Kitchen estecha in decoration

Narrow kitchen with a lot of style

Having a narrow kitchen does not have to be a problem, since there are many ideas to take advantage of the space and enjoy a modern and beautiful kitchen.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper for spring

Floral wallpaper is a perfect decoration for the walls during spring. Enjoy with these beautiful patterns to give life to the rooms.

Beds with wheels

Rolling beds in the bedroom

The beds with wheels have very interesting aesthetic and practical qualities to decorate the bedroom. Do you want to know them? We show them to you.

Black and white living room

Decorate in black and white

Black and white decoration is already a classic, because it is a simple idea that does not go out of style ...


The color pink in girls' rooms

If you have one or more daughters, don't miss out on how to decorate their rooms with a color as wonderful and feminine as pink.

Cottage style living room

House in cottage style

The cottage style is the one that is inspired by the country cabins. Today we can find inspirations in ...

Conforama garden set

Conforama garden collection

Discover the new garden collection of the Conforama firm for this 2016. Classic or modern ideas for the exterior of the home.

Limited edition Giltig from Ikea

Limited edition GILTIG from Ikea

Giltig by Ikea is the new collection that has surprised us from this Swedish firm, with very innovative and avant-garde ideas for the home.

Decorate with mandalas

Decorate with mandalas

Mandalas are symbols that we have all seen at some time, that come from Hinduism and Buddhism, and that it is a Sanskrit word.

Decorating the home for spring

Prepare your home for spring

Renovate your home for the arrival of spring. Simple ideas to change the season with a fresher and more cheerful decoration.


Easy tricks to decorate your home

There are easy tricks in decoration that only knowing them will help you decorate your home with more awareness and achieving better results.

Vintage yellow sofa

La Oca sofa collection

La Oca sofas have many styles and models. It is a store that has a wide variety of furniture to inspire you.

Rest corner in the pool

Rest area in the pool

A rest area in the pool is always needed. Discover ideas to take advantage of the pool with a space to relax.

Take advantage of storage in the baby's room

Storage in the baby's room

When a new member of the family arrives, we must have the baby's room previously prepared so that it is easy to ...


Ideas for your kitchen floor

Pay close attention to the different types of kitchen flooring that exist and choose the one that you like the most and best suits the decorative style of your home. 

Pink crib

A pink crib in the nursery

A pink crib can help you create that pincesa, modern and current environment that you are looking for for your baby. How? We show it to you.

Rustic home office with wood

Rustic style home offices

We give you the inspiration to create a rustic style home office, with lots of wood, vintage furniture and industrial touches.

Designer loft living room

Design loft in white

The color white has become the basis of many spaces, because it gives light, spaciousness and also ...

black bathroom

The color black in the bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom have a modern and current touch, do not miss the following decorative ideas to achieve it. 

Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs at home

Spiral staircases are very decorative elements and they also help us save a lot of space in small apartments.

Rest area in minimalist style

Minimalist style house in wood

In this wooden house they have used a very modern minimalist style. They add the right details, current furniture and few colors.

Flake tiles for the kitchen

Decorate the home with scales

The scales are a very original decoration, whether it is adding tiles or if it is an engraved or stamped detail on furniture or walls.

Home office with color

The most colorful home offices

Home offices require spaces full of inspiration, and nothing better than a little color to bring life to this corner of work.

Glass walls with metal panels

Glass walls with metal panels

The glass walls with metal panels are a great tool to create new spaces or separate different environments in our home.

Ideas to decorate in red

Ideas to decorate with red

The color red is a color with a lot of personality that will bring energy to your home, but how to use it in your home? Here are some ideas.

Storage ideas with boxes

Creative storage ideas

We always say that organizing the whole house is an essential step so that the decoration we have chosen looks good….

Ikea organizes the kitchen

Ikea organize your kitchen (I)

Is the most absolute chaos reigning in your kitchen? Well don't worry, because Ikea comes to the rescue with great ideas ...

