Rustic bathroom furniture

We give you various ideas in rustic bathroom furniture for the home, with vintage bathtubs, original sinks and wooden furniture.

tom dixon bedroom design with rattan headboard

New Ikea line: Tom Dixon

Discover how the elegant and transformative design of Tom Dixon can enter your home thanks to Ikea. How would you incorporate it into your home?

Insulating in the heat

Heat insulator for home

We tell you how to enjoy a heat insulator for the home with the best materials that currently exist on the market.

Fabric armchairs

Fabrics for upholstering armchairs

We tell you how you can choose the fabrics to upholster armchairs, since there is a wide variety of fabrics available to renew this furniture.

Clean tiles

How to clean bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles are a part that can be difficult to clean if we don't know how, that's why we give you the best tricks to clean them.

Folding table

Folding table to save space

We give you ideas to use the practical folding table, a piece of furniture that can help save space and give it efficient use.

Bathroom furniture

Modern bathroom furniture

We show you an interesting selection of modern bathroom furniture with a lot of style to create avant-garde and elegant environments.

carpet for the terrace

Outdoor rug, is it a good option?

If you have an outdoor rug you can transform the look of your patio or terrace ... for the better! They are an aesthetic complement that cannot be ignored.

rustic style penthouse

Ideas for a rustic-style attic

If you have an attic in your home and decide to give it a rustic style, you will love the effects it will bring you! Are you missing ideas? Keep reading!

Tiles for the terrace

Terrace tiles

We tell you how to choose terrace tiles with the many patterns and materials that we have available today.

How to choose crib bedding

We give you some tips to choose the crib clothes to dress the baby's room in the most appropriate and beautiful way.

pink front door

How to have an accent door

If you want to create a good visual effect in your home from outside, do not miss how to have an accent door! What idea do you like the most?

Venetian blinds

Discover Venetian blinds

We tell you how you can use Venetian blinds or Venetian blinds for the home, a type of elegant and versatile curtains.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors for home

We give you many ideas in exterior doors for the home, a very special and original element for the external area of ​​the house.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs in all styles

We tell you which can be the best dining chairs for your home depending on the type of style you have in this space.

House of the future

This will be the house of the future

What will the house of the future be like? During the past century we fantasized about a series of technological advances that would change the ...

Decorate holiday apartment

Ideas to decorate your vacation home

It never hurts to have ideas to decorate your vacation home. Especially when they are functional as well as economical. Are you going to miss them?

asbestos in homes

How to remove asbestos from your home

Maybe you have an abscess in your home ... That is why it is necessary that you learn to distinguish it and that you know what to do in case you find it at home.


Decorate with the new Lettering

Discover how to decorate your home and get started in the great art of lettering, downloading templates and starting to create your letters.

Nordic style bench

Nordic style bench for home

We give you many ideas to integrate into your home a beautiful and practical bench in the trendy Nordic style with materials such as wood.

Antique chairs

Decorate with antique chairs

We give you multiple ideas to decorate the house and rooms with antique chairs, furniture with a lot of character and decorative power.

Programs to decorate the house online

Programs to decorate the house online

What color do I paint the wall? What furniture do I put in the bedroom? The programs to decorate the house online allow you to play with many possibilities.

Home with plasterboard

Why use plasterboard in your home

We tell you what are the uses, advantages and disadvantages of a material such as plasterboard to build inside the home with quality finishes.

Bioconstruction in wood

Bioconstruction: ecological houses

We tell you what you need to know about bio-construction, where you seek to build using sustainable materials that take care of the environment.

Old books

Decoration with old books

We are going to give you a few ideas to decorate the home with old books, a vintage and romantic detail for any corner.

Modern extractor

Modern kitchen extractor

We show you some interesting ideas to place a modern kitchen extractor in your home, with very decorative and functional pieces.

Drawings vinyls

Personalized home vinyls

We show you some ideas in personalized vinyl to decorate the walls of the home with names or very special messages.

