Industrial pendant lamps

9 industrial-style pendant lamps

Industrial-style pendant lamps are a trend. Hence, we have prepared for you a selection with which you can illuminate the kitchen or dining room.

Pink christmas

Christmas decoration in pink

This Christmas decoration in pink is very original and certainly a different idea to decorate the home, away from the traditional tones.

Wallpaper in children's bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper is a great resource to decorate the bedroom area. It brings a lot of life to the walls and also offers more color.

Bed with storage

Original beds to save space

Discover these original beds with which we save space at home, beds that are hidden or have a lot of storage space.

Decorative earth globes

8 globes to decorate your library

We have prepared a selection of eight globes of different styles with which you can decorate your library and dream about your next trip.

Paper polka dots

Decorate the walls with papers

Discover some ideas to decorate the walls with papers. You can make them yourself at home with inexpensive materials and imagination.

minion party

Ideas to make a Minion party

We give you great ideas to decorate a fun Minion party, with the nicest yellow characters and with all kinds of games.

Yellow baby rooms

Yellow in baby's room

Yellow is a bright, striking and stylish color. A color that is perfect to decorate the baby's bedroom paying attention to the dose.

Large bedrooms

How to decorate large bedrooms

We give you some ideas to decorate large bedrooms, large spaces that need an elegant decoration and the most functional furniture.

Brick walls

Offices with brick walls

These home offices have exposed brick walls, painted white or in its original tone, a very fresh idea.

Patterned fabrics

Decorate the walls with fabrics

Decorating the walls with fabrics is a great idea, as we have many different fabrics to choose from as well as colors and textures.

Living room in yellow and gray

Salons in yellow and gray

These yellow and gray salons have an ideal color combination, with yellow and gray mixed in many details.

Decorating autumn tables

Decorate the autumn tables

Decorating the fall tables is a great idea for a family meal or with friends, with pumpkins, checkered tablecloths or leaves.

Kitchens in yellow

Kitchens with yellow accents

The kitchens with touches of yellow are very original and have that vibrant point that gives it that intense and cheerful color.

Fall flowers

Decorative projects for fall

If you want to change the decoration of your home a bit, then do not hesitate to read on and discover some decorative projects for autumn.

Original sinks

Original sinks in the home

The original sinks are a perfect detail to have a very original bathroom, a way to renew spaces with design ideas.

Youth room

Youth room in gray color

This youth room features gray as the protagonist, a serene and cozy base tone, as well as elegant and easy to combine.

Mural photo with trees

Nature-inspired mural photo

The mural photo is used to add photos on the walls with paper, giving a great realism to the rooms, as if we were outside.

Blankets for the sofa

10 blankets for your sofa

We show you a selection of blankets that from € 14,99 will help you dress your sofa, in addition to wrapping you up during the next autumn-winter 2016 season.

Animal Planters

Animal pots for the home

The animal pots are a great detail to add to the home. Some fun and perfect pieces for animal lovers.

Copper accessories

Primark autumn, copper accessories

The tone of copper is in fashion, and as Primark knows how to follow trends, it brings us many details in this color to enjoy going back to school.

Tables decorated with leaves

Green leaves to decorate the table

En Decoora Today we propose to decorate your next party table with leaves. In a simple and economical way you will achieve a natural, rustic and/or exotic touch.

Organize the entrance for children

Welcome decoration in your home

The welcome decoration in your home has to do with the entrance and with the feelings that are transmitted as soon as you arrive at your home.

Youth study area

Youth and original study area

Creating a youthful and original study area is simple, although you also have to think about the most practical aspect, with storage.

Decorate in orange

Decorate the home in orange

The color orange is a very cheerful tone, ideal to give life to any space, and therefore it is a perfect tone for the home.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring for the home

Cork floors are a great idea to decorate the home, an ecological alternative that is also very original and creative.

Modern bedroom in the attic

Attic bedroom, cool ideas

Discover the great idea of ​​having a bedroom in the attic, a cozy area that can be used as a resting space.

Garden benches with pallets

Garden benches made from pallets

These original garden benches are made with pallets, an ideal DIY fashion to recycle these wooden pallets and give them a new life.

Kitchen flooring ideas

Kitchen flooring ideas

The kitchen floor must be of a resistant and durable material, and of course there are many options when choosing it.

Baby rooms in blue tones

Baby rooms in blue tones

Blue is a relaxing color and as such, ideal for decorating baby rooms. Do you want to know how to use it? We show it to you.

Plants in the bathroom

5 ideas to renovate the bathroom

Discover these five great ideas to renovate the bathroom at home. Simple ideas that will give a new look to this area of ​​the house.

Storage on the office walls

Storage on the office walls

We bring you some storage ideas for the walls of the home office. Spaces where you have to have everything in order.

living-dining room-045SALMOD26

Tips for lighting the TV area

Do not lose detail of the best tips and ideas that will help you to illuminate the entire television area in the best way.

Basic storage furniture

Basic home storage furniture

Basic storage furniture is perfect for any space. That is why these simple pieces of furniture are ideal for the home.

Chic kitchen

Chic kitchen in white and gold

Having a chic kitchen is simple if we choose details as beautiful as the one in this kitchen, with golden touches and a lot of white and marble.

Kallax shelf from Ikea

The Kallax shelf from Ikea is a great storage unit that has many uses and is easily hacked.

Natural woven rugs

Decorate with natural fabric rugs

Decorating the spaces with rugs made of natural fabrics is a great idea, since they are materials that provide a lot of warmth, such as jute.

Trunk at the foot of the bed

Bedside furniture, varied ideas

There are many possibilities when it comes to putting the furniture at the foot of the bed. From antique trunks to practical chests and tables.

Children's bedroom for three

A children's bedroom for three

Accommodating three children in the same bedroom can be quite a challenge. The distribution of the furniture will be key to maximizing space.

Baroque renewed style

A renovated baroque style house

In this house we find a renovated baroque style, with a lot of color and with really creative and striking but modern touches.

Nordic style Banak Importa

Nordic style at Banak Importa

The Nordic style comes to the new collections of the Banak Importa firm, with simple furniture with beautiful pastel and white tones.

Dream catcher in the bedroom

A dream catcher on the bed

The dream catchers placed on the head of the bed, help us to protect our dreams, catching evil. And they are also very decorative.