Bathrooms with wooden walls

Bathrooms with wood

If there is an element that has accompanied the human being since the beginning of time, that element is wood. Timber gives warmth to spaces, a feeling of comfort; It is therefore one of the most used materials to decorate our home. The whole home, even the bathroom?

Yes, it is common to incorporate wooden furniture in bathrooms, but it is not so common to use this material to cover the walls. What do you think of the bathrooms with wooden walls? It can? What are the pros and cons?

wood in the bathroom

Use of wood in the bathroom

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom you can start with the walls. What do you think of wood panels? If we compare wood paneling with stone, ceramic and porcelain panels, wood paneling is less popular and rarely seen in home bathrooms.

I do not want to say that wood paneling is somehow inferior to the rest, if you think well about the design and plan everything, wood paneling can perfectly complement the bathroom. Let's see how, because to the question if we can use wood panels in the bathroom, the answer is a resounding yes. Yes, with certain precautions so that it does not rot or degrade, always considering that the wood absorbs water.

Of course, any moisture in the environment is going to be absorbed by the wood and over time it can generate mildew or stains. But it is not enough reason to deny the use of wood panels in the bathroom, you just have to take certain precautions to be able to take advantage of the great advantages, that there are, of using wood in the bathroom.

bathroom with wood accents

What advantages do we see in bathrooms with wooden walls? A natural wood tone can offer a great feeling of calmto connect us with nature. It also gives you true modern touch. The truth is that there are different shades of wood and possible designs from which one can choose to be creative.

For example, you can place the wooden panels horizontally on the wall, that way the bathroom is bigger and more spacious. If you want something different you can also place colored wood, I imagine very subtle pastel tones. As you see, wood is very versatile and the wooden panels can be masculine or feminine, if you know how to combine them. Y With what elements can wood be combined in a bathroom?

You can combine wood cwith glass, with tiles or with porcelaina. As long as you are creative the possibilities are endless. here are some advice:

  • Wood panels are very attractive but they should not be installed in a careless and massive way in the bathroom. There are some areas to avoid at all costs: any place where the wood comes into direct contact with water or humidity: the shower, the bathtub and its surroundings, the sink.
  • You minimize humidity that generates mold, fungus and unpleasant odor. Ventilation or a window is best, but you can also fit an electric exhaust fan. You can use not very hot water and you should also remember to leave the wet towels outside the bathroom, always. The humidity should be below fifty or thirty percent.
  • Consider using waterproof sealant to give extra protection to the wood. This is crucial to protect the panels. While you place it, open all the windows and doors and if the bathroom does not have that, then turn on a fan. There are many types of sealants and without a doubt, the most durable and with the highest level of protection is the synthetic one.
  • Another option are the tintes for wood, similar to sealers, which are applied to the wooden surface to give them extra protection. The difference between a sealer and a stain is that the latter have water-based options. Compared to the oil-based ones, the aqueous ones make the wood resistant to mold but contain fewer chemicals, are less polluting and maintain the characteristics of being easy to clean and maintain.

The wood in the bathroom can be rustic or may be modern. The images of the article exemplify the different uses that we can give to wood in the bathroom. For example, today, trends invite us to use wood to cover a single complete wall; and to combine it with modern style furniture to balance its rustic accent.

In the market there are numerous wood cladding to choose. Coatings treated with different "varnishes" to achieve a more resistant structure against humidity. Hard woods are generally used, such as oak, teak, merbau or rosewood, teak, hinoki wood, cedar. these are woods with natural resin, something very good in combating humidity.

wood in the bathroom


In small bathrooms and with little natural light, light woods are the most appropriate to achieve brighter spaces. Combine them with floors and walls in light tones and white furniture and minimalist character is the best option in those cases.

Bathrooms with wood


In large bathrooms with large windows, we can play with more wood dark; and even use the same wood in the furniture thus creating continuity in the main front. The coarser the wood, the more you will reinforce the rustic atmosphere of the space; keep it in mind.

You can place wood on a deck, on the sink cabinet, on the hooks to hang towels, on the wall behind the mirror... Abusing wood can suffer from the modern style we are looking for. Regardless of the chosen style, the too crowded spaces, they subtract comfort from it. Therefore, it is important to spend time designing a layout that maximizes space; that he correctly "tidies" toilets, cabinets and other furniture in a way that is not only aesthetic, but also practical.

Do you like the proposals we show today? Using wood to decorate one of the bathroom walls can be a great proposal to give it personality and warmth to space.

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