Painting wooden furniture

How to paint furniture

We show you the steps to paint furniture in a new and original way, so that we can renew it ourselves.

Cleaning window panes

Tricks to clean the windows

There is no one correct way to clean the windows. We can choose from many and very diverse options. These are our favorites.

Make a move

How to make a move

We give you some tips to make a move efficiently, so that we organize everything easily and quickly.

Occasional furniture

Auxiliary bathroom furniture

We show you a large number of inspirations in auxiliary bathroom furniture that serve as storage in this area of ​​the home.

bathroom accessories in turquoise

Decorate a turquoise bathroom

Turquoise is a color that goes especially well for bathroom decor. Find out why and how to use it to make it look great.

Nordic decoration

Nordic home decor

We tell you all the keys to get a great Nordic decoration at home, a decorative trend on the rise.

Decorate a room

How to decorate a room

We tell you all the keys to know how to decorate a room. From textiles to furniture and small decorative details.

Vinyls for the kitchen

Decorative vinyls for the kitchen

We give you various ideas to decorate the kitchen area with the great decorative vinyls, of which there are a thousand different designs.

Coral color

Coral home decor

Discover how to decorate the home with the beautiful coral tone, which can be added in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms.

Tidy closet

Ideas to keep order at home

We give you ideas and inspirations to maintain order at home, something that is essential to have pleasant spaces in which to rest.

Tile painting

How to choose tile paint

We give you guidelines to easily choose the paint for tiles, so that you can renew your home with this paint.

Patterned fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

We give you a few ideas on how to choose fabrics to upholster furniture at home, being resistant and highly durable fabrics.

Paint the tiles

How to paint tiles

We tell you all the tricks and ideas for painting tiles at home, a simple job that can change the rooms.

Crafts to give this Christmas

Crafts to give this Christmas

Still do not know what to give? Take advantage of your skills and create your own gifts. Get inspired by the 6 crafts to give away that we propose.

Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts for the home

We give you various ideas in Christmas crafts to decorate the home. Crafts with accessories made with various materials.

decorative vases

decorative vases for home

We give you a few ideas to decorate your home with beautiful decorative vases, inspired by different styles.

Conforama meeting rooms

What is symmetric decoration

If you want your decoration to bring you harmony and well-being, bet on symmetrical decoration, do you know how to do it in your home?

Gamer room

Ideas for a gamer room

We show you some ideas inspired by a gamer room for video game fans, with very original decorations.

Games for house design

Games to design houses

We tell you the advantages of the great games to design houses, which offer a large catalog of products and many designs.

Typical Galician house

Typical Galician house

We give you some information about the typical Galician house, especially referring to the old and traditional stone houses.

Original calendar

365 calendar, original ideas

We give you some great ideas to have a fun and original 365 calendar at home or at the office, with creative designs.

How to use the hamabeads

Decorate with hamabeads

We give you some great ideas to decorate the home with the fun hamabeads, a simple craft full of color.

Original flashlights

Ideas to decorate with pumpkins

Decorating with pumpkins is a success and for this reason, we are going to give you some ideas so that this fall your home has a wonderful pumpkin touch!

nice living room with decorative stove

Decorative stoves for your home

When the cold season arrives it is the perfect time to incorporate decorative stoves into your home. They will look great and will also provide comfort!

Facades in the houses

Facades of houses, ideas

The facades of the houses are also of great importance, both in the aesthetics and in the functionality of the home, so you have to choose them well.

Appliques for the home

Wall lights for our home

Wall sconces are an important part of the décor as they offer controlled lighting from the walls.

Chairs for home

Types of home chairs

The types of chairs for the home are very numerous and can be chosen according to style, materials or functionality.

American Bar

American bar for home kitchen

The breakfast bar is a very functional element for the kitchen area, which serves both to work and to replace the dining room.

