Original sinks

Original sinks in the home

The original sinks are a perfect detail to have a very original bathroom, a way to renew spaces with design ideas.

Mural photo with trees

Nature-inspired mural photo

The mural photo is used to add photos on the walls with paper, giving a great realism to the rooms, as if we were outside.

Animal Planters

Animal pots for the home

The animal pots are a great detail to add to the home. Some fun and perfect pieces for animal lovers.

Copper accessories

Primark autumn, copper accessories

The tone of copper is in fashion, and as Primark knows how to follow trends, it brings us many details in this color to enjoy going back to school.

Decorate in orange

Decorate the home in orange

The color orange is a very cheerful tone, ideal to give life to any space, and therefore it is a perfect tone for the home.

Kitchen flooring ideas

Kitchen flooring ideas

The kitchen floor must be of a resistant and durable material, and of course there are many options when choosing it.

Storage on the office walls

Storage on the office walls

We bring you some storage ideas for the walls of the home office. Spaces where you have to have everything in order.

Natural woven rugs

Decorate with natural fabric rugs

Decorating the spaces with rugs made of natural fabrics is a great idea, since they are materials that provide a lot of warmth, such as jute.

Dream catcher in the bedroom

A dream catcher on the bed

The dream catchers placed on the head of the bed, help us to protect our dreams, catching evil. And they are also very decorative.

Elevated pool

Above ground pools

Raised outdoor pools are a great idea, which is also much cheaper because there is no digging.

Felt baskets

Felt baskets put order!

Felt baskets are one of the many options we have to organize the cabinets and shelves in our home. Do you know where to find them?

Gray walls bedroom

Bedroom in gray tones

Discover how to decorate bedrooms in gray tones, a basic and sober color that is used many in Scandinavian-style environments.

Reading corner

Reading corner in the window

Find out how to get a great reading corner in front of the window. It can also be the ideal area to have a rest corner.

Decorating the garden pergola

Decorating the garden pergola

Decorating the garden pergola is a great idea, since there are many elements that, in addition to being decorative, turn out to be very practical.

bathroom in wood

Stylish wooden bathrooms

Wooden bathrooms are an option that can be equally practical and modern. Discover these ideas to decorate the bathroom with this material.

Storage on the living room floor

Floor storage ideas

Discover great storage ideas on the floor to take advantage of all the spaces in the home, especially if you do not have much space.

Original washbasin for the bathroom

Ideas of original sinks for the bathroom

The original sinks for the bathroom are very varied, and they suppose to give a special touch to this area of ​​the house with a different piece of furniture.

Blackboard in the dining room

Blackboards for the dining area

Find out how to integrate blackboards into the dining area. Dining rooms with different styles admit this very dynamic element.

Sliding door styles

Sliding door styles

Sliding doors have become a great alternative, as well as a trend item. They help to save ...

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper for spring

Floral wallpaper is a perfect decoration for the walls during spring. Enjoy with these beautiful patterns to give life to the rooms.

Limited edition Giltig from Ikea

Limited edition GILTIG from Ikea

Giltig by Ikea is the new collection that has surprised us from this Swedish firm, with very innovative and avant-garde ideas for the home.

Decorate with mandalas

Decorate with mandalas

Mandalas are symbols that we have all seen at some time, that come from Hinduism and Buddhism, and that it is a Sanskrit word.

Decorating the home for spring

Prepare your home for spring

Renovate your home for the arrival of spring. Simple ideas to change the season with a fresher and more cheerful decoration.

Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs at home

Spiral staircases are very decorative elements and they also help us save a lot of space in small apartments.

Flake tiles for the kitchen

Decorate the home with scales

The scales are a very original decoration, whether it is adding tiles or if it is an engraved or stamped detail on furniture or walls.

Storage ideas with boxes

Creative storage ideas

We always say that organizing the whole house is an essential step so that the decoration we have chosen looks good….

Ikea organizes the kitchen

Ikea organize your kitchen (I)

Is the most absolute chaos reigning in your kitchen? Well don't worry, because Ikea comes to the rescue with great ideas ...

Original pots with faces

Original pots for the home

A home with plants is a much more pleasant space, since we add a touch of nature to the environment. Not…

Bedroom yellow touches

Bedrooms with a yellow touch

Discover these great bedrooms with a yellow touch. A cheerful and intense color that brings a lot of life to the spaces, but including it with care.

plants for the bathroom

The best plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom must be suitable for a higher humidity level than other environments. Discover the best plants for this space.

Inside plants

Indoor plants for the home

Decorating the home with indoor plants is a great idea, since these accessories add a very natural and fresh touch to the spaces, and they are resistant.

Hm Home Sales

Sales at H&M Home

The sales at H&M Home have discounts on all kinds of sections, from textiles for the bedroom to details for the living room and the whole home.

Separate spaces

Ideas to separate spaces

When we decorate it is sometimes difficult to separate spaces, since it must be done in a simple and elegant way, combining with the style of your home.

Decoration in gray tones

Decorate with gray tones

The decoration in gray tones is a success, and it does not have to be boring. Discover how to include it in your home along with silver.

Decorate with rugs

Decorate with rugs

Decorating with rugs is also important, since it is a textile that contributes a lot. You have to choose the ideal rug, choosing between styles and patterns.

