50 tricks to have an organized home

Tricks to organize your home

In this life that we have of stress and little time, it seems that having an organized house is a utopia. But it is more important than you think to have adequate spaces to enjoy a cozy and comfortable home, where chaos and disorder are not a nuisance and in this way, it is also easier for you to clean and always have your house in good condition.

But if you are one of the people who usually have a messy house and blame it on lack of time, you should know that order is necessary for you, for your home and if you live as a family ... for them too. Therefore, through this ebook we want to give you the information you need and a lot of advice, so that from today you have no excuses and you can have your home well organized ... you will see all the benefits it will bring you!

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eBook with tricks to organize your home

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The importance of having an organized house

Is having your home organized really beneficial? Without hesitation for a second. Maybe there are people who think that it is more fun to live among the disorder and find things by chance and not when you need them, but the reality is that organization is key to a harmonious life, healthy and even on track for success. If you've ever thought that living in clutter isn't so bad, it's because you've never stopped to think not only about the benefits, but also how important it is. Do you want to know some of these benefits of having an organized house?

Furniture to organize toys

You will have more free time

Having the house organized will be easier for you to be able to have things clean more quickly and also, that of losing things will have gone down in history. You will spend less time searching for lost things and you will have more time to dedicate to the things that you really like and you will even be able to spend more time. You will also have more time to prepare healthy meals for you and your whole family!

Living room in a mini flat

You will save money

By always knowing what you have at home you will not buy things in duplicate just by not remembering what you already had. Can you imagine buying black pants just because you couldn't find them because of the clutter in your closet? It's a waste of money! What if you think you've lost your kitchen mixer but it's only stored in a drawer full of junk? With order this will not happen to you!

Child's bedroom

You will have more balance in your life

You can have more balance in your life because you will spend less time fixing little things and more time on the things that really do matter to pay attention such as health or your family. Achieving balance will prepare you to live an amazing life. And your house will look beautiful! Well neat and clean!

Ikea organizer rimforsa

Psychological benefits of order at home

But in addition to the importance and advantages that you can have when finding a good organization in your home, there are also other psychological benefits that you cannot ignore. The order will help you have greater emotional well-being and feel that you have control of your life in all aspects. The order in your home will help you improve the order in your head. Many people with anxiety have the need to order the house almost compulsively in order to feel that they have control and order inside ... but it is not necessary to feel anxiety to achieve it. Next I am going to tell you some psychological benefits of order at home.


You will reduce stress

By reducing the clutter around you it will be like dragging heavy chains that went with you all day and that would not let you be yourself. Clutter will slow you down and also make you feel much more stressed. When you get rid of clutter you will experience a sense of freedom that was perhaps previously unknown to you.… But when you meet it, you will always want to have it, and you will always keep your home clean and organized!

Cleaning the carpet

You will be more hospitable and have less stress

If you have a dirty and untidy house, you will not want to have guests in your home because you will simply be embarrassed. Instead, with a good home organization you will avoid having that anxiety when the visitors arrive at your home, you will not be afraid of what they may think because you will be proud of every corner of your house ... and it will reflect how you are personally! You will look and feel better thanks to the order in your home.

Living room with green tones

You will feel with a more positive attitude

When you have everything in its place, well organized, you smell your home clean and you realize that everything is in its place, then you can begin to feel how everything begins to make sense and you will feel much better. You can choose the things that do not serve you to give them away or throw them away if they are broken, It's very liberating! And what you do use will be well organized, providing good energy.

clean the kitchen

Build good habits of order

If until today you have not fallen into the importance of order in your home, in addition to knowing some tips to have good organization in each of the most important rooms of the home (as we will comment in the following points), it is also necessary to build good habits for order. To have good habits you must remember that they are not achieved overnight, It takes about 66 days for the action you want to automate to become a habit. Next, I'm going to talk about some good habits that more organized people have so that you can do them at home and implement them in your life ... because having a good habit is the main trick to achieve good results!

Tidy kitchen

Be selective about what you buy and keep

If there is something that you have not used in more than 6 months, get rid of it because it has no place in your life. Also, you should not have an emotional bond over things, that is not good for you. When you consider buying something, think not only about the price but also about the utility that you will give it daily, Is it a worthwhile purchase? Is it going to cause you extra clutter? Will it take time for maintenance? You need to keep your balance at home.

clean kitchen

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

It's that simple, if you want to live in order, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, because otherwise, you will only live in disorder. By doing things today, you can take care of dirt and clutter at all times without letting it accumulate or spoil your daily life. Have rules: make the bed when you get up, pick up the towels and hang them after each shower, sweep the floor after eating, wash the dishes two or three times a day, etc. Do not procrastinate! Complete the task immediately instead of leaving it for later! It is necessary that you also know how to differentiate what is a priority from what is not, so that you do not live obsessed either.