Home air freshener

Home air fresheners

Air fresheners for the home can be very varied, with sticks, natural products and modern diffusers with essential oils.

Modern garage

Ideas to decorate a modern garage

En Decoora We want to offer you different ideas today to decorate a modern, practical and aesthetic garage in which everything is organized.

room adapted for yoga

How to decorate a yoga room at home

If you want to create a yoga room in your home, it will benefit you physically and mentally! But it will also be a great benefit for your home decoration.

Lacquer doors

How to lacquer doors at home

Lacquering doors at home is a great idea to change spaces that everyone can do with a simple material and simple steps to follow.

Wing chairs

Wing chair, a design classic

The wing chair is a classic in interior design. An enveloping armchair with which to decorate the living room, bedroom or office.

Fall flowers

Ideas to decorate a porch in autumn

It already smells like autumn. As there is so little left until this season of the year arrives ... It is time to think about how the decoration of your porch should be!

Upholster a headboard

How to upholster a headboard

Discover how to upholster a headboard, from the materials to the simple steps you must follow to have an upholstered headboard.

Restore furniture

Tips to restore furniture

We tell you some tips to restore old furniture and give it a new life. Furniture that is of quality and can offer great possibilities.

Paint doors

How to paint a wooden door

Painting a wooden door is simple, since it is the same as applying paint to any other furniture in this material, and it gives it a new life.

Beauparlant-Design-living room-rug-blue

7 ideas of rugs for your living room, and bring a great personality!

If you like decoration, it is likely that you are interested in the easiest ways to speed up the decoration of your living room and that will contribute great.The rugs are an exclusive piece for home decoration, so it is necessary that you choose the one that you like the most and make them look great.

Natural style

Decorative houseplants that are safe for pets

Perhaps you think that the best plants for indoor dogs and cats are artificial plants, although you are absolutely right in the world, if you want.If you have pets at home, such as dogs or cats and you also like plants ... Then you will have to know these 10 plants that are not toxic.

Key hanger for your home

The key hanger is a must-have accessory in any home. We show you a set of ideal models for your home.

children's wardrobe

Ideas to keep the children's closet organized

Maybe you are one of those people who loves to have everything well organized in closets. Although sometimes yours costs to have it well organized, the children's wardrobe has to be well organized, thus they learn values ​​about organization and space. And everything will be in order!

White Ikea bedroom

6 interior design secrets that only an expert could tell you

There are some design secrets that not everyone knows or perhaps you think you know, but you have doubts about applying them in case the result is not. There are some secrets in interior design and decoration that will come in handy to know them ... They are essential!

Kitchens with storage

Storage ideas in a small kitchen

Currently there are many homes that are small, especially in large cities. But if there is something that all people, who has told you that because you have a small kitchen you will not have space for everything? With these ideas you will have room for all your things.

orange velvet sofa

Color ideas for velvet sofas

Velvet sofas are a type of classic sofa that can never go out of style thanks to the elegance they have. A velvet sofa is not for Velvet sofas are a classic that is back on trend. Discover excellent colors to add to your home décor.

Tiles in modern bathrooms

Modern bathroom tiles

The tiles for modern bathrooms can have various shapes and colors, but above all they offer us a very modern and innovative touch.

Vinyl rugs

3 trends in rugs for your home

Carpets are not just a winter thing, a home can have a nice carpet all year round. What matters most is that the rug is well cared for. If you are thinking of buying a rug but can't make up your mind, don't miss these 3 trends that will make it much easier for you.

small house with the lights on

5 questions about tiny houses

We cannot deny that many homes, especially in large cities, are getting smaller and smaller. A small home can be between 50 and 30 meters. Today more and more people and families are living in small houses. If you want to live in one of them, don't miss these questions.

Semi transparent blinds

Types of blinds for the living room

It is possible to choose between different types of blinds for the living room, with more informal ideas and others more sophisticated, but always practical.