Original pots with faces

Original pots for the home

A home with plants is a much more pleasant space, since we add a touch of nature to the environment. Not…


The color black in the kitchen

Do not lose detail of the following decorative ideas with which to get your kitchen to show off an elegant and spectacular black color.

Old sewing machines outside

Repurposed old sewing machines

Taking old furniture and turning it into something totally different is a very current trend. In addition, there are ideas for everyone ...

Sewing workshop in small spaces

Sewing workshop at home

There are many people who nowadays have a sewing workshop set up at home to be able to work in ...

White and beige

Serene spaces with white and beige

The combination of white and beige tones is ideal for creating serene spaces in the home. A perfect combination to decorate the house with style.

Bedroom yellow touches

Bedrooms with a yellow touch

Discover these great bedrooms with a yellow touch. A cheerful and intense color that brings a lot of life to the spaces, but including it with care.

Bertoia chair

Bertoia chair to decorate the home

The Bertoia chair is a very characteristic model of the Nordic style. A simple and light piece, ideal for any environment, especially the Scandinavian one.

plants for the bathroom

The best plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom must be suitable for a higher humidity level than other environments. Discover the best plants for this space.

Sale Zara Home

Sale on bedding Zara Home

The sales have already begun in the Zara Home online store, so you can find great proposals such as these textiles for the bed.

Inside plants

Indoor plants for the home

Decorating the home with indoor plants is a great idea, since these accessories add a very natural and fresh touch to the spaces, and they are resistant.

Baby room

How to decorate a small nursery

Discover how to decorate a small baby room. From the most functional furniture to the styles and textiles to add to the bedroom.

Hm Home Sales

Sales at H&M Home

The sales at H&M Home have discounts on all kinds of sections, from textiles for the bedroom to details for the living room and the whole home.

Country house dining rooms

Dining rooms for a country house

The dining rooms for a country house can have from rustic touches to other vintage ones. Discover the best ideas for these spaces in the field.

Separate spaces

Ideas to separate spaces

When we decorate it is sometimes difficult to separate spaces, since it must be done in a simple and elegant way, combining with the style of your home.

modern bathroom

Ideas to decorate a modern bathroom

If you want to have a bathroom that goes to the last and is really modern, do not miss any detail of the following decorative ideas that will help you achieve it.

Serenity blue nurseries

Serenity Blue Nursery Rooms

Discover the serenity blue color, the trend of 2016, in beautiful children's rooms. A perfect color for these children's environments, serene and elegant.

Ikea Forhoja Cart

Ideas with the Förhöja trolley from Ikea

The Förhöja trolley from Ikea is an auxiliary piece of furniture that is used for the kitchen or for work areas. Discover all the uses of this versatile piece of furniture.

Decoration in gray tones

Decorate with gray tones

The decoration in gray tones is a success, and it does not have to be boring. Discover how to include it in your home along with silver.

Geometric lamps

Decorate with geometric lamps

Geometric lamps are a really novel element, which comes from the Scandinavian style and the industrial trend. Discover the models.

Decorate with rugs

Decorate with rugs

Decorating with rugs is also important, since it is a textile that contributes a lot. You have to choose the ideal rug, choosing between styles and patterns.

New Year's Eve decoration

New Year's Eve decoration

The New Year's Eve decoration should also be special. We give you ideas for a different decoration for this New Year's Eve Christmas party.

Ikea baby rooms

Ikea baby rooms

The Ikea firm's baby rooms have furniture that is functional, but also very aesthetic, with soft tones like pink.

Ikea youth room

Ikea youth rooms

Ikea youth rooms have great ideas for storage and decorating. Colorful and very practical ideas for young audiences.


How to clean the microwave

If you want to have the microwave in a clean and perfect way, do not miss the following tips with which to clean it correctly.

Illuminated signs

Decorate with bright signs

The luminous signs are details full of charm. Perfect accessories to give a vintage and very chic touch to any room.

Vintage dressing rooms

Vintage style walk-in wardrobes

The vintage-style dressing rooms are a great idea if we can dedicate a space to have the clothes well exposed and organized, with an area to change.