Tidy up the house

Other tips that you should not overlook

  • Delegate when you can't with everything
  • Don't make excuses and do things when you have to
  • Always keep your surfaces clean, no dust accumulated from weeks!
  • Have bins around the house and change them whenever necessary (don't wait for them to overflow)
  • Understand why organization is important and include it in your lifestyle
  • All things should have their place in your home
  • Do not keep things that are not really necessary or that you do not use
  • Look for functionality in the elements of your home

Clean fridge

Organization in the kitchen

The kitchen is a space for confidences, without knowing why it is the best place for meetings, to discuss important issues with friends or family. In addition, it is the place where food is prepared so it is essential that order and cleanliness be taken into account in every corner of the kitchen. The organization is very important to be able to know where everything is and that you can have it on hand whenever necessary. Next I am going to give you some tips so that the organization of your kitchen is excellent.


Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are spaces that are generally closed and that things are stored inside to have products and materials on hand. But sometimes, in a rush, everything is usually saved without having an established order, which can cause some disorder and little functionality. It is important that you have an order to store any item in your cabinets and in this way you can have things at hand.

In addition, it is essential that you have these clean spaces all the time, especially those cabinets where you keep food. In this way, you will avoid unwanted visitors such as ants or other insects looking for your food.

Narrow kitchen with wood

Auxiliary furniture

Auxiliary furniture is ideal for any type of kitchen since you can find different sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits your space. You can choose from auxiliary tables for the kitchen, trolleys, bottle racks, islands, furniture with drawers ... The type of auxiliary furniture you choose will depend mainly on the needs of space and organization that you have in your kitchen, but what is clear is that an auxiliary furniture will never be a bad idea.


Shelving on the wall (open)

Open wall shelves are ideal for being able to enhance the space and brightness of the room. In addition, they are ideal for placing glass jars in them, which are always great to ensure good order in your kitchen. For example, you can put glass jars with legumes, others with nuts ... and you will always have them at hand and easy to fill! But the open wall shelves can have more functions and if you are thinking of putting them, surely you already have some ideas on how to use them, right?

Cottage style kitchen

Order ideas for kitchens large and small

  • Use good quality materials for furniture
  • Use colors that combine and that are in accordance with your tastes and interests (in small kitchens it is better to opt for light colors such as neutrals, white or pastel colors)
  • Have enough space in the furniture to be able to store everything you need in order
  • Enhance light and luminosity so that order is more appreciated
  • Prioritize kitchen cleaning so that it is always spotless

Long narrow kitchen

Organization in the bedrooms

The bedroom is an essential room in the house for all people, a home without a bedroom stops being a home to become anything else. In the bedroom, we renew energy and rest, so it has to be a room where rest is assured, it will have to be a quiet and serene place without overly vibrant colors or that burden the environment. But above all, in addition to decoration, there is another essential aspect that must be taken into account in bedrooms: organization.

Youth bedroom in blue color

A good organization is necessary to be able to promote rest and for the decoration to be impeccable. If a bedroom is messy and organizational aspects are not taken into account, chaos would take over the room and rest would be a utopia. That is why it is necessary to keep some important points in mind:

The bedroom closet

The bedroom closet is very important to have it well ordered, because even if it is closed, if you open it and it is chaos, the feeling it transmits is very unpleasant. Spend 5 minutes a day tidying it up and in no time you'll have a perfect wardrobe and then it will only be to keep it tidy and the clothes well hung or folded. If you do not have a shoe rack, it is a good idea to include it in your bedroom to avoid clutter and that the shoes are all stored and tidy without getting dirty.

Yellow color in the bedroom

Order under the bed

It tienes space under the bed, it is another place to use and enhance the order of the stay. If you have a trundle bed, you have a secure place to put things like blankets or seasonal clothes. If you do not have a trundle bed but you do have a free space, you can use plastic boxes with wheels to store your things (such as shoes, old books or whatever you consider to have your bedroom more organized).

Order in boxes

Boxes can be a good idea to store items that you don't use regularly but need to have on hand. For example scarves, hats, footwear that you use little, books, etc. The boxes can be placed on top of the closet or inside it or perhaps, if they are decorative boxes you prefer to find another area to place them.


