Wooden sink with chains

Rustic stone or wood washbasins

Rustic stone or wood sinks are pieces of great presence and with a very marked style, perfect for this type of rural environment.

Green tiled bathroom

Green Tiled Bathrooms

We show you in Decoora different proposals to use green tiles in your bathroom. An unusual proposal.

unclog pipes

How to unclog pipes at home

Does your sink not swallow? Does your sink give off a bad smell? Learn how to unclog pipes and how to keep them clean.


5 ideal floors for the bathroom

The market offers a wide variety of models, so it is important to find the right type of floor that will make the bathroom different from before.


How to unclog a flat shower tray

The big problem with which you have the flat shower tray is the fact that over time, it tends to get clogged with all the hassle that this entails.

Advantages of the shower

Change bathtub for shower

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of changing a bathtub for a shower and if it is a good idea for your bathroom.

Design bathrooms

Design bathrooms

We give you some ideas to create designer bathrooms at home, with important details to make them special bathrooms.

bath mat

How to choose the best bath mat

Do you know how to choose the best bath mat for your home? We give you the keys so that in addition to practical fit in your decoration.

bathroom wall

The best wall options for your bathroom

If you want to change the covering of the walls of your bathroom, do not miss these ideas that we give you so that in addition to being beautiful it is durable.

Ikea bathrooms

Ikea bathroom accessories

Ikea bathroom accessories allow us to change the image of our bathroom in a simple and economical way. And also make it more practical and comfortable.

Shower plate

Non-slip shower trays

We tell you what are the advantages and types of non-slip shower trays, to create a very functional shower in the bathroom.

Rustic bathroom furniture

We give you various ideas in rustic bathroom furniture for the home, with vintage bathtubs, original sinks and wooden furniture.

Bathroom furniture

Modern bathroom furniture

We show you an interesting selection of modern bathroom furniture with a lot of style to create avant-garde and elegant environments.

Occasional furniture

Auxiliary bathroom furniture

We show you a large number of inspirations in auxiliary bathroom furniture that serve as storage in this area of ​​the home.

bathroom accessories in turquoise

Decorate a turquoise bathroom

Turquoise is a color that goes especially well for bathroom decor. Find out why and how to use it to make it look great.

Tiles in modern bathrooms

Modern bathroom tiles

The tiles for modern bathrooms can have various shapes and colors, but above all they offer us a very modern and innovative touch.

7 ideas to decorate small sinks

If you have a small sink in your home, don't miss these 7 ideas to get the most out of it and also make it comfortable and comfortable.

How to decorate small toilets

If your home toilet is too small, don't miss out on the best tips when it comes to decorating them and making the most of their space.

Shower screens

Types of shower screens

Transparent or translucent, with or without profiles? Today, the possibilities of customizing the aesthetics of shower screens are immense.

Original sinks

Original sinks in the home

The original sinks are a perfect detail to have a very original bathroom, a way to renew spaces with design ideas.

Wood paneling in the bathroom

The wooden panels for the bathroom are a classic and elegant idea, ideal to give a chic touch to this room in the house.

Plants in the bathroom

5 ideas to renovate the bathroom

Discover these five great ideas to renovate the bathroom at home. Simple ideas that will give a new look to this area of ​​the house.


Ideas for a relaxing bath

Don't miss out on the following decorative ideas that will help you achieve a relaxing and peaceful bath.

bathroom in wood

Stylish wooden bathrooms

Wooden bathrooms are an option that can be equally practical and modern. Discover these ideas to decorate the bathroom with this material.

Original washbasin for the bathroom

Ideas of original sinks for the bathroom

The original sinks for the bathroom are very varied, and they suppose to give a special touch to this area of ​​the house with a different piece of furniture.

Hidden bathroom storage

Hidden storage space in bathroom

There are numerous proposals to create hidden storage space in the bathroom, thus preserving a sober and minimalist aesthetic. We show them to you.

black bathroom

The color black in the bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom have a modern and current touch, do not miss the following decorative ideas to achieve it. 

Flake tiles for bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with flake tiles

Scale tiles mimic scales and are a fabulous and very creative idea for decorating a simple bathroom. They will give depth and a lot of personality to the bathroom walls.

plants for the bathroom

The best plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom must be suitable for a higher humidity level than other environments. Discover the best plants for this space.

modern bathroom

Ideas to decorate a modern bathroom

If you want to have a bathroom that goes to the last and is really modern, do not miss any detail of the following decorative ideas that will help you achieve it.