Light points in the kitchen

Add points of light in the kitchen

Adding points of light in the kitchen is something very necessary, since it is a place that needs extra lighting to be able to work and avoid accidents.

Wooden beams

Wood beams in the air

The exposed wooden beams have become a current trend. It is an ideal element to stand out and to give a natural touch to the rooms.

Decorate the matrimonial bedroom

How to decorate a double bedroom

Decorating a double bedroom means taking into account the tastes of two different people. Discover all the tips to decorate this space.

Decorate with stained glass

Decorating with stained glass

Decorating with stained glass is a great idea to give a vintage and romantic touch to your home. Discover where to put these beautiful elements full of color.

Ideas to maximize a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, it is more than likely that you want to feel bigger and what is more important, make it more functional. But how?

Wicker baskets

Decorate with wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are a very functional and decorative element for the home. They serve as storage and are a good option to decorate corners.

Decorate with demijohns

Decorating with demijohns

Demijohns are totally original pieces of glass that you can use as part of home decoration, such as vases or original lamps.

Clean the wallpaper

How to clean the wallpaper

Cleaning the wallpaper is essential for this element to remain in perfect condition. That is why you have to follow certain guidelines.

Serenity blue

Pantone 2016 colors: serenity blue

Serenity blue is the other shade chosen by Pantone for 2016, along with rose quartz. Discover the best inspiration to include this tone at home.

Ikea children's rooms

Ikea children's rooms

Ikea children's rooms have great and very functional designs for the little ones in the house. Discover all its news.

Decorate the fireplace

Ideas to decorate the fireplace

Discover the best ideas to decorate the fireplace. It is a beautiful element that is worth highlighting, and with a few decorative touches it is perfect.

Christmas in blue tones

Christmas decoration in blue tones

Discover a great Christmas decoration in blue, serene and elegant tones. An alternative color to the typical red to fill the house in Christmas style.

Christmas wreaths

DIY Christmas garland ideas

We show you some DIY ideas of Christmas garlands for these dates. Ideas that everyone can make at home with simple materials.

Pellet stove

Why choose a pellet stove

The pellet stove is a great choice to be able to heat the home during the winter. It has many advantages and current designs.

Decorate the bathroom walls

Ideas to decorate bathroom walls

Discover the best ideas to decorate bathroom walls, from wallpapering them with various motifs to adding beautiful pictures and also vinyls.

Outside at Christmas

Christmas outdoor decorations

Discover great ideas to decorate the exterior of the house at Christmas, from the door to the porch, with original and special ideas.

Decorate with mannequins

Decorate with mannequins

Decorating with mannequins is a totally original idea, and if they have that vintage look it's even better. It is a perfect touch for a workspace.

kitchen trends 2016

Trends in kitchens for 2016

If you want to be up-to-date when it comes to decoration, take good note and don't miss out on the trends in kitchens for 2016.

White kitchen

How to decorate a white kitchen

Discover the best way to decorate a white kitchen. A space in which you have to emphasize textures and finishes to achieve originality.


How to decorate a loft

If you plan to move to a loft, do not miss the following decorative ideas that will help you create a perfect place to live.


Helpful tips for cleaning the house

If you want to have your house totally clean and sparkling, do not miss any detail and take good note of the following tips on easy and simple cleaning.

doll's House

Simple ideas to build a dollhouse

Building a dollhouse doesn't have to be complicated. We show you different examples and we give you the keys to create your own DIY project


Colors in the Feng Shui style

If you are thinking of decorating your house with the Feng Shui style, do not lose detail and take good note of the most used colors in this decorative style.

Living room with fireplace

Decorate a living room with a fireplace

Decorating a living room with a fireplace depends a lot on the style of this important element. Now that winter is coming, it must take center stage in the living room.

Uses of wallpaper

Uses for wallpaper

Wallpaper has many interesting uses. You can renew all kinds of furniture using a little of this paper.

Rustic bathroom

Ideas to decorate a rustic bathroom

Decorating a rustic bathroom is simple, adding touches with natural materials and antique furniture. Discover the best inspirations in this style.