Turquoise decoration

Turquoise decoration

The turquoise decorations are very lively and cheerful. Discover how to include this tone in your home.

Neon decor

Neon tones in your decoration

Including neon tones in your decoration is difficult, but it can be a very good idea, especially if you have very neutral colors.

Funny garlands

Fun garlands to decorate

Garlands are so much fun, and they can be used in multiple settings and occasions. Discover fun garlands for the home.

Felt ball rugs

Felt ball rugs

The rugs with felt balls are very original pieces, which have become very fashionable.

Chairs as a bedside table

Chairs as a bedside table

Using chairs as a nightstand has become a trend. They do not provide a lot of storage space but they are practical.

Round bathroom mirror

Round mirrors for the bathroom

The round mirrors with a minimalist cut are perfect for decorating the bathroom. Wall-mounted or standing, they add an elegant touch to the bathroom.

Make a shelf with your old tables

Are you interested in knowing how to reuse those old classic-style tables that you don't use? Do you want to fill a gap in your empty living room? Make a bookshelf!

Funny vinyls

Funny vinyls for your home

The funny vinyls are perfect to decorate your home in a different and creative way. Discover some interesting ideas.

Screens to decorate

Screens for different styles

The screens are decorative elements that give life to the rooms. Also, you can find them in very different styles.

Decorating with letters

Decorating with letters

A very original decorative element, which has gained popularity, are the wooden letters or other elements.

Get a sewing corner

Today we dedicate this post to sewing: who would not like to have a corner dedicated to it? Get one of them!

Paint your vases in colors

Do you like to do crafts? Here we offer a possibility: paint your vases in colors to decorate your little house. Don't miss this tutorial!

Wall organizers for all tastes

In the hall, the kitchen, the bathroom, the office or our private corner, a wall organizer is the essential accessory to keep order.

Clocks made with cutlery

Reuse kitchen items to decorate

Cutlery, graters, molds, tables, egg cups ... Decorate your home with kitchen utensils and accessories that you have thought about throwing out or are embarrassed to throw away.

Hockenheimer stool made of magazines

When the magazine rack falls short

In the form of tables, cabinets, seats or cabinets, there are numerous ideas to keep safe those magazines that we do not want to get rid of.

Invest in a designer chandelier

There is no more grateful, simple and durable accessory: A candlestick in any of its formats is always a good decorative investment.

New designs for rubber tablecloths

The rubber tablecloths have updated patterns and improved materials; There is no longer an excuse to take advantage of all its virtues without losing a bit of style.

Poster related to the world of cats

Cats also invade the decor

If the Internet has praised cats with countless images and videos, why should they not also play a fundamental role in decoration?

Japanese panel type blinds in wood

Some ways to place blinds

The blinds accept almost any placement option, offer numerous designs and materials and can even be mixed with curtains or sheers.

Classic style brass fittings

Brass elements in decoration

Brass has become a recurring material in decoration due to its elegance, classicism and flexibility when adapting to any environment

Lalinea model wall CD holder series, with integrated light

Decorative wall-mounted CD holder

A decorative CD holder allows us to keep our music collection organized and at the same time give an artistic touch to the wall without the need for pictures!

Fireplaces prepared for exterior

Enjoy the terrace in winter 2

To give heat and illuminate the garden in winter there are fireplaces and portable braziers that even serve as barbecue, or multiple models of portacandiles.

Gallants at night: Iseo and Springday

The new gallants at night

The dresser at night is no longer that obsolete piece that did not quite fit in the bedroom: It has improved in design, functionality, aesthetics and forms of use.

Kilt Series: Sideboard and rug with matching embossed pattern

Rugs that bring new uses

Carpets with new uses: To match the design of the furniture, specific for walkways, or water resistant for humid environments.

Mirrors in decoration

Mirrors have unquestionably always been an excellent resource when it comes to dressing environments and giving them character. On…

Original wall racks

A light and original solution. This coat rack, named Dropit by the Swedish design studio Asshoff &…

Book lamp to read in bed

If you want to give an original gift to a lover of night reading, this glass lamp for the table ...

Brightly colored rugs

An explosion of color and creativity! We present the work of Sonya Winner with the same energy embodied in her ...

Eco-friendly Christmas tree

Corrugated cardboard is an excellent alternative to make -or buy, at a better price than conventional ones- our own tree ...

Designer hangers

In the small world of hangers there is little variety, or in other words, we never pay too much attention to ...

Technology and decoration

That they are two concepts that are never at odds but complementary is not only something that we should all assume, but also promote it daily with ...

Decorative air cleaners

If you thought that air purifiers are by definition uniform objects, you will be surprised with this design. NU.AER is ideal ...

Modular designer shelves

I love these shelves. Its creator is the young Russian designer Maria Yasko, who has played with graphics through ...

Chairs and more chairs

With the same fun and carefree spirit of our Decotrends, we present the special selections in trends and furniture that will go ...

Fill your house with birds

Many times the small details become the main protagonists of the home. And even more so when they are funny and ...

Chest of drawers that defy gravity

In contemporary decoration, the extraordinary prevails, that which together with its functionality is capable of captivating the senses ...

Jen Stark art on paper

Pictures often express more than words. That is why we invite you to enter the particular universe of ...