Textured walls

Textured walls

Walls with stone or wood texture are a different way to decorate spaces.

Baby clothes

How to wash your baby's clothes

If you are lucky enough to have been a mother recently, take note of the following tips with which you can wash your baby's clothes perfectly.

How to remove blood stains

If you have blood stains on your mattress or anywhere in your house, do not hesitate to follow these tips to remove them.


Tips for repairing damp walls

If you have moisture problems on the walls, take note of the following tips so that you can fix them perfectly and leave them as new.

Outdoor spaces in white and blue

Marine-inspired outdoor spaces

The white and blue combination is the ideal to achieve outdoor spaces of marine and Mediterranean inspiration. We show you some.

Nordic style bedding

Nordic style bedding

By now you will know the Nordic or Scandinavian style, inspired by the countries of northern Europe. It's a…

Kitchen stools

Stools to decorate your kitchen

There are different types of tabutes to decorate the kitchen depending on the style of the kitchen and other practical considerations.

stairs decoration

Original ideas to update the stairs

Stairs are one of the most important passageways in the home because they connect one floor to another. Do you want to learn some ways to decorate them?

Summer kitchen

Summer kitchen outside

Here are the best ideas to create a summer kitchen outside the house, whether they are terraces or gardens.


Learn to organize your closet

Follow the following tips and ideas so that you learn to organize your closet correctly and do not have constant problems of disorder with clothes.

Open kitchens

Contemporary Style Open Kitchens

The contemporary style open kitchens that we show you are sophisticated thanks to their design, the use of organic materials and simple colors.

How to clean painted wood

If you have a piece of furniture or a surface with painted wood at home, you probably want to always have it impeccable, but do you know how to clean it well?

order shoes

How to organize shoes in your home

If you have too many shoes at home and you don't know where to put them, don't miss out on the following ideas that will help you better organize your shoes.

Ikea double bed

Ikea double beds

Ikea firm double beds have all kinds of styles and designs. Discover the most beautiful.

Amazing nursery school in Japan

A nursery school will always have to be a place of play and fun for children. And, what better way than being in contact with nature?


Tips to decorate your hall

Don't miss out on the following decorative ideas for your hall and create a pleasant and comforting space at the entrance of your house.

3D printed ceramic figures

Do you like ceramic figures? Would you like to discover figures created by 3D printing? Don't miss out on what I'm going to explain to you!

Chalk Paint

What is chalk paint

Chalk paint is a plaster paint that is widely used today. It has the quality that you can paint on it.

nightstand decoration

How to use your nightstand

Don't miss out on how to get the most out of your nightstand and give it a new touch that blends perfectly with your bedroom.

decorate guest room

How to decorate your guest room

Do not lose detail and take note of the following tips and ideas that will allow you to decorate your guest room in the best possible way.

bamboo wood

Bamboo wood flooring

If we all opted for bamboo wood for furniture and floors in our homes, we could stop the massive felling of trees. You dare?

order bookshelf

Learn to organize your bookshelf

Take note of the following decorative tips and manage to organize your bookshelf to give your living room a special and original touch.

blank floors

Blank floors, a whole trend!

White is a color that goes well with all decorations, but also on the floor! Do you want to know why they would be good for you?

Decorated perforated panels

Perforated panels are not just for organizing your workspace at home. Now they can also be decorated with threads and painted.

Children's rooms H&M Home

Children's rooms H&M Home

H&M Home offers you in its new catalog different alternatives to decorate children's rooms, offering you a variety of bedding and accessories.


How to decorate small homes

Small homes can be just as cozy as any other home. Below you can find some tips that will come in handy for you.

Lavender bedrooms

How to use lavender in the bedroom

The lavender color inspires tranquility, a certain nostalgia and romanticism. It is a feminine color with which we can decorate the bedroom, but how?

Cork walls

Cork walls in your home

Cork has good insulating characteristics. As such it is interesting as a wall covering. We show you some examples.

The cushions in decoration

The cushions are an ideal and indispensable complement in the decoration of rest rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms.

baby rooms

Basic tips for baby rooms

Baby rooms should have a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, to achieve this, do not hesitate to follow these basic tips.

Halls of jadin Maisons Du Monde

Maisons Du Monde garden rooms

Maisons Du Monde proposes you different furniture and decoration accessories with which you can create a beautiful living room in your garden or terrace.

Tips for buying furniture

Buying furniture is an investment that should be considered well so as not to regret purchases that are useless. So today I want to give you some advice.

Ideas to earn money in spring

Do you need to earn money but don't know how? Spring is an opportunity to know what you need and what you don't at home!

Ideas for a single woman's home

The home of a single woman will be a practical, comfortable and well decorated place, here are some ideas that cannot be missed!

Practical decoration for young people

Practical (and inexpensive) decoration is essential for young people. You have to find that the furniture is functional and also does not cost a lot of money.


Ideas to light the house correctly

Lighting the house is essential so that the decoration looks good and that you can also feel welcomed and with great comfort throughout the day.

Green housing to save money

One of the fastest ways to save money is by changing your thinking to an ecological one and therefore more responsible with the environment.

Orange bedroom

Color psychology at home

Are you interested in the psychology of color in the home? Thanks to color you can transform your emotions and use colors to your advantage, to feel good!

spring daisies

Ideas to welcome spring at home

Spring is a season of the year that we love because it is the arrival of good weather and more sun! Do you want to receive it at home?


Types of wood for your furniture

There are different types of wood that you can choose for your home furniture, but you will have to first differentiate which one you prefer.

pneumatic flowerpot

Recycled flower pots ideas

Do you like plants? Don't want to spend money on flower pots? Well, don't miss out on these two recycled pot ideas!

boxes to decorate

Decorative boxes at home

Decorative boxes are an excellent option to keep your home well organized and decorated with great taste.

Trunks return to decoration

Trunks are back in fashion, and it's a great decorating success! Would you like to decorate your home with a nice trunk?

Geometric rugs in decoration

Geometric rugs are a great option for decorating your home because, in addition to being elegant, they are very practical. You like them?

Stylish outdoor cabins

The outdoor cabins can be the best refuge to forget about everything. Discover some of the best ideas.

Decorate a rental apartment

Do you live in a rental apartment and would you like to add decorate it to your liking without altering it much? Here are some ideas.

The children's play corner

In all homes with children it is essential to have a play corner for them. They will have a great time and will not clutter the rest of the house!

Walls with paint

The walls become a canvas

Painting the walls with a single smooth tone is a thing of the past. Now creativity rules, as if the wall were a canvas.

Weathered walls

Weathered walls

The walls are an important part of the decoration. The gradient is a great effect to renew the walls.

The doormat in home decoration

The doormat is very important in the decoration of any home because in addition to cleaning the soles of your shoes, they warn you of what your home will be like.

Find inspiration for small spaces

If you live in a home with small spaces, you will surely want to seek inspiration to make it a more welcoming and functional home. Do not lose detail!

Original mirrors

Decorating the walls with mirrors

Mirrors are perfect for decorating the walls of the home. If we also look for them with a fun or original design, it will be even better.

Headboards Rue VIntage 74

Headboards Rue VIntage 74

Today we show you the collection of headboards from Rue Vintage 74, an online store of vintage furniture and decorative objects

Recycling ideas to decorate the home

Would you like to have recycling ideas to decorate your home and be able to collaborate with our environment in a sustainable decoration? Keep reading!