Exterior Color Combinations

Exterior color combinations

If you have doubts and do not know what color to use to combine the exterior of your home, today I am going to give you some ideas.

Wooden sink with chains

Rustic stone or wood washbasins

Rustic stone or wood sinks are pieces of great presence and with a very marked style, perfect for this type of rural environment.

blue bedroom

Paint the bedroom walls blue

Blue is a very appropriate color to paint the room, it inspires calm and promotes sleep. We show you how to combine it.

Wicker lamps in colors

Natural style wicker lamps

Wicker lamps are perfect for any environment, and they have a great natural and traditional touch that brings warmth to rooms.

viscoelastic mattress

The best memory foam mattress

Many times it is not given the importance it deserves, but choosing a good mattress is key to getting a restful sleep.

house shaped mailbox

Designer mailboxes

Enjoy a selection of design mailboxes that will decorate your home! A perfect detail that you should take into account.

Decorate the home with tulips

Decorate the home with tulips

Do you know how to decorate the home with tulips? We leave you some of the best options to create a very natural decoration.

straw hats on a rack

Straw hats to decorate the wall

Do you wear straw hats in the summer and then don't know where to store them so they don't wrinkle? Well, you can hang them on the wall!

Work sofas

Design your sofa on site

Concrete frames are a great base to create a sofa. An interesting alternative that has, however, its advantages and disadvantages.

covered barbecue area

BBQ area in the garden

We leave you some very useful tips to set up a barbecue area in your garden: materials, furniture, types of barbecues and much more.

Buddhas in the yoga room

Tips for decorating your yoga room

The following proposals will help you create and decorate an appropriate place to practice yoga in your home. Colors, lights, essential elements and more.

orange upholstered armchair

The importance of upholstery in decoration

Upholstery is fundamental in interior decoration, but it is advisable to choose the materials well, depending on the use of the furniture to be upholstered. Check out these tips!

DIY projects with pvc pipes

4 DIY projects with pvc pipes

We propose four DIY that have rigid pvc pipes as their main material. You can build with them shelves, coat racks, tables ...

Painting antique furniture

How to paint old wooden furniture

Do you have old furniture at home that does not fit your style? Take note of the step by step to paint old furniture and leave it new.

The green color in the kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a little life and are you thinking about the color green? Here you have all the information about what shades of green to use, where and how.

How to make a bed canopy

How to make a bed canopy

Do you want to know how to make a bed canopy? This will bring a romantic air to your bedroom and provide you with privacy.

sunken sofa

How to fix a sagging sofa

Do you want to know how to fix a sagging sofa? First you will have to identify the problem and then fix it. Find out how!

Paint furniture white

How to paint furniture white

Do you want to change the appearance of a piece of furniture? We show you today how to paint furniture white so that transforming your home is simple.

How to make an original hall

How to make an original hall

Do you want to make an original hall? Do you want it to draw attention, not to go unnoticed? Write down these ideas.


What is the loft decoration

The loft style is a type of decoration that is perfect for those who want to have a spacious house with large spaces.

damp wall

Ideas to line a damp wall

It may seem like contradictory advice considering our headline, but you should never line a wall with moisture if you don't…

Decorative vinyl

How to remove vinyl from the wall

Do you want to remove the vinyl from the wall and do not know how? At Decoora we give you different solutions so that your walls are clean.

How to decorate a glass vase

How to decorate a glass vase

Don't know how to decorate a glass vase? Discover our ideas to decorate with flowers, candles or stones and dress up your home.


Trends in sofas for 2022

In the living room of any house, the sofa is one of the key elements when it comes to getting a decoration according to the tastes of each one

Washing machine in the bathroom

10 tricks to save at home

With the price of electricity skyrocketing, these 10 tricks will help you save on a day-to-day basis and make it to the end of the month better.