Cardboard lamps, ecological innovation with style


Cardboard lamps are an innovative form of sustainable decoration. These lamps, increasingly in demand for their personality, style, textures and colors that make them stand out from everything known. In addition, we have to take into account that
Today, sustainable decoration is a trend in interior design.

Cardboard is one of the most used materials to design accessories and even home furniture. It is a functional, economical material, it is very aesthetically attractive, andIt is very versatile which allows it to be incorporated for decoration in any room of the home.

If you want to add an eco-friendly touch to your home, there are endless ways to incorporate natural materials into your decor. One of the most effective is the use of cardboard lamps. This form of sustainable craftsmanship allows you to personalize the style of your home without spending a lot of money.

Sustainable decoration incorporating cardboard as a decorative element

Sustainable decoration is an increasingly rising trend in the interior decoration sector. This trend arose from the need to use natural, functional and comfortable materials to create stylish environments.

Sustainable materials seem to be in fashion, have you noticed how our social networks have been saturated with sustainable photographs and ideas for homes?

It is perfect for the environment and to enjoy good design, and it fits the current trend. Sustainability is not a passing fad, when it comes to decoration it should last a lifetime, and this is one of the reasons why cardboard lamps have become one of the favorites of people.

Cardboard lamp shapes

Cardboard lamps can contain different shapes and styles, variants that give them a particular touch. These lamps can be ceiling or hanging, as well as table and wall lamps.

The main characteristic of cardboard lamps is their lightness and the ease with which they can be adapted to any style. It doesn't take much work to paint them or accentuate them with other decorative elements. Cardboard, in itself, is already beautiful and versatile.

In reality, we can find many manufacturers that make cardboard lamps in custom designs of all kinds of shapes and colors. There is so much variety that you will surely find the right one for any room in your home.

We'll see now 7 different examples in different designs for rooms in the home, so you can delight yourself with these original and creative handmade lamps made from this versatile material like cardboard.

Table lamp


With the silhouette of a flower, it is a unique and original piece. This cardboard lamp is perfect for giving an industrial touch to any space.

Spiral lamp


With curly threads. This modern and elegant lamp can be incorporated into a Nordic style due to its pastel tone

Hanging cardboard lamp


It is perfect to illuminate any space. There are many models that combine perfectly with classic environments.

They are ideal to combine with wooden furniture, in spaces combined with red, yellow or beige tones. They look great in small spaces because they are not large in size, but they provide a very striking artisanal rustic touch.

Also, we can find them in different shapes in which two or three can hang in a circular way at the same time. These are ideal for larger places.

Cardboard floor lamp


They have a very original, cylindrical shape, designed in such a way that the light expands outward through small holes.

There are many models, this is as an example. They are very creative and look different from everything known, ideal to place in the living room and provide a handmade touch. Although, it is perfect for any room and highlights the light even more.

Minimalist bedside table lamp


A minimalist design ideal for creating intimate spaces. This lamp is one of our favorites since it is a very light piece. It can be placed in the nightstand to provide a soft and romantic light.

Modern circular lamp


It is a modern and stylish lamp with vibrant colors. This circular lamp is ideal for giving a different touch to any space.

square lamp


Perfect for creating a modern and elegant environment. This square cardboard lamp has with a silver tone to highlight the design.

Sustainable decoration

Cardboard lamps are not only an innovative form of decoration, but also a sustainable craft practice. The cardboard lamps are handmade with a high degree of detail.

These lamps are developed by talented craftsmen with special skills. These cardboard lanterns are eccentrically beautiful and spew out a whole variety of brown and amber flakes.

Cardboard lamps are also a good way to recycle and reuse materials. These lamps can be branched from the leftover cardboard we find at home or those we find at work.

Sustainable decoration is increasingly present in all homes because they are respectful of the environment.
It is a different way of thinking, a philosophy of life, since these tendencies are also very beneficial for all of us as humans.

Fabrics, accessories, furniture, ecological paints, Made with natural materials without toxics or chemicals, avoiding health problems.

There are also recycled materials that adapt to any design, providing a very creative and artistic unique touch.
There are furniture, plants, tapestries, paintings, paintings, by eliminating chemicals we achieve healthier spaces, contributing to saving the planet.
In addition, these products have some advantages such as:

  • They are much cheaper
  • Energy efficient
  • They reduce carbon emissions
  • They save costs and you can use LED technology
  • They are more creative and artisanal than traditional ones

Ideal for use in the home because they will take care of our health as well as the environment, essential to live on our planet with well-being and tranquility.

Finally, cardboard lamps are a beautiful innovation with modern style and design. These lamps are perfect for those people looking for a sustainable way of decoration.

So why not start enjoying all the benefits that stylish cardboard lamps can offer? Dare to transform your home with modern and ecological design!

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