Colorful bedroom

Colorful bedding textiles

This time we bring you some colorful bedding textiles, fresh and cheerful ideas to enjoy a new bedroom.

Youth room

How to decorate a youth room

Discover some simple guidelines on how to decorate a youth room, a necessary change in children's bedrooms when children grow up.

Black and white living room

House decorated in black and white

This elegant house has been decorated in black and white, a mixture that never goes out of style and that always triumphs with its sophistication.

Bed textiles in blue

Hotel Zara Home Collection: Blue

The Zara Home Hotel collection goes a long way, and we also have the color blue among its chosen ones, for a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Decorate with cork

Ideas to decorate with cork

Decorating with cork is a great idea, since it is a very cozy and warm natural material that is used for ceilings and floors.

Water paint

Cheap Home Decor Ideas II

We show you other new cheap decoration ideas to continue renovating your home with a reduced budget but with style.

Change the decor

Cheap Home Decor Ideas I

From time to time we like to consider a change of style at home. And it is that our house also ...

Bed headboards

How to make cheap headboards

Discover how to make inexpensive and original headboards with simple materials and a little creativity in the bedroom.

Cleaning plants

How to clean natural house plants

Cleaning natural plants is a great idea, since we will keep them beautiful and in perfect condition inside the house, so that they decorate more.

Jassa Textiles

New limited edition Ikea, Jassa

We have a new limited edition from the Swedish firm Ikea, called Jassa, which brings us a very exotic and bohemian touch, with incredible prints.

Console at the entrance

Consoles for the entrance area

In the entrance area we normally need a piece of furniture that is functional, a piece of furniture that helps us to leave our ...

Kitchen in gray color

Decorate the kitchen in gray

Discover ideas to decorate the kitchen with gray, a basic tone that is still a trend thanks to its versatility and elegance.

Prints of animals decorating baby's bedrooms

Animal prints in baby's bedroom

Animal prints are an inexpensive and "always" wise resource for decorating a baby's bedroom. Do you know where to find them and where to put them?

Indigo blue

Decorate with indigo blue

If you like indigo blue, that stronger shade of blue with a lot of personality, we will show you how to combine it and add it to the bedroom.

Dark walls

House decorated in ink blue color

This living room has used the ink blue color as the protagonist, with elements that contrast, such as the sofa in light tones and the plants.

Bedroom with wallpaper

Bedroom with floral wallpaper

This bedroom is decorated with a pretty floral wallpaper, with soft tones and the delicate and feminine style that flowers bring.

La Oca desks and study tables

La Oca: Trend study tables

La Oca presents us in its new 2016/17 catalog various study tables to decorate our workspace. We show them to you.

Fireplace decoration with paintings

3 ideas to decorate the fireplace

We propose 3 ideas to decorate the mantelpiece: paintings, mirrors and souvenirs. Each of them will bring a different character to the room.

Salons in green and gray

Decorative storage ideas

If you have some storage ideas but you don't know which ones would be best for your home, don't miss out on the ones we discuss below.

Industrial pendant lamps

9 industrial-style pendant lamps

Industrial-style pendant lamps are a trend. Hence, we have prepared for you a selection with which you can illuminate the kitchen or dining room.

Pink christmas

Christmas decoration in pink

This Christmas decoration in pink is very original and certainly a different idea to decorate the home, away from the traditional tones.

Wallpaper in children's bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper is a great resource to decorate the bedroom area. It brings a lot of life to the walls and also offers more color.

Bed with storage

Original beds to save space

Discover these original beds with which we save space at home, beds that are hidden or have a lot of storage space.

Decorative earth globes

8 globes to decorate your library

We have prepared a selection of eight globes of different styles with which you can decorate your library and dream about your next trip.

Paper polka dots

Decorate the walls with papers

Discover some ideas to decorate the walls with papers. You can make them yourself at home with inexpensive materials and imagination.

minion party

Ideas to make a Minion party

We give you great ideas to decorate a fun Minion party, with the nicest yellow characters and with all kinds of games.

Yellow baby rooms

Yellow in baby's room

Yellow is a bright, striking and stylish color. A color that is perfect to decorate the baby's bedroom paying attention to the dose.

Large bedrooms

How to decorate large bedrooms

We give you some ideas to decorate large bedrooms, large spaces that need an elegant decoration and the most functional furniture.

Brick walls

Offices with brick walls

These home offices have exposed brick walls, painted white or in its original tone, a very fresh idea.