Minimalist style toilets

Minimalist style toilets

We offer you inspiration to decorate toilets in a minimalist style, in order to create sober, clean and functional spaces.

Rustic bathroom

Ideas to decorate a rustic bathroom

Decorating a rustic bathroom is simple, adding touches with natural materials and antique furniture. Discover the best inspirations in this style.

Blue bathrooms

How to decorate blue bathrooms

The idea of ​​having blue bathrooms is a great inspiration. A classic color in the bathroom but that has been reinvented to create a modern and contemporary style.

Large and complete bathroom

Bathrooms that have it all

We show you three bathrooms of different styles but large and with everything you need to relax and / or undergo different beauty rituals.

bathroom in arabic style

baths in arabic style

The Arabic-style bathrooms are very charming, with an unrepeatable exotic touch. Discover ideas to inspire you and have this type of bathroom at home.

Modern bathroom

How to get a modern bathroom

Getting a great modern bathroom is simple if we follow certain guidelines and tips. Simple furniture, lighting and other proposals.

country style bathroom

Ideas to decorate a rustic bathroom

If you want your bathroom to have a style, do not lose detail and take note of the following decorative ideas to give that rustic touch to your bathroom.

Modern colors for your bathroom

Knowing how to choose colors well is very important to find comfort in the bathroom. Next I will tell you three of the modern colors.

Japanese-style bathrooms

Do you like the Japanese style for decoration? Would you like to have it for your bathroom? Here I bring you some tips.

Open-air bathrooms

Do you want to have a different and original bathroom? Well, nothing better than building it outdoors! You will enjoy a great feeling of freedom.

Colored washbasin furniture

Full color washbasin cabinets

Colored washbasin cabinets can be a great proposition if you want to add a cheerful and graceful touch to your bathroom.

Wooden bathtubs

Wooden bathtubs, luxury pieces

Wooden bathtubs, although increasingly popular, are a rarity and as such an exclusive piece. Perfect for turning your bathroom into an oasis

Multicolored bathrooms

Multicolored bathrooms

The multicolored bathrooms are very nice and cheerful. Discover the best ideas to have a bathroom of this type.

Marble sinks

Marble sinks, modern or classic?

Marble sinks add elegance to the bathroom. Modern, classic and even vintage, you will find them of all kinds to adapt them to your style.

Bathrooms in gothic style

Bathrooms in gothic style

Discover the best ideas for Gothic-style bathrooms. It is a difficult trend, only for very marked personalities, but it is very interesting.

White bathrooms

White but original bathrooms

Decorating white bathrooms can be something simple, but you also have to know how to choose the elements. We give you some ideas.

Round bathroom mirror

Round mirrors for the bathroom

The round mirrors with a minimalist cut are perfect for decorating the bathroom. Wall-mounted or standing, they add an elegant touch to the bathroom.

Modern bathroom in red color

Bathrooms in red

The red bathrooms are very original and daring. Discover new ideas for your bathroom.

Low cost home spa

Get a cheap home spa

Creating a cheap homemade spa is easy, since you only have to focus on certain details.

Vintage style bathtubs

Vintage style bathtubs

Bathtubs in a vintage style are very fashionable, and they can create a cozy atmosphere. Discover its possibilities.

Art in the bathroom

Art in the bathroom

Paintings and photographs can also serve as decorative elements in a bathroom.

Decorate the bathroom with plants

Plants to decorate the bathroom

Plants are a good decoration idea for the bathroom. Both because it is the ideal environment for plants and because of the atmosphere it creates.

A deluxe bathroom in two rooms

Here we have a deluxe bathroom in two rooms, separated by a countertop, with a very special way of distributing the furniture.

Concrete bathrooms

Concrete or concrete bathrooms

Concrete or concrete bathrooms are a rising option in the world of decoration to achieve different, simple and functional bathrooms.

Illuminated mirror with traditional wall lights

Illuminate the bathroom mirror

Lighting the bathroom mirror is essential so that the general light in the bathroom is homogeneous and at the same time is pleasant when we look at ourselves in it.

Luxe wallpaper for the bathroom

Bathrooms decorated with wallpaper

Wallpaper can be an interesting alternative to decorate the bathroom if we choose the right style and take into account a few minimum rules of use.

Walk-in shower trays

The walk-in shower trays are one of the most comfortable and modern options that we can find ...

Designer shower curtains

Designer shower curtains

When travel becomes impossible because of time or more likely money, it can be remedied with a good ...

Bathroom lighting

How to light the bathroom

How to configure the lighting equipment in the bathroom that is suitable, a solution for those who want to renew or design this home environment.