Organization in the living room

The living room is the most social room in the home And we also like to rest in our free time, that is why it is important that to guarantee both rest and interaction with our guests, the room is well organized, tidy and clean.

Living room in bright turquoise tones

It does not matter what type of decoration or style you have in your living room, what matters is that the organization is adequate and that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. Here are some tips that you can start to apply now:

Functional sofas for better order

Sofas are a good strategy for order and organization in the home. Although it is true that they should be a good size and be comfortable, they can also help you organize items such as magazines, blankets or other objects that you want to have on hand in this room. There are sofas that have a trunk under the seats that are functional for this function.

Living room in chocolate brown color

The auxiliary table

Typically, in a living room there is a side table or coffee table. You can buy it in a way that helps you with organization, for this find a table that has compartments to store things. Although another option is to have more than one auxiliary table for the living room that go according to the decoration and that are functional in terms of organization.

Side tables

Living room furniture

Even the most minimalist pieces of furniture can help you with organization even if they have little space. In addition, in living room furniture it is better to have a simple and cozy design than to be too burdensome. The bigger the furniture or the more things you have in them, the more sense of chaos and disorder there will be in the room. That is why the ideal is to have simple furniture with things that you use every day or that have a very clear decorative function.

Cottage style living room

Shelves to organize and decorate

Shelves in the living room are not always necessary, but if you like shelves, do not hesitate to put them in your living room. The shelves will help you create an orderly environment since you can display the elements you need on them. You can create a small library, or a place for relaxation or a corner of scents. What do you prefer?

Decorative boxes in the living room

Decorative boxes if they are not abused can be a great idea to decorate any room and the living room is not going to be one less. Therefore, if you want to organize with decorative boxes you can do it as long as you use few and for a specific function. And it is essential that they fit in with the decoration!


Organization in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of those areas in which we have many things, especially if we are a large family. Towels, toiletries and small appliances must sometimes coexist in a small space, but we can always find good ideas to have everything organized. Here are a few ideas for a neat, beautiful-looking bathroom.

Auxiliary furniture for the bathroom

Auxiliary bathroom furniture

One of the things that always keep in mind is that we need auxiliary furniture, that small furniture but that sometimes fulfills many functions. This ladder that rests on the wall is actually a practical shelf that we can use to leave the towels and to have everything at hand.

Auxiliary furniture for the bathroom

With these great benches we already have a piece of furniture that is used for many things. On the one hand, you can use them to store the towels that we always have to have on hand, and also to classify them. It is ideal if there are children at home, since each one can have their space. It is also a good place to leave clothes and change, so they are very practical.

Auxiliary furniture in wrought iron for the bathroom

Auxiliary furniture They must go according to the rest of the decoration, so we must not forget to choose according to the style of the bathroom. These wrought iron furniture are ideal for a classic bathroom to which we want to give it an elegant touch.

Small auxiliary furniture for the bathroom

Un small furniture It can be used to store the most used things. Combs, cottons and those little things that we sometimes leave everywhere in the bathroom. There are pieces of furniture that take up very little space and have this function.

Shelves open or closed?

Closed shelves for the bathroom

Both ideas have their pros and cons. If you have decided on one closed shelf, you have the great advantage that they do not stain so much, since they do not collect as much dust and dirt as they are not exposed. In addition, you can take advantage of having a cabinet with a mirror, which is always useful for the bathroom.

Open shelving for the bathroom

Bathroom shelves

If, on the contrary, you have decided to use open shelves, you have the advantage that you have everything more at hand. This option is perfect if we are orderly and we always have things well set, because otherwise the disorder will be noticed when being in sight. You also have to clean them more often, although in return we can put things to decorate like candles.

Baskets for sorting

Storage baskets

These storage baskets for the bathroom are really practical and they are also a trend. They are usually made of wicker, although we have also seen them made of fabric or fabric. The main advantage is that they bring that natural touch to the bathroom. They are perfect for bathrooms with materials such as wood or plants. They have a fabric part that can be easily removed and washed so that they are always in perfect condition.

Storage baskets

A good idea is to use these baskets on open shelves, since we can have everything much more classified. As they are also decorative, we will have a functional element that helps the bathroom have an elegant and modern touch.

Bathroom storage baskets

Another idea to have these storage baskets is to hang them. We will have things closer to hand, so it is a good idea for those who do not have much time.

