High beds, ideal for saving space

Do you like high beds? If you do not know them as soon as you see them you will love them for all the space that you can take advantage of in the bedroom.

Indoor vertical gardens

Indoor vertical gardens

Indoor vertical gardens are a great proposal to decorate our home and bring a natural and fresh touch to it.

Learn to decorate your hall

Do you want to learn how to decorate your hallway but you lack ideas and you see it too bland? Don't hesitate to read this article because it will inspire you!

Tips for decorating a basement I

Do you have a basement and want to decorate it to make it look good on you? You must take some aspects into account, do not lose detail!

Hippie style house

A hippie style house

This hippie style house is full of small elements that make it special. We show you some of their rooms.

How to have flawless windows

For your decoration to be excellent you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your home, but also to that of your windows.

Male bedrooms in neutral tones

Male bedrooms in neutral tones

Today we show you different proposals to decorate using neutral colors such as black, gray, blue and / or brown, male bedrooms

Mirrors Honefoss, Ikea

Decorate with Ikea Honefoss mirrors

Honefoss mirrors from Ikea are adhesive, easy to install and inexpensive. We offer you different decorative proposals with these as protagonists.

Decorate with centerpieces

Decorating with centerpieces is a great idea to beautify the furniture for which this decoration is intended.

Bedrooms with chevron walls

Chevron walls in the bedroom

The chevron or zigzag pattern can help us to highlight the main wall of the bedroom in a stylish, modern or fun way.

Wooden bathtubs

Wooden bathtubs, luxury pieces

Wooden bathtubs, although increasingly popular, are a rarity and as such an exclusive piece. Perfect for turning your bathroom into an oasis

Get a nifty headboard for your bedroom

Do you want your headboard to be ingenious, different, original and also not cost you a lot of money? Well, do not hesitate to read the two ideas that I bring you today.

Bedrooms with concrete ceiling

Bedrooms with concrete ceiling

The concrete ceilings add an unfinished air to the room. Combined with clean walls and wooden floors they make an attractive decorative option.

holiday house

Maison de Vacances bedding

Maison de Vacances offers us in its new catalog "The ultimate deluxe 2015" soft or bold metallic colors to dress our bed

La Oca studios and offices

La Oca studios and offices

La Oca shows us in its 2014 catalog four very different proposals among them to decorate our studio or office.

Indoor swings

Indoor swings for adults

The indoor swings located in a pleasant place and in front of a window are a great proposal to relax.

Mini apartment

Fully used mini apartment

This is a mini apartment that can give you ideas on how to make the most of the little space available.

Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage solutions

A good distribution and compartmentalisation are today the key to storage solutions for the kitchen. We show you some.

Multicolored bathrooms

Multicolored bathrooms

The multicolored bathrooms are very nice and cheerful. Discover the best ideas to have a bathroom of this type.

Marble sinks

Marble sinks, modern or classic?

Marble sinks add elegance to the bathroom. Modern, classic and even vintage, you will find them of all kinds to adapt them to your style.

Hallways with wallpaper

Wallpaper to decorate the hall

Wallpaper is one of our options when decorating the hall. Depending on the patterns and motifs used, we will achieve one or the other style.

Turquoise decoration

Turquoise decoration

The turquoise decorations are very lively and cheerful. Discover how to include this tone in your home.

White bathrooms

White but original bathrooms

Decorating white bathrooms can be something simple, but you also have to know how to choose the elements. We give you some ideas.

Neon decor

Neon tones in your decoration

Including neon tones in your decoration is difficult, but it can be a very good idea, especially if you have very neutral colors.

Funny garlands

Fun garlands to decorate

Garlands are so much fun, and they can be used in multiple settings and occasions. Discover fun garlands for the home.

Kitchens with wine rack

Practical wine racks in the kitchen

Having a wine rack in the kitchen is the dream of every wine lover. They can be placed under the worktop, in the shape of a tower, as a separator ...

E-perte online decoration projects

A decoration project as a wedding gift

You get married? Do you want to decorate or need to reform your home? E-perte you can order the project and as a wedding gift your guests will make it come true.

Felt ball rugs

Felt ball rugs

The rugs with felt balls are very original pieces, which have become very fashionable.

Rooms for twins

Room ideas for twins

The rooms for twins should have very well used spaces. Discover some of the most interesting ideas.

Beds at floor level

Sleeping at ground level

Beds at floor level have become common in certain decoration publishers. To what extent are they practical?

Recycle a vintage-style shelf

Do you want to reform an old shelf and do not know how? Today we offer you a way to do it: recycle a vintage-style shelf.

Chairs as a bedside table

Chairs as a bedside table

Using chairs as a nightstand has become a trend. They do not provide a lot of storage space but they are practical.

Refurbish your dresser in turquoise

Do you have an old dresser in your hall? You want to give it a more stylish and fashionable vintage touch. Today we bet on the turquoise color.

Decor in warm peach tones

Decor in warm peach tones

The peach tones are warm and welcoming and provide relaxed environments, which is why they are ideal for decorating living rooms, bedrooms or passageways.

Decorate small spaces

Decorate small spaces

Decorating small spaces is difficult, since you have to choose everything perfectly. We tell you some tricks to do it.

Mint decoration

Decor in soft mint tones

Mint green or mint is a fantastic color to bring freshness to your home this spring. Do you want to know how to combine it?

Bohemian Style Porches and Patios

Bohemian Style Porches and Patios

Decorating your porch or patio with a bohemian style will allow you to play with color, creating cheerful, fun and cozy spaces to enjoy the summer.

White bedrooms

White, clean and serene bedrooms

White is a fantastic color for painting and decorating bedrooms. In addition to lighting and expanding spaces, it is a serene and relaxing color.

IKEA PS 2014

IKEA PS 2014 bets on young designers

IKEA has opted for top-of-the-line young designers to create the PS 2014 collection, a set of 50 innovative and functional furniture and accessories.

Round bathroom mirror

Round mirrors for the bathroom

The round mirrors with a minimalist cut are perfect for decorating the bathroom. Wall-mounted or standing, they add an elegant touch to the bathroom.

Make a shelf with your old tables

Are you interested in knowing how to reuse those old classic-style tables that you don't use? Do you want to fill a gap in your empty living room? Make a bookshelf!

Rhombuses to decorate

Rhombus decoration

The decoration with diamonds is an original idea, which you can try in your home.


Minimalist wooden kitchens

Minimalist kitchens are practical, comfortable and easy to clean. Counteract its coldness with wooden furniture in natural tones.

Bedrooms with chandelier

Vintage rooms with chandeliers

Chandeliers, a symbol of elegance and wealth in other times, are ideal for decorating rooms with classic and vintage inspiration.

Hobbit house

Live in a hobbit house

If you are fond of The Lord of the Rings, you will have the opportunity to live in an authentic hobbit house.

Arab puffs outside

Decorate with Arabic puffs

The Arab beanbags have a very modern and original style. Include them in your décor for a splash of color.

Lighting influences our health

Lighting is very important, so much so that it influences our health and mood. In this post we give you two indications that you have to take into account.

Vintage style bathtubs

Vintage style bathtubs

Bathtubs in a vintage style are very fashionable, and they can create a cozy atmosphere. Discover its possibilities.

Vibrant lounges

Vibrant rooms, full of color

The vibrant colors bring joy and freshness to the rooms. This is what happens in these salons that we have selected for you.

Teepees for children

Teepees for children

Indian teepees are ideal constructions for children. Discover their possibilities and the places to put them.

Art in the bathroom

Art in the bathroom

Paintings and photographs can also serve as decorative elements in a bathroom.