Sixty Cafe Bar Shanghai

Shanghai's Sixty Café

The Sixty Café in Shanghai The restaurant combines a modern decoration concept in its environments with a vintage style from the 60s.

Hexagonal table

Lean Table is a multifunctional and playful furniture proposal devised by the German studio Coordination Berlin. Given…


Tidy laundries

The laundry or cleaning room requires a rigorous order and cleanliness.

Decorate a store with ethnic style

Decorate a store with ethnic style

Decorate a store with ethnic style For original decoration with a store in ethnic style you can choose from a wide assortment of accessories.

How to decorate your dining room

The colors of the porcelain, the shape and size of the table, tablecloth and napkins, glassware and cutlery, centerpiece, dining room lighting, and greenery affect the energy and decor of your dining room.

Design small bathrooms to save space

Design small bathrooms to save space

The availability of the space to be decorated determines the distribution of your bathroom. In a few meters, an alternative is fixed or mobile glass panels.

Tips for decorating your kitchen

Careful planning will allow you to create an attractive, high-performance kitchen that reflects your priorities and your personality.

Decorate your window with curtains

Curtains, draperies, curtains and blinds can produce a clean, neutral background or provide a complete finish to your window or bay window.

Ideas for decorating a game room

Ideas for decorating a game room

Decorate the game room. Organizing a playroom is a good opportunity to get rid of broken toys and those that are no longer useful.

Baby room decor

Baby room decor

Decoration of the baby room We explain some tips so that your child's room is his particular paradise

Decorative mirrors

A mirror in the bathroom or in the living room will increase the light and the perception of space. Uses…

How to choose a cowhide rug?

They have to be professional tanning of the best quality. If the leather is well tanned, it should last for the rest ...

Minimalist coffee table

The Dutch designer Reinier de Jong has created this table that, as he himself talks about his creations, has that ...

Hindu decoration in your home

Hindu decoration in your home

Hindu decoration in your home. How to give a special touch to the decoration of our home with an exotic style, such as Hindu.

Canopy beds

A canopy bed is a bed with fabric drape, giving a feeling of privacy and protection. Alternatively,…

How to perfume the closet

How to perfume the closet

Perfume the closet. Scented bags for clothes are the best way to avoid odors in closets, drawers or boxes.

House in the Pyrenees

In the municipality of Canejan (Valle de Arán) we find this avant-garde weekend house, the work of the study of ...

Wood houses

Wood houses

Wood houses. Building a wooden house represents an optimal solution both from the economic point of view, as well as from the security point of view.

Industrial style bookcases

The industrial style in decoration has gone from being used basically in lofts to establishing itself as a trend in all kinds ...

How to decorate the office

Decorate the office. The office is a place where you spend a lot of time and therefore it must be functional, comfortable and capable of reflecting personal tastes.

Decorate with colonial style

Decorate with colonial style

Decorate with colonial style. Colonial-style furniture is a classic type of furniture that has evolved from European styles.

Outdoor cooking and barbecue

Outdoor kitchen and barbecue. Sunday 2011 from the MCZ group presents the latest from the 2011 barbecue dedicated to lovers of outdoor cooking.

Chair covers

use fabric covers to renovate or decorate the chairs

Build a loft to save space

Build a loft to save space. When space is scarce, the available spaces can be modified and optimized.

Funny animal shaped mirrors

All of us who are dedicated to the art of decoration know the valuable resources that mirrors bring to the ...

decorate with bamboo

Decoration with bamboo

Furniture and decorative objects made with bamboo are an option to create an atmosphere in your home

Chesterfield style

what it is and how to differentiate the chesterfield style with some examples

Designer cribs for baby

When we have to choose the crib for the future baby we can choose between a variety of types, models and ...

Children's rooms: green and stylish

The children's rooms. Decorating children's bedrooms is a real challenge. Here, we present a space with noble materials and fashionable accessories.

Puffs, another way to sit

According to wikipedia, a beanbag is “a generally backless movable chair. […] Is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for…

comfortable beds

The best designer beds

Enjoy the experience of sleeping in a state-of-the-art design bed, a luxury for your rest.

How to decorate the garden

How to decorate the garden and opt for garden furniture that follows the style of the house to combine the interior with the exterior of the rest of the garden.

Scandinavian style house

For those who like a quiet life accompanied by a natural environment of spectacular beauty, this home can be ...

Furniture in blue color

Furniture in blue color. Decorating in blue and the different shades of blue conquer designers in their creations.

How to decorate the living room

How to decorate the living room The lounges or living rooms are places where style is developed on the premise of creating comfortable and comfortable environments.

How to decorate a home office

How to decorate a home office. Internet, freelance employment and new company policies mean that more and more people work from home.

How to furnish a baby's room

How to furnish a baby's room. How to adapt the home to the needs of a baby: hygiene, sleep, leisure and feeding of the baby.

Stylish shelving

Stylish shelving. The shelves are an accessory and a decorative element of the home.

Decorate with pictures

Decorate with pictures. The pictures can be an ideal complement for home decoration, achieving a cozy and harmonious home.

Pink decoration in your house?

Pink decoration in your house?

Pink is not the first color we think of to decorate our house but the truth is that it can be an excellent option, if we know how to apply it.

Decorate with vintage style

Decorate with vintage style. Go back in time to decorate your home with the characteristic elements of vintage style.

Wrought iron bed, a timeless classic

Wrought iron bed, a timeless classic. It is an ideal solution for a very romantic room with a classic, sober style and very little exaggeration.

Reform the kitchen

Enjoying a functional, practical and cozy kitchen is the wish of every family. Dedicate all the necessary time to the project to reform your kitchen.

Eat in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas of the house that is most often used, a comfortable space in the ...

Original wall racks

A light and original solution. This coat rack, named Dropit by the Swedish design studio Asshoff &…

open decor house in barcelona

Casa Decor is now open in Barcelona

Casa Decor has been installed in a building over 100 years old in Barcelona, ​​which has become the spectacular setting for the exhibition

Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration. Doubts about the materials, the distribution, how to make the most of the space, look for colors that best match.

Stylish pool

Tips for your pool

The pool is the relaxing place where the family spends their free time. Original, simple or luxury designs are the ones chosen by the majority.

Natuzzi sofas news

Natuzzi sofas news

Natuzzi sofas news. Comfortable and comfortable sofas with the ability to adapt to different styles and spaces.

Flou: beds for the bedroom

Flou: beds for the bedroom

Flou: beds for the bedroom. Flou beds are distinguished by their quality and attention to the design and beauty of the materials used.

Book lamp to read in bed

If you want to give an original gift to a lover of night reading, this glass lamp for the table ...

Stylish armchairs

Special armchairs

The armchairs play an important role when it comes to decorating an environment, to the classic models are added the pieces of colonial and contemporary style.

Wooden porch

Build the porch

The porch, a light space that acts as a transition between inside and outside. To be integrated, you have to find a structure that harmonizes with the house

Outdoor furniture

Summer tips

With the gentle summer breeze, it is time to set up the relaxation area in patios. Lounge chairs and chairs, rub shoulders with a myriad of outdoor accessories.

Charming gallery

Build the gallery

Converting the gallery into a space for continuous use is an excellent idea. Thanks to a suitable enclosure you can also use it in winter.

polyethylene houses

Styrofoam houses: economical and safe

Styrofoam houses are economical and safe. They contain a high insulation coefficient, being an ecological house with low energy consumption for heating in winter and cooling in summer.