Washing machine in the bathroom

10 tricks to save at home

With the price of electricity skyrocketing, these 10 tricks will help you save on a day-to-day basis and make it to the end of the month better.

Wooden sliding door

How to make a sliding door

Do you need to separate two environments and are you looking for simple and inexpensive solutions? We show you how to make a wooden sliding door.

Garlands in the garden

Types of interior lighting

Lighting is a vital element when it comes to making the decoration of a certain room in the house look perfectly.

carpet 1

How to clean a carpet

Carpet is a decorative material that requires constant cleaning so that dirt does not accumulate.

Small Prefab Homes

Small Prefab Homes

We talk about small prefabricated houses and why they can be a good alternative to create a home.


The trendy colors for facades

The exterior of the house is essential and very important, since it will indicate what the rest of the home is like from a decorative point of view.

Decorate the kitchen wall

Kitchen wall decor

We give you varied ideas and inspirations for decorating the kitchen wall with original elements.

Trendy planters to decorate your home

Trendy pots for indoor plants

Do you like plants? Decorate your home with trend pots! Find out what they are, where to find them and how to use them.

Practical kitchen island in small size wood

Rustic, wooden kitchen islands

Rustic wooden islands are an excellent proposal to decorate kitchens of this style, also offering extra storage. Discover them.

Kitchens with polished concrete

Polished cement in the kitchen

Polished concrete is a trend material; a coating applicable to any surface that can be used on floors, countertops and / or furniture.

stucco 1

What is stucco

Plastering is an essential technique when it comes to getting the walls of a house to fit perfectly.

Rustic handles

Rustic kitchen handles

Discover some inspiration in rustic style kitchen handles for your home, with very varied and original ideas.

Coffee zone

Coffee area in the kitchen

Discover how to create a coffee area in the kitchen, with a lot of style. Ideas to have a corner dedicated to morning coffees.

Paint wood

Types of wood paint

Painting is key when renovating any wooden furniture that you have in the house, such as a chair or a shelf.

Tiling ideas for the kitchen

Tiling ideas for the kitchen

Looking for kitchen tiling ideas? In Decoora We show you some that can help you give the kitchen a modern and current look.

Main bedroom

Master bedroom layout

We give you some ideas on how to make the distribution of the master bedroom with simple ideas.

Industrial style

Industrial style colors

We tell you what are the ranges of colors that are usually used in the industrial style that is a trend.

Rustic style

Rustic color range

We give you ideas to create a decoration with the range of rustic colors for the home.

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean style kitchens

We give you some ideas to decorate kitchens in the Mediterranean style, a very nice and fresh style for your home.

concrete disease

What is aluminosis?

The term aluminosis refers to a fairly common pathology suffered by a material such as concrete.


How to bleed the radiators

Remember that the purging of the device must always be done so that it works perfectly and the air does not damage it.

Aluminum pergolas

Aluminum pergolas

We talk about the advantages of aluminum pergolas and the types of elements that you can find in stores.


Types of outdoor clotheslines

Drying the clothes on an outdoor clothesline is essential and important so that the humidity does not affect the smell of said clothes.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows

We talk to you about aluminum windows, counting their advantages, disadvantages and the types that can be chosen.

Folding table

Folding wall table

We tell you how to enjoy a folding wall table, a perfect piece of furniture for the home.

Chest of drawers

Cabinet interior drawers

We are talking about the drawers for the interior of the closet, a complement that can be very useful when organizing it.

Ikea shelves

Ikea shelves

We are talking about the Ikea shelves section, an essential accessory for decorating your home.

Advantages of the shower

Change bathtub for shower

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of changing a bathtub for a shower and if it is a good idea for your bathroom.

I printed

What is wood primer

The primer is something that should be done whenever a material such as wood is going to be painted and achieve a perfect finish. 

Modern chairs

Modern dining chairs

We tell you what designs of modern dining chairs you can integrate into your home to be a trend.

Cushion covers

Home cushion covers

We give you some inspiration in cushion covers for the home, with many varied ideas to change the decoration.

Window bars

Window bars: protect your home

In many towns and cities of our geography it is common to place bars on the windows to protect from possible break-ins ...

Leroy Merlin paintings

Leroy Merlin paintings

Discover the Leroy Merlin collection of paintings to decorate the walls of your home with style.

White skirting

Home trends, white skirting

When we decorate a home we need to think about all the details, not just the most general. It is true that we put ...

Table lamps

Table lamps in your home

We tell you how to add beautiful table lamps in the home, a functional detail but that must have a special design.

Make curtains

How to make curtains

The curtains are part of the home textiles that are essential in any home. Although they have seen a ...

Best Bag Organizer Ideas

If you want to have a good bag organizer, do not miss these ideas to have everything well organized all the time.

Nordic changing table

Baby changing unit

How to add a great baby changing unit to your home that is functional and beautiful.

Modern showers

Garden showers for your home

We tell you how you can include the great garden showers in the outdoor area of ​​the home, with different ideas.

Awnings for terraces

Awnings for terraces

We are talking about the great awnings for terraces, an ideal element to take advantage of this area of ​​the home.

Living room furniture

Furniture for living rooms

We show you all the necessary furniture to decorate the living rooms, from the sofa to the auxiliary furniture.

LED lights

LED ceiling spotlights

We tell you why you should use LED spotlights for the ceiling area, with very modern lighting.

small room

Colorful ideas for small rooms

If you have small rooms in your home, you can give it all the color you want! We give you some colorful ideas to inspire you.

basement floors

The best floors for the basement

If you do not know what kind of floor to put in your basement, do not miss what we are going to comment on now, do not miss a detail! You will find the solution.

Closet Shoe Organizer

Get a closet shoe organizer

Investing in a shoe organizer for your closet is always a good decision. It will help you make better use of the space and keep it more orderly.