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Many times rest is not given the importance it deserves since more attention is paid to work or leisure activities. Sleeping well is not only sleeping the seven or eight hours a day that every adult should respect, but also it is essential to rest, have a quality sleep that avoids night awakenings. In order to rest properly, it is vital to equip our bedroom with the best mattresses to improve our health and our performance on a daily basis. Not resting properly causes premature aging, poor memory fixation, bad mood, lack of creativity and lucidity, and weight gain, among other problems.

In order to avoid various problems caused by lack of sleep, it is necessary to choose a quality mattress to help us achieve a healthy and restful sleep.

The fundamental characteristics that a viscoelastic mattress must have.

If you want to obtain a good viscoelastic mattress, you must take into account that it meets these characteristics:

  • choose a mattress Made with the highest quality materials it makes the mattress much more comfortable and durable since we will not have to change it because the materials have sunk. A good viscoelastic contains the so-called effect "memory" allowing the mattress to adapt to any person at the time of being used. Relieves the pressure that is created in the support points of the body, favoring rest.
  • good breathability: One of the key features that a good memory foam mattress should have is breathability. During the night we can sweat producing around 0,75 l. of water, usually in the form of steam and this can rise when we talk about hot nights. This moisture can penetrate our mattress, causing significant damage to its interior. That is why it is very important to have good rest equipment that prevents the accumulation of heat and humidity that promotes the proliferation of unwanted life.
  • homogeneous temperature: Although the temperature varies according to the season, your mattress has to provide you with a comfortable and fresh sensation all year round. This means that the mattress has to adapt to your body temperature naturally, giving you a feeling of comfort and tranquility.
  • Correct position of our body: The viscoelastic mattress has to provide adequate firmness and adaptability so that your body rests in a neutral position. A good rest team must have an adequate and good quality mattress, a good upholstered base with the mattress and a memory foam pillow that adapts to the posture or postures you need to sleep. Each of these 3 elements is essential to be able to maintain a correct sleeping posture and improve our health and care for our back.
  • let it be a mattress removable cover. We must not forget to choose a mattress that contains an outer cover that is removable. This allows us to extend the useful life of our product and protect it from mites, bacteria and fungi. Stretch fabric covers protect, are easy to clean and the colors last as new for a long time.

How do we choose a viscoelastic mattress? Family choosing mattress

To choose the mattress of our dreams, we must take into account various factors depending on personal tastes, weight, height... etc. We also found rolled memory foam mattresses that facilitate its transport and that when it returns to its initial state it will not cause damage to its structure.

The first thing to do is measure the size of the box spring to start the search for our future bed.

The density of the memory foam layer must be greater than 45 kg/m3 because it is closely linked to the final quality of the product and how long it will last. In addition, viscoelastic mattresses have a core made of different materials, the most common of which are springs, pocket springs, foam, and latex.
To protect the mattress and take care of our skin, it is highly recommended that its cover present materials such as aloe vera composite fabrics and the Sanitized® hygienic function that contributes to greater mattress hygiene and increases its comfort during daily use.

Comparison of the best viscoelastic mattresses

We have deepened and pointed out the best memory foam mattresses taking into account its functionalities, price, materials and opinions of real clients:

The mattress Visco 5 Anti-decubitus Removable cover It offers great adaptability and firmness suitable for all users. It is the best-selling viscoelastic mattress thanks to its great quality/price ratio that is best valued by most consumers.

This mattress offers many advantages including the good relationship between firmness and adaptability.

  • Height: 22 cm ± 1 cm (core plus sheath)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Core: 17 cm of HR-30 + 5 cm of viscous
  • Hardness: 6 / 10
  • Double cover with zipper on three sides

Custom or customized memory foam mattress: It is the most innovative mattress on the market. Venta de Colchones manufactures mattresses designed to the taste of the consumer that adapt to camper vans, trucks, spaces with corners or any wish that the client has. it's possible choose the mattress from scratch because they are manufactured exclusively offering the possibility of choosing the type of foam, the amount of viscoelastic and the outer cover as well as the shape. The procedure for creating our project is very simple. We begin by choosing between these three foams, which are: HR30 with medium firmness, HR35, which is firm, and D25, the firmest of all, indicated for heavier people. The memory foam layer should measure one third of the final height. As far as the covers are concerned, the customer can choose premium canvas, a waterproof outer canvas with Teflon treatment that repels liquids, a powerloom inner cover, stretch aloe vera fabric that is antimicrobial and even a fire-retardant waterproof sanitary cover.

mattress in camper van

Double Visco Mattress "Anti-divorce": Each person is different and has different tastes and needs, so we offer the best mattress for couples, making a double bed with two mattresses whose sides present totally different materials to perfect the rest of the couple and sleep together but one hundred percent comfortable. The double mattress measurements ranging from memory foam mattresses 135×190 up to 200×200 cm, using top-quality materials such as the aforementioned Stretch fabric and 3D fabric that contains a breathable fabric that allows air to flow and circulate for greater freshness. Choosing each half of the mattress of this customizable bed is very simple. There are two ways: Calling the company itself (insert telephone number) and one of the employees will assist you personally, or on the website. It is possible to choose between six viscoelastic mattresses: From the softest (Nube Plus Mattress) for those who prefer a softer and softer rest to the firmer mattress (Visco XXL) for heavier people. couple sleeping

Usual measurements:

  • 135x190 inch
  • 150x190 inch
  • 160x200 inch
  • 180x200 inch
  • 200x200 inch

Visco XXL mattress with removable cover is a mattress for overweight people or people with large sizes which is specifically designed for those who prefer thicker beds, extra-firm and breathable. It has a super breathable viscoelastic sheet of 3 cm visco AIR that allows air circulation throughout the upper part of the mattress. It has a height greater than 28 centimeters that offers unmatched comfort and prevents sinking in addition to relieving pain by distributing pressure in any position. It is also possible to configure this mattress for an articulated bed with a thickness of 24 cm (23 cm core + covers).

  • Thickness: 28 cm (27cm core + covers)
  • If the mattress is for an ARTICULATED BED, its thickness is 24 cm (23 cm core + covers)
  • Viscoelastic: 3 cm of breathable visco AIR density 55 Kg/m3
  • Warranty: 7 years.
  • Core: 24 cm of HR35 + 3 cm of breathable visco AIR.
  • Hardness: 8 / 10
  • Double zippered cover on three sides.

In short, the viscoelastic mattress is the best option to improve our rest. However, each person has different tastes and the personalization of our rest is a luxury that can be acquired at a low cost.

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