incorporating wallpaper on the walls is a great option to decorate in the aesthetic style, it has also become a great trend in decoration in recent years. The favorites are the floral motifs, the textured designs, they are very beautiful and add light, life and color to the rooms.

Another great option is to paint the walls in a striking color., since they fulfill an important objective and we must highlight them. You can also add paintings, photos or mirrors to achieve the same goal.

You must place decorations letting your imagination and creativity fly to express what you feel. The important thing is to create a decoration inspired by your ideas, which is spontaneous and according to your tastes.

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Decorate with puffs

In your aesthetic room you cannot miss the puffs. These are very versatile and can serve as a seat, a nightstand, a simple ornament or even a coffee table.

The Art Hoe style

This aesthetic It is sustained by the love for art, the connection with nature and painting. and build a relaxed atmosphere in your house. The art hoe style celebrates the intellect using contemporary art, fruit and all the shades of the rainbow.

aesthetic clothing

Aesthetic clothing is another way to incorporate this style into your home. This trend is based on expression and personal taste, so there are no hard and fast rules. The key items are T-shirts, sweatshirts, baggy pants and flowing shorts.

Finally, finding a way to incorporate the aesthetic style into your home can be a challenge, but knowing what elements to incorporate and how to combine them can create a modern and welcoming space. By using warm colours, natural materials and light textures you can give your home a calm and serene atmosphere.

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