Paint wood

Types of wood paint

Painting is key when renovating any wooden furniture that you have in the house, such as a chair or a shelf.

Folding table

Folding wall table

We tell you how to enjoy a folding wall table, a perfect piece of furniture for the home.

Chest of drawers

Cabinet interior drawers

We are talking about the drawers for the interior of the closet, a complement that can be very useful when organizing it.

Nordic changing table

Baby changing unit

How to add a great baby changing unit to your home that is functional and beautiful.

Living room furniture

Furniture for living rooms

We show you all the necessary furniture to decorate the living rooms, from the sofa to the auxiliary furniture.


Vintage nightstands

Discover vintage-style nightstands for the bedroom area, a functional and very beautiful type of furniture.

White bedside tables

White nightstands in the bedroom

White nightstands are the favorite to decorate the bedroom. They provide luminosity and it is easy to adapt them to different styles.

Coffee table

Designer coffee tables

Discover how to decorate the living room area with beautiful designer coffee tables that are original and elegant.

Bedside table

Leroy Merlin bedside tables

We tell you how you can decorate with Leroy Merlin nightstands at home, with its beautiful and current designs.

Shoe rack in the hall

Shoe rack for home

We give you various ideas in different styles to add a reception shoe rack at home, a very functional and practical piece of furniture.

Relax armchair

Relaxing armchair for home

We give you ideas and inspirations to be able to add a nice relaxing armchair at home, an ideal detail for a rest area.

Side tables

Side tables for living room

We give you ideas to add the great side tables in the living room area looking for different decorative trends.

Console in the hall

Console for the hall

We tell you how you can add a console in the hall of the house to give more style to this entrance area.

Youth furniture

Modern youth rooms

We give you some varied ideas about modern youth rooms with current and trendy inspirations.

Wicker furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture

We give you some ideas to decorate with wicker and rattan furniture, a natural material that has become very popular.

Large dining table

Large dining tables

We give you ideas on how to decorate the home with large tables for the dining room, a place to gather family and friends.

Folding beds

Articulated double beds

We tell you what are the advantages of articulated double beds, their uses and also what are the types that there are.

Outdoor benches

Outdoor bench for home

We give you some ideas on outdoor benches for the home, with beautiful seats in different styles that can make a difference.

Corner sofa

How to decorate with a corner sofa

We tell you how it is possible to decorate with a corner sofa, a very practical piece of furniture with which to take advantage of the spaces and that is very comfortable.

Leroy Merlin bedside tables

Leroy Merlin's nightstands

In Leroy Merlin one can find almost everything? At Decoora we wanted to check it by going through its catalog in search of small tables ...

Classic dining chairs

Discover all the inspiration in classic style dining chairs to create a timeless and sophisticated space in your home.

Bed headboards

Double bed headboards

Discover the best headboards for a double bed, with some varied styles and current materials for the bedroom area.

Painted furniture

How to paint wooden furniture

We tell you how to paint wooden furniture to be able to renew those quality pieces that we have at home and that are still a trend.

Chest of drawers

Drawers for wardrobes

We tell you how to use the great drawers for wardrobes that are a great complement with which to organize our home.

Rustic bathroom furniture

We give you various ideas in rustic bathroom furniture for the home, with vintage bathtubs, original sinks and wooden furniture.

tom dixon bedroom design with rattan headboard

New Ikea line: Tom Dixon

Discover how the elegant and transformative design of Tom Dixon can enter your home thanks to Ikea. How would you incorporate it into your home?

Fabric armchairs

Fabrics for upholstering armchairs

We tell you how you can choose the fabrics to upholster armchairs, since there is a wide variety of fabrics available to renew this furniture.

Folding table

Folding table to save space

We give you ideas to use the practical folding table, a piece of furniture that can help save space and give it efficient use.

Bathroom furniture

Modern bathroom furniture

We show you an interesting selection of modern bathroom furniture with a lot of style to create avant-garde and elegant environments.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs in all styles

We tell you which can be the best dining chairs for your home depending on the type of style you have in this space.

Nordic style bench

Nordic style bench for home

We give you many ideas to integrate into your home a beautiful and practical bench in the trendy Nordic style with materials such as wood.

Antique chairs

Decorate with antique chairs

We give you multiple ideas to decorate the house and rooms with antique chairs, furniture with a lot of character and decorative power.

Painting wooden furniture

How to paint furniture

We show you the steps to paint furniture in a new and original way, so that we can renew it ourselves.

Chairs for home

Types of home chairs

The types of chairs for the home are very numerous and can be chosen according to style, materials or functionality.

Wing chairs

Wing chair, a design classic

The wing chair is a classic in interior design. An enveloping armchair with which to decorate the living room, bedroom or office.

Restore furniture

Tips to restore furniture

We tell you some tips to restore old furniture and give it a new life. Furniture that is of quality and can offer great possibilities.

children's wardrobe

Ideas to keep the children's closet organized

Maybe you are one of those people who loves to have everything well organized in closets. Although sometimes yours costs to have it well organized, the children's wardrobe has to be well organized, thus they learn values ​​about organization and space. And everything will be in order!

orange velvet sofa

Color ideas for velvet sofas

Velvet sofas are a type of classic sofa that can never go out of style thanks to the elegance they have. A velvet sofa is not for Velvet sofas are a classic that is back on trend. Discover excellent colors to add to your home décor.

Home side table

The side table in the home

Every home should have a side table to use in a corner, in the bathroom, in the living room or wherever we need this very functional piece of furniture.

Rast dresser

Ikea dressers for your home

When decorating a home it seems that dressers are not important, but in reality they are a fundamental part of ...

Ikea sofas

Ikea sofas for your home

If you are thinking of buying a sofa but want variety to choose from, do not miss the Ikea sofas to find yours.

shoe rack by ikea ideas

Ikea shoe racks for your home

If you want to have a quality shoe rack in your home at reasonable prices, then don't miss out on these Ikea shoe racks.

Nordic chairs

Ikea chairs for your home

If you want to decorate your home, do not miss the Ikea chairs to enjoy comfortable and affordable seats with good quality.

Ikea stools

Ikea stools, a world of possibilities

Ikea is committed to stools as an essential piece of furniture to save space in hallways, kitchens or living rooms. Take a look at the Ikea stools in their catalog.

Office tables

Office tables for your office

These desks for the office will inspire you to decorate this work area, the table being one of the most important parts to create a functional space.

Original shelves

Original shelves to decorