Bathrooms without tile: Alternatives for a unique design

Bathrooms without tiles

When it comes to dressing the bathroom, most of us do not consider the option of not using tiles. Probably because we have not had the opportunity to see many bathrooms without tiles, nor do we believe that another material can match the advantages of betting on it. But have a bathroom without tile it's possible!

Everything changes and evolves, also the materials. And today it is possible to use other materials to cover floors and walls of the bathroom without this room losing functionality. Not using tiles is now a possibility and today we share with you some of the alternatives to achieve it.

Advantages and disadvantages of tiles

What are the advantages of using tiles in the bathroom? If ceramic tiles have been used to tile the bathroom from top to bottom for so long and no one has questioned it, it is for a reason. And it is that this material is very waterproof, although this is not its only window:

Advantages and disadvantages of tiles in the bathroom

  • Spruce moisture resistance and temperature changes.
  • Great resistance and durability.
  • Easy cleaning And maintenance.
  • Wide variety of design options: Tiles come in different sizes, colors, textures, and patterns, making it possible to customize bathroom design to individual tastes.

And the disadvantages? Which are the disadvantages and limitations of the tiles? There are not many, since even if we talk about prices, there are numerous options among ceramic materials. But let's see:

  • Cost: Tiles and their installation can be expensive, especially if you go for custom designs or high-end materials.
  • Lack of originality: Although tiles facilitate endless designs, they are a common choice in bathrooms, so they can be a limitation to achieve a unique look that stands out.

Tile Alternatives

What options do we have to reverse the floors and walls of the bathroom beyond the tiles? There are several but we wanted to highlight three, either for their durability, aesthetics or cost. And it is that there are different realities, tastes and budgets and not all of them coincide with ours. Discover them!


The popularity of this coating has grown exponentially in the last decade. It has become one of the most demanded to cover the floors modern and avant-garde spaces like the ones shown in the pictures.

Microcement bathroom

Cement-based compound, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments, it is a material Ideal for covering both exterior and interior spaces. It can also adapt to various surfaces: floors, walls and ceilings.

Create a continuous surface without joints, so it works very well in minimalist style spaces. And if you use it to cover walls and/or shape the sink, you can achieve a sophisticated and avant-garde aesthetic.

In white or light gray tones It is very friendly and fits in all types of bathrooms. More personality will be provided by medium grays and earths, the current favorites for decorating modern bathrooms to which wooden furniture and accessories are incorporated in order to gain warmth. Are you looking for riskier high? Bet on a very dark gray microcement, characteristic of the industrial style, or on colorful versions in pink or green tones.

Regarding its characteristics, microcement is a good choice for the bathroom. It is waterproof and can be slip resistant, if the appropriate texture and/or sealant is applied. In addition, it presents a great resistance to use, blows, scratches and chemical products, being Easy to clean and maintain.

Treated wood

Timber Gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the bathroom. However, it is necessary to ensure that the wood is well treated and protected against moisture so as not to have various problems months after its installation.

Treated wood to dress the bathroom

Project of Norrsken Ko (ixq)

When we think about renovating a bathroom, we tend to rule out wood because we believe that it will not hold up well in contact with water and this will have an impact on durability. However it is question of choosing the right wood. 

Not all woods are recommended for covering a space like the bathroom. tropical woods, however, they work quite well. High-end outdoor furniture is also made with these. Of course, at all times, properly treated.

Given the limitation when choosing the type of wood and the need for it to have a treatment, its cost is high and it may not be accessible to all budgets. Worse, it is not about covering the entire bathroom with wood. Can reserve it for the shower or bathtub area and install it in the form of a panel as in the photographs.

A good cleaning routine will suffice one maintenance session per year to keep it in good condition and not lose its shine. It is not the most comfortable material in terms of cleaning and maintenance, but it can compensate you.

washable vinyl

Vinyls are inexpensive and easy to install, with a wide variety of designs and colors available. However, for bathrooms, it is advisable to resort to products specifically designed for this space which could raise its price somewhat.

washable vinyl

washable vinyl Freedom

The quality of vinyl materials has improved a lot in recent years and today it is possible to install them in humid spaces such as the bathroom, both on floors and on walls. You can wet them without fear and even clean them with common cleaning products.

Regarding its durability, we can't ask them to be so durable like ceramic materials or microcement, but we won't have to worry about them every year either. If you want to transform a bathroom quickly, if you want to give a new look to a rental bathroom or you like to change the style of this room often, they are a fantastic option.

The choice of material to cover the bathroom is a very personal option, since it must be adapted to individual needs and preferences. If you're determined to join the tileless bathroom team, these alternatives may appeal to you and if not, you can always keep looking!

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