Creative bathroom solutions

DIY storage boxes

The most creative solutions are also a good option to save money and achieve a much more personalized and original bathroom. If you have wooden boxes at home that you are no longer going to use, you can use them as shelves. You just have to fix them on the wall. To give them a little more life you can paint them or put wallpaper in the background.

Bathroom ladder shelves

The old stairs have come to life again thanks to the vintage style and the DIY trend with which we reuse everything. Now they are used as shelves and to hang towels, giving a bohemian touch to the whole outfit. Better if they look used and old.

How to organize toiletries

Organize cosmetics

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. toiletries and cosmetics they are what gives us the most headache because they are small things that sometimes end up in drawers, all mixed up in no order. That is why we must devise some way to have them all well organized, to know where to find them when we want to use them.

Organize toiletries

If you have a large drawer you can include boxes in it to divide each item. You can even put labels on boxes and things, although a great idea is that they are transparent objects so that we can see their content at all times.

Organize cosmetics in the bathroom

These ideas are very practical, since we will have everything very close at hand. It is about using the hangers to put jars or small pots in which to store a little of everything. From cosmetics to cotton or brushes.

Home office organization

Nowadays it is very common to work at home, and that is why there are many ideas to have a nice office at home. There are all kinds of styles, but it is also important to have a functional and orderly space in which we can work more effectively. Both the furniture and some ideas can help you make the office a place without chaos.

An organized office is a functional office

Organized office

If something must be an office, it is functional, since it is a space to work and be efficient. To avoid wasting time looking for things and materials, it is best to have everything well organized and classified, especially if we have to have documents and other things, or the space can become a real chaos.

Office shelving

Depending on the type of work that we carry out in the office, we will have to organize ourselves in a different way. There are those who do not need too much, since they have everything online, and in that case the basic furniture and a beautiful decoration will suffice. But if you are one of those who have many papers, notebooks and notes, you must organize yourself, either using classifiers, boxes, shelves or drawers. This way you will always know where to find everything and you will not waste hours searching through papers and mixed things.

Ideas for ordering small offices

Small office

When we do not have enough space, knowing how to take advantage of it is essential to have a pleasant place to work, not just functional. The small offices are very common, since we do not have large spaces at home to put them. Having a functional piece of furniture with storage space can already help us. In addition, using a lot of white color on the walls makes the stay more pleasant. Nor should we forget the importance of good lighting.

Organize an office with little space

The table is one of the most important elements, especially since it does not have much space. You can choose simple ideas, or those that have drawers in which to store everything. A sorter or small shelf that goes under the table can go a long way as storage without taking up too much space.

Organize a small office

If you also share an office with another person at home, you can always make a shared space but that is individual for each one. With differentiated storage areas and better one in front of the other than next to it.

Practical home office furniture

Practical office furniture

Practical furniture is the prelude to a well-organized office. It is useless if we buy a nice desk but then it is not comfortable or spacious enough. You must think that the table must have enough space to be cozy and so that you do not feel overwhelmed with the things you have in it. Also, the chair is very important. If we are going to spend hours sitting in it, it is best that it be very comfortable and ergonomic.

Basic office furniture

If you are looking for simplicity and practicality, go to furniture that fulfills its function, without complicating you too much. In the Nordic style you find very basic proposals, with spacious tables and storage ideas as practical as those colored filing cabinets.

Functional office furniture

If you have a large space, you can choose the furniture you want for various functions. You have baskets to store things that you use little. Shelves for the most used, so that you have it at hand, drawers and other ideas in which to keep everything well organized.

Take advantage of home office walls

Decorate office walls

Inspirations can be distributed on the walls or used to organize things. If we want a creative environment we can use them as a canvas, to fill them with good ideas. From pictures to motivational phrases, drawings or a calendar to write down the important things, they are a fundamental part of your office.

Take advantage of office walls

On the walls we can have a large storage space, with open shelves in which we see everything we need. So we can have everything at hand and get a feeling of more spaciousness than if they were closed. This space, for example, makes the most of the wall area.

Take advantage of the walls in the office

Another idea for the wall is to have classifiers or panels in which to put the things we need and use. Also the idea of ​​putting a calendar or a cork in which to put important things can help us to visualize the work we have to do.

That the organization reaches your home

We hope we have inspired you to have a well organized home, to order each room and be aware of the tricks and ideas to live in an ideal environment. Because a home is a space in which we must enjoy ourselves, and for this we need some organization, avoiding chaos. With practical ideas and the right furniture, anything is possible.

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