Ways to organize towels in the bathroom

How to fold towels

Folding towels is an art that you have to master so that in addition to being organized, you have your bathroom well decorated with towels.

Trunk for toys put order!

Trunk for toys put order!

A toy chest in the children's bedroom can help us keep order. In wood, wicker or metal, choose the one you like the most!

Home side table

The side table in the home

Every home should have a side table to use in a corner, in the bathroom, in the living room or wherever we need this very functional piece of furniture.

ikea socker greenhouse

Ikea Greenhouses

When we talk about Ikea greenhouses we are not referring to large greenhouses to put in the patio ...

Prepare your home with Ikea awnings

If you want your neighbors not to look at you when you are outdoors in your home, or if you want to protect yourself from the sun or the wind, Ikea awnings are for you.

Rast dresser

Ikea dressers for your home

When decorating a home it seems that dressers are not important, but in reality they are a fundamental part of ...

Ikea sofas

Ikea sofas for your home

If you are thinking of buying a sofa but want variety to choose from, do not miss the Ikea sofas to find yours.

shoe rack by ikea ideas

Ikea shoe racks for your home

If you want to have a quality shoe rack in your home at reasonable prices, then don't miss out on these Ikea shoe racks.

Nordic chairs

Ikea chairs for your home

If you want to decorate your home, do not miss the Ikea chairs to enjoy comfortable and affordable seats with good quality.

Simple folding tables

Folding wall tables for home

In the ranking of super practical furniture, we will surely find among the first places the great folding wall tables ...

Living room with chandelier

Chandelier in home decoration

Adding a chandelier to home decor is something that can completely change the environment, providing a much more chic style.

Bedroom lamps

Choosing nice lamps for bedrooms

In the choice of lamps for bedrooms we have a large possible cast, with industrial, Nordic or classic ideas and materials that go from metal to wicker.

colorful floor cushion

The comfort of floor cushions

Did you think that the cushions were only to put on the sofa or in the bed? Nothing about that, the floor cushions are not only comfortable but also very practical.

white door at home

The success of painting the doors in white

Are you thinking of painting the doors of your home in white? If you are doubting and do not know what to do, do not miss this article, you will be able to decide better!

Ikea stools

Ikea stools, a world of possibilities

Ikea is committed to stools as an essential piece of furniture to save space in hallways, kitchens or living rooms. Take a look at the Ikea stools in their catalog.

stair decoration with statues

Ideas to decorate the stairs

If you have stairs in your house but you don't know how to decorate them, don't miss these ideas to make a difference in this walkway area of ​​your home.

Charming children's room

Decoration in girls rooms

The rooms for girls are special places that have to be decorated with charm, thinking about the children's tastes of girls.

Ikea double bed

Ikea quilts, ideal for your bed!

If you are looking for comforters to sleep warm and that adapt to your needs, then do not miss these Ikea comforters, which one do you like the most?

support you

Poyete, a classic in rural houses

The poyete, a stone bench or other materials that is attached to the walls and walls of the houses is a great alternative in exteriors and interiors.

Turquoise Tiled Bathrooms

How to decorate with turquoise blue

Do you like turquoise blue? It is normal, it is a beautiful color. Do you want to decorate your home with this color? Don't worry, here are some tips.

The Loja do Gato Preto

La loja do gato preto is a home decoration and accessories store that if you don't know ... you should know right now! What is it about it that makes it so special?

Decorate with strings

Different ideas to decorate with ropes

Although it may not seem like it, decorating with ropes gives us a lot of play, since it is an element that adapts to almost everything, from furniture to lamps and decorative details.

Decorate doors and walls with a paper flower crown

The flower crowns are no longer only for Christmas and autumn, depending on the flowers you use and the color combination you can use all the seasons of the year. They will be like the clothes, that you keep the summer clothes while it is cold, and you take them out when the heat arrives.

Printable calendars

Free printable calendars for 2018

Today we bring you an extensive selection of free printable calendars for you to write down the most important appointments of this 2018.

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreaths, decorate your home

Decorate your home with a beautiful Christmas wreath during the Christmas season. There are many inspirations and ways to create your Christmas wreath.

floor lamps for decoration

Decorate with floor lamps

Floor lamps can be a great attraction for a room, they add a very elegant touch and also provide much more lighting.

Office tables

Office tables for your office

These desks for the office will inspire you to decorate this work area, the table being one of the most important parts to create a functional space.

