Aromatic plants in the kitchen


Aromatic plants are important and necessary when giving a special touch to food. The ideal is to have them natural and fresh and thus achieve a greater flavor in the different dishes you cook. Many people decide to have different aromatic plants in the kitchen area, to have them more at hand and take them when necessary.

In the following article we give you a series of tips and guidelines so that you can get the most out of aromatic plants and how to take care of them so that they look perfect in the kitchen.

Aromatic plants in the kitchen

If the place allows it, it is totally advisable to have aromatic plants in the kitchen at home. Apart from giving a decorative touch to said room, they are perfect when it comes to spicing up your favorite dishes. There are many aromatic plants that you can have, although the most popular and common are basil, parsley, oregano or thyme.

Gardening experts advise putting aromatic plants in an area of ​​the kitchen where they receive sunlight, such as the window. You can also choose to put them on the balcony or in the patio of the house. However, It is possible to have them inside the kitchen, as long as you follow a series of guidelines.


Guidelines to follow when caring for aromatic plants

  • The most important element when it comes to getting your aromatic plants to grow without any problem is light. You should put them in an area of ​​the kitchen where there is a lot of light. The ideal is to have them on the windowsill, since it is a fairly bright part of the kitchen.
  • Drainage is another aspect to take into account when caring for aromatic plants. Ideally, the pot should have holes that allow the water to drain perfectly. It is not good to flood the earth since these plants are not very friendly to humidity.
  • Aeration is another aspect to take into account when caring for aromatic plants. For this it is important to put the pots on stones and a plate. With this it is achieved that the roots of the plants are aired without any problem.


  • Watering is another important factor that you should not overlook. The aromatic plants that need the most water are rosemary or thyme. On the contrary, those that need the least are parsley or basil.
  • The cut is another important aspect for the plants to grow perfectly. This cut should be done in a moderate way, since if you overdo it, they could wilt before their time. The ideal is to do small prunings on a regular basis. In the event that they do bloom, it is important that you cut the flowers so that the plants are fresh and in perfect condition.

Aromatic plants as a decorative element

  • Having aromatic plants in your kitchen will allow you to have them on hand whenever you want, especially when using them when you're cooking. Apart from their culinary use, these plants will also help you to give decoration to the kitchen that is always appreciated. Having plants in the kitchen helps create a room that breathes a lot of life. Apart from the green of the plants, it is important to get the pots right.
  • If you want to get a rustic touch in the room, the best thing you can do is opt for pots made with clay. In the event that you want a slightly more modern touch as well as current, the pots should be in bright and striking colors. The color white or black are also perfect tones when it comes to achieving a modern decoration in the kitchen.

aromatic plants

  • Another trend when it comes to plants is to put a panel in the kitchen and put the different plants in it. This option is ideal, As long as the kitchen is large and in it there is plenty of light from outside.
  • Inverted pots are quite popular especially for kitchens that are not very large. They offer a quite original type of decoration, giving a special touch to today's kitchens.

As you can see, there are many possibilities that you have when the different aromatic plants bring a unique decorative touch to the kitchen.

Ultimately, aromatic plants are an element in the culinary field as they add great flavor to different dishes. In addition to this, they are a decorative element that helps to give a special touch to a room in the house as important as the kitchen.

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