New Year's Eve decoration

New Year's Eve decoration

The New Year's Eve decoration should also be special. We give you ideas for a different decoration for this New Year's Eve Christmas party.

Illuminated signs

Decorate with bright signs

The luminous signs are details full of charm. Perfect accessories to give a vintage and very chic touch to any room.

Wooden beams

Wood beams in the air

The exposed wooden beams have become a current trend. It is an ideal element to stand out and to give a natural touch to the rooms.

Decorate with stained glass

Decorating with stained glass

Decorating with stained glass is a great idea to give a vintage and romantic touch to your home. Discover where to put these beautiful elements full of color.

Wicker baskets

Decorate with wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are a very functional and decorative element for the home. They serve as storage and are a good option to decorate corners.

Decorate with demijohns

Decorating with demijohns

Demijohns are totally original pieces of glass that you can use as part of home decoration, such as vases or original lamps.

Decorate the fireplace

Ideas to decorate the fireplace

Discover the best ideas to decorate the fireplace. It is a beautiful element that is worth highlighting, and with a few decorative touches it is perfect.

Christmas wreaths

DIY Christmas garland ideas

We show you some DIY ideas of Christmas garlands for these dates. Ideas that everyone can make at home with simple materials.

Pellet stove

Why choose a pellet stove

The pellet stove is a great choice to be able to heat the home during the winter. It has many advantages and current designs.

Outside at Christmas

Christmas outdoor decorations

Discover great ideas to decorate the exterior of the house at Christmas, from the door to the porch, with original and special ideas.

Decorate with mannequins

Decorate with mannequins

Decorating with mannequins is a totally original idea, and if they have that vintage look it's even better. It is a perfect touch for a workspace.

kitchen trends 2016

Trends in kitchens for 2016

If you want to be up-to-date when it comes to decoration, take good note and don't miss out on the trends in kitchens for 2016.

Uses of wallpaper

Uses for wallpaper

Wallpaper has many interesting uses. You can renew all kinds of furniture using a little of this paper.

Original hangers

Original hangers for home

The original hangers are a great proposal to add great details to the room. Ideal elements that add a lot to the wall.

Bedrooms with fireplace

Bedrooms with fireplace

The bedrooms with a fireplace are once again a trend, as they are spaces with a romantic touch and very warm thanks to the great fireplace.

Fall flowers

Decorate the home with autumn flowers

Decorating the home with autumn flowers is also possible, and means adding a natural and very warm touch to the atmosphere of the house, with autumn plants.

Acapulco chair

Decorate with the Acapulco chair

The Acapulco chair is an icon in the world of furniture. A peculiar piece that can be seen in many colors and adapted to different environments.

Fall party

How to organize a fall party

Throwing a fall party is a great idea at this time. It is a very specific theme and we show you ideas to achieve the perfect party.

Decorate in white

Advantages of decorating in white

White is a perfect option for any type of decoration. If you do not want to complicate with the spaces, start with this tone in the decoration.

Romantic style wallpapers

Romantic style wallpapers

Discover the wallpapers with the best romantic style to decorate the walls of the home. Ideas full of romance and style.

Stools for the kitchen

Kitchens with stools

Stools are perfect elements to decorate the kitchen. Discover all the pieces to decorate the island and give it greater functionality.

nightstand ideal for bedroom

Tips when choosing the nightstand

IF you are thinking of buying a nightstand for your bedroom, don't miss out on the following tips that will help you choose the right one.

Kitchens with vintage tiles

Kitchens with vintage tiles

Discover the best kitchens with vintage tiles. A great idea to give life to the walls of the kitchen, with original pieces and full of patterns

Decorate with shells

Add shells to decoration

Adding shells to your home decor is a great way to focus on the marine or Mediterranean style, bringing a piece of the beach home.

Decorate with a world map

Decorate the walls with a world map

Discover how to decorate the walls of a room with an original world map. A great idea to stimulate the imagination and give everything a traveling atmosphere.

use a breakfast bar in a small kitchen

Small Kitchens with Breakfast Bar

If you want to enjoy a beautiful and efficient breakfast nook despite the small size of your kitchen, don't worry because I will help you adapt it.

how to clean puffs

How to clean a bean bag

The bean bag is currently an essential piece of furniture in any home. Here's how to clean it properly.

Outdoor mosquito net

Outdoor mosquito nets

Discover the great idea of ​​outdoor mosquito nets. They create a romantic and special atmosphere.

Hexagonal shelf

Trendy hexagonal shelf

The hexagonal shelf is a new trend that can be found in many environments. A great idea for the home.


How to clean a down comforter

Do you have a down comforter and you don't know how to wash it so that it is totally clean and fresh? Do not lose detail.

Use the rugs with style

Do you like to decorate with rugs? Well, to do it successfully, you will have to do it with style!

Vinyl on headboards

Vinyls as headboards

Discover the use of vinyl as headboards. A great idea to create a unique and different environment.

Textured walls

Textured walls

Walls with stone or wood texture are a different way to decorate spaces.

Chalk Paint

What is chalk paint

Chalk paint is a plaster paint that is widely used today. It has the quality that you can paint on it.

blank floors

Blank floors, a whole trend!

White is a color that goes well with all decorations, but also on the floor! Do you want to know why they would be good for you?

Decorated perforated panels

Perforated panels are not just for organizing your workspace at home. Now they can also be decorated with threads and painted.