Original shelves

Original shelves to decorate your home

The shelves are fundamental furniture in our homes. They fulfill both an aesthetic and a practical function. Are you looking for original shelves? We bring them to you.

old radios in decoration

Decorate your home with old radios

The old radios are an ideal complement to the decoration. Besides that they can be practical, they can give your room a touch of the most vintage.

kitsch style in decoration

Kitsch style in decoration

Discover what is the Kitsch style that is setting the trend in current decoration thanks to its extravagance and color.

pool table for decoration

Pool tables for your decoration

If you like to play pool, then do not miss how to incorporate pool tables for your decoration, and that you can also enjoy this fun game!

off white

Use off-white in decoration

Decorating in the off-white color is a success, since it is a more sober tone of white, which is not as bright but is just as versatile.

Wicker lamps

Wicker lamps: an object of desire

Lamps made of wicker and other natural fibers such as rattan or jute have become an object of desire. Do you want to know where to find them?

How to hide wires in decoration

Learn to hide cables in the decoration so that your rooms do not look too chaotic or cluttered. Do you already know how to get it?

pink stick

Home decor with soft pale pink

Decorating in pastel tones is all the rage, and that's why it's a great idea to decorate with the pretty, soft pale pink color, perfect for any part of the house.

toys on the floor

Storage ideas for toys

If you tend to have disorganized toys in your home, do not miss what you do wrong with poor organization and some storage ideas for toys.

Original headboard

Original headboards to renew your bed

Decorating the bed with original headboards is a great idea, since they can become the protagonists in the room, with ideas like the ones we show you.

romantic room

Decorate your home with purple

You may like the purple color but don't dare to decorate with it. If this is your case, do not miss these tips that will help you achieve it.

Colorful stools

Using high stools at home

The high stools are a good piece to use in a kitchen that has a bar or island, but also for bars and commercial places.

5 ideas to decorate with photos

The photos can be ideal to decorate your home and also personalize it. If you like to decorate with photos, don't miss these ideas to make it look great.

Vinyl rugs

Modern, durable vinyl rugs

Vinyl rugs have revolutionized the market. Resistant, washable ... they have become the favorite option for children or pets.

Glass jars

Ideas for recycling mason jars

Do you keep mason jars at home? We show you today everything you could do with them to decorate your home. Give them a second life!

Wall Clock

A wall clock for every style

A wall clock is both a practical and a decorative element. A fantastic tool to dress up the walls and give a room personality.

Vintage jars

Glass jars, home uses

Mason jars can have many uses at home and at celebrations, from storage jars to decorative details.

The versatility of Ikea stools

If you want versatility in your seats, then you cannot lack stools in your home. Ikea stools are for you, find the best one for you!

Wall lamps to illuminate your home

Wall lamps are one of the many alternatives we have to illuminate our home. Articulated, fixed, minimalist ... there are many to choose from.

Colors that match green

Looking for colors that match green? Enter and discover these ideas to decorate rooms, living room, walls, kitchens and more!

Flip Down Bedroom Ideas

Beds that hide

Don't miss out on these hideaway bed ideas that can be placed on the wall, ceiling, or inside furniture. Perfect for small spaces!

Choice of the color of the floating floor

Combine floor and wall color

We teach you to combine the color of the floor and the walls or the colors that give light and spaciousness to a room at home. Choose correctly with these tips

Remove wallpaper from wall

Remove wallpaper

We explain how to remove wallpaper from the wall in different ways, so that you can change it for another or leave that wall clean and thus paint it.

Bedside furniture

Furniture foot bed

We have prepared for you a selection with 10 bedside furniture; style benches and trunks along with tons of wonderful ideas. Enters!


Tips for combining colors

If you want to give your house a totally new look, take good note of a series of combinations that you can make with the colors.

How to remove the gotelé

Do not lose detail of the best methods there are to remove the gotelé from the wall and be able to enjoy a new decoration on it.

Clean aluminum

Tricks for cleaning aluminum

We show you different ways to clean aluminum and keep it in good condition. Three formulas made with common ingredients.

Gray rooms

Gray in home decoration

Is gray the new neutral? This seems to be the case and the color gray has a lot to contribute to ...

4 decorative ideas using clothespins

Who doesn't have clothespins at home? I'm going to show you that with something so simple and everyday you can create 4 decorative wooden objects.