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 Having an small house, it can be a nuisance for many. We always dream of large spaces and spacious decorations at the same time as modern and with furniture in every corner. Well, when we find ourselves with a smaller house, we do not have to give up our dream.

We just have to resort to those more original furniture, which offer us a better quality of life. The beds that hide with the best solution to create a room in the part of the house that you prefer. During the day they will remain hidden and will come out at night, for a perfect rest.

Beds that hide in the ceiling

roof folding bed

If you are already thinking about the idea but did not know where to place it, what do you think of the ceiling? Yes, a priori it may be a somewhat strange idea, but you will love it as soon as you see it. The folding beds on the roof they will allow the space of our rooms not to be intimidated by any more furniture. This type of bed will be embedded in the upper part of each room. To be able to use them, they have a steel cabling system, as well as guides that will make it easier and safer to operate.

Another advantages of beds that are hidden in the ceiling, is that when you lower them, they do not reach the ground. Hence, if you have a table with chairs as a dining room during the day, or a work table, you can leave it in place. Doesn't it seem like an innovative option?

Beds that hide in the wall

Convertible furniture is becoming more fashionable. If before we saw how a bed could lower from the ceiling, now we are left with another fundamental part. We are talking about the beds that are hidden in the wall. Because in this way, we will continue to respect the space, while we will give several options to the same piece of furniture.

bed that hides in the wall

When we talk about a folding bed on the wall, a large piece of furniture comes to mind from which we can remove our rest area. That's how it is!. We can see how a wardrobe or sideboard can contain a recessed panel that will lead to the bed itself. The so-called hydraulic system will be the one in charge of being able to lower and raise the device at will. Today, we can also see how the typical living room furniture can be converted into a bed. In most cases, they will go completely unnoticed. The surprise factor will be installed on the faces of your guests when they see that you transform a living room into a comfortable room!

Does Ikea have beds that hide?

Ikea folding bed


When we think buy cheap furniture, Ikea is the store that always comes to mind. Therefore, it must be said that if you are looking for beds that hide, you will also find them in your nearest store. They have a simpler model, but also quite practical. You can enjoy a nice white wardrobe, from which a 90 × 200 bed will come out. Of course, it is a basic option but at the same time perfect so that the bed in question does not occupy a flat or small apartment.

Folding beds
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Where to put hidden beds?

folding sofa bed

As we have been seeing, there are several spaces where to place the hidden beds.

  • Living Room: When we have a small home, we must think about where to place the hidden beds. One of the perfect places is the living room. First, because although sofa beds They give us the option of rest, what better than to opt for a piece of furniture that is just as functional but always hidden. Hence, TV furniture is one of the main ones. Similarly, large sideboards can also hide something else.
  • Youth rooms: If we already need space in a room, in the youth or children, the double. That is why it is worth installing a piece of furniture of this type and that it does its double function.
  • Studies: For the day it can be you place of work or study. In this way you will be surrounded by large bookcases or furniture in order to organize all the books or papers. But at night, they will have their function as a folding bed.

Without a doubt, the hide-away beds or folding beds are one of the best options, both practical and original. In this way we will not have to see our house cluttered with furniture. Have you already decided on one?

Some models of beds that hide

Roof folding bed and sofa

In small houses, place a bed without taking up too much space is complicated. To avoid having this problem, different furniture houses have employed their designers to find a solution.

The brand decades, has created perfect beds for small spaces, during the day and when they are not in use they are raised by means of a very comfortable mechanism and are housed in the ceiling, turning that space into an open space without the bed becoming a hindrance. It can be placed at different heights depending on the needs and when it is lowered, some legs are removed for greater stability. It also has the advantage that when it is "stored" on the ceiling it becomes a very useful light source thanks to the installation of various light points under the bed.

Pull-down bed with shelf

There are also other cheaper, but less innovative methods, for example the model Murphy Euro Computer. The brand B Modern Murphy Beds makes the bed disappear once we get up in the morning leaving in its place a useful and comfortable desk with shelves. No one will be able to know that behind there is a wide bed if you don't tell them yourself. It has different models depending on the size of the bed and the utility.

bed with furniture

Another model of this brand Modern Murphy Beds it features a comfortable armchair when the bed is stowed away to make the most of the space during the day. Who imagines that is a bed at night?

Folding wardrobe with bed

We can always go to folding beds more classic than when they are stored they look like a simple wardrobe. We can even find them in the option of bunk beds or single and double beds. Rest assured that you will also give them a great use and without having to take up more space than we think!

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    1.    Maria vazquez said

      The bed is from BedUp and its price varies significantly according to the measurements, finishes and accessories. You can ask for a quote at

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