Coffee area in the kitchen

Coffee zone

At the kitchen we always make coffee first thing in the morning, but sometimes we don't have everything ready, and we have to go looking for everything in the kitchen. That is why we think it is a fabulous idea to have a coffee area in this part of the house, to have one when we feel like it and have everything at hand. If you are a lover of your morning coffee or at lunchtime, this little corner can delight the whole family.

La coffee zone it is a place that reminds us of cozy cafes and vintage out there today. We can have a small space, a corner is enough for us, but also a coffee area, for lovers of this drink. We show you charming corners to enjoy this coffee in the morning. These ideas can be captured in a small space in the kitchen, you don't need much more.

Coffee zone at home

Corner coffee area

If you have a corner that you don't use too much, that is the place to put your coffee area. A coffee maker and area for cups is more than enough. This is a good idea for kitchens that are small, where there is no we can put a whole station for coffee. The advantages of creating a coffee area at home are very clear for those people who enjoy this first coffee in the morning and who have perfected their coffees every day. When it comes to making a space for coffee at home we have to think of a place that is comfortable because we are going to put several things. From the coffee maker, which can even be somewhat large depending on the one we have, to the storage of the coffee, the capsules if you have a coffee maker of this type, the cups and the sugar. There are several things that we must have on hand, but without a doubt this idea is very worth it once we have carried it out.

Where to put the coffee maker in the kitchen

Coffee zone

Si tu coffee maker is one of the most precious things you have in the kitchen you should treat her well and find her the perfect place. It is useless to have it stored or in a corner on the counter where it takes up space and finally we find it annoying. It is something that we usually use a lot if we like coffee, so we have to find a special place just for her. Hence you have to create that special coffee zone. It can be with an old furniture, with a kitchen auxiliary furniture with wheels or with a small table. This is where you should put your new coffee maker in the kitchen. A visible place, where you can clean everything easily and that has space for all the utensils you use for coffee.

Decorate a corner for coffee

Having a coffee corner is not just about setting up a table where you can plant your beautiful coffee pot. It is also about create a unique and great space, with a special touch that stands out in your kitchen as if it were a differentiated area. The coffee corners that we can see and that inspire us have special decorative details. From blackboards to put beautiful checkered messages, shelves where to put a vintage object, vases with a flower or some special and beautiful cups that are decorative.

Coffee area at home with antique furniture

Vintage furniture for coffee area

One way to have this coffee zone is to use a Antique sideboard or table that has enough surface area. If we are a large family it is the best option, in order to better organize breakfasts. The cups of each one on the shelves and the ingredients and things like sugar in jars and other details that go with the style of this area. If you want to use an old furniture for this purpose, it is best to get one that is not bulky in the kitchen area. If you have enough space, we think it is a fabulous idea to put a nice chest of drawers in this area that attracts attention to create a charming coffee station. Obviously, you have to think about whether the style of your kitchen looks good with this type of furniture. An old sideboard that you can take to restore with a nice new color can be great, as it will attract a lot of attention.

Professional style coffee nook

Professional coffee makers

If you have one of those professional coffee makers, you can set up a coffee area as if it were a real cafeteria. This is for true coffee lovers. With delicious breakfasts for the whole family. It is going one step further when it comes to creating a unique coffee corner. This type of coffee machine you have to know how to use them but you can certainly make a delicious and totally professional coffee at home. These coffee makers undoubtedly deserve a corner just for them, because they also tend to occupy much more than a typical home coffee maker. You will surprise your guests with the best coffees.

Vintage coffee tables

Coffee zone

If you have a vintage table, you can use it to make this corner for coffee. A place with its own personality in the kitchen and that will attract the attention of anyone. A table that is not very wide is ideal, so that type of tables are usually bought that are like auxiliary tables for the entrance of the house. If you can find one of these vintage tables, give it that old touch, as it will look great if you add vintage pieces such as a vintage mug or an old coffee maker. If these tables also have some drawers or shelves, you will have a perfect piece of furniture for the coffee corner since you can store everything from cups to utensils, coffee and everything you need. They are very practical and have character.

Minimalist style coffee area

Minimal coffee area

El minimalist style is quite common in more modern kitchens. So if we have a special hole in them, we may be able to make a coffee space with all the style in the world. In this hole we can include a simple wooden shelf that makes the area stand out and provides warmth as well as giving some functionality. As it is a minimal space, you should not add too many things. That is why it is important to add a modern coffee maker and basic shaped cups in neutral tones such as white.

Coffee zone with blackboard

Coffee zone with blackboard

Another of the tricks that we can use to enjoying a great coffee area consists of adding a blackboard. There is blackboard paint, which can be used easily, you just have to paint the area where you want to use it. There are also blackboard vinyls that are like stickers or we can directly include a blackboard in the area.

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