pictures to hang

Hanging pictures without nails

Being able to hang pictures on the wall of your house without nails, it is possible ... You will only have to take into account some products that we will tell you below.

tom dixon bedroom design with rattan headboard

New Ikea line: Tom Dixon

Discover how the elegant and transformative design of Tom Dixon can enter your home thanks to Ikea. How would you incorporate it into your home?

House of the future

This will be the house of the future

What will the house of the future be like? During the past century we fantasized about a series of technological advances that would change the ...

white door at home

The success of painting the doors in white

Are you thinking of painting the doors of your home in white? If you are doubting and do not know what to do, do not miss this article, you will be able to decide better!

Designer loft living room

Design loft in white

The color white has become the basis of many spaces, because it gives light, spaciousness and also ...

Vipp housing-container

A 'Vipp' container as a home

Vipp Shelter is a 55m2 glazed steel structure that serves as a prefabricated house. You just need a place to put it.

3D printed ceramic figures

Do you like ceramic figures? Would you like to discover figures created by 3D printing? Don't miss out on what I'm going to explain to you!

Mini apartment

Fully used mini apartment

This is a mini apartment that can give you ideas on how to make the most of the little space available.

E-perte online decoration projects

A decoration project as a wedding gift

You get married? Do you want to decorate or need to reform your home? E-perte you can order the project and as a wedding gift your guests will make it come true.

Wooden floors

Herringbone wood flooring

Wood floors with a herringbone pattern have all the usual characteristics of this material and are also highly decorative.

Eclecticism for all

Eclecticism is an artistic trend that mixes elements of different styles and periods, with which we will take the opportunity to add details to our home.

Original spaces to read

Giving an original touch to the reading corner can mark the personal character of this space; We can also choose pieces that unite seat and bookcase

New designs for rubber tablecloths

The rubber tablecloths have updated patterns and improved materials; There is no longer an excuse to take advantage of all its virtues without losing a bit of style.

Lalinea model wall CD holder series, with integrated light

Decorative wall-mounted CD holder

A decorative CD holder allows us to keep our music collection organized and at the same time give an artistic touch to the wall without the need for pictures!

Compact wall-mounted steel kitchen

Compact designer kitchens

The new compact kitchens help to optimize space to the maximum, they are multifunctional and their designs have been simplified on an aesthetic level.

Designer shower curtains

Designer shower curtains

When travel becomes impossible because of time or more likely money, it can be remedied with a good ...

Design home lighting

Design home lighting

When decorating a room, one of the essential factors to consider is the type of lighting and lamps to choose.

Design small bathrooms to save space

Design small bathrooms to save space

The availability of the space to be decorated determines the distribution of your bathroom. In a few meters, an alternative is fixed or mobile glass panels.

Ideas for decorating a game room

Ideas for decorating a game room

Decorate the game room. Organizing a playroom is a good opportunity to get rid of broken toys and those that are no longer useful.

Outdoor cooking and barbecue

Outdoor kitchen and barbecue. Sunday 2011 from the MCZ group presents the latest from the 2011 barbecue dedicated to lovers of outdoor cooking.

Reform the kitchen

Enjoying a functional, practical and cozy kitchen is the wish of every family. Dedicate all the necessary time to the project to reform your kitchen.

open decor house in barcelona

Casa Decor is now open in Barcelona

Casa Decor has been installed in a building over 100 years old in Barcelona, ​​which has become the spectacular setting for the exhibition

Stylish pool

Tips for your pool

The pool is the relaxing place where the family spends their free time. Original, simple or luxury designs are the ones chosen by the majority.

Stylish armchairs

Special armchairs

The armchairs play an important role when it comes to decorating an environment, to the classic models are added the pieces of colonial and contemporary style.

Martex presents Kyo, a desk with a renewed aesthetic

Martex presents Kyo, a desk with a renewed aesthetic designed by Mario Mazzer. A collection of desks with technological innovation that combines, in an ecological synthetic material, the natural perception of real wood.

Altamoda youth room.

Altamoda youth rooms

Glamorous, original, combining design, neoclassical style and modern textures, these are the youth rooms proposed by the Italian firm Altamoda.

Furniture for the baby's room.

Functional baby furniture Alondra

Minimalist style baby furniture that stands out for the optimal use of space and being able to evolve from cribs to beds, tables and desks.

Beds with original iron heads

Beds with original iron heads

Beds with iron headboards from Imaginaierro, with attractive geometric or organic shapes, which fit very well in minimalist environments.

different environments

A very fun house.

The little ones have a lot of energy and they love movement, why not include some elements in their room to ...

The Alhóndiga Bilbao

For "family" reasons I often travel to Bilbao, and today I will tell you about an architectural work that I discovered in a ...

DAC rugs by Jordi Labanda

Jordi Labanda is one of the most popular illustrators in Spain and is also a fashion designer, known to all, ...

Sway: rocking chair for two

In the furniture market we can find many different types of rocking chairs, the classic Thonet, for example, in which ...

Monoblock porcelain chairs

We are used to seeing monoblock resin chairs throughout our lives, the typical ones for bars and terraces outside ...

Sydney International Food Festival

I have been pleasantly surprised by the promotional posters for the Sydney International Food Festival. A fantastic idea and also good ...

Chest of drawers that defy gravity

In contemporary decoration, the extraordinary prevails, that which together with its functionality is capable of captivating the senses ...

Jen Stark art on paper

Pictures often express more than words. That is why we invite you to enter the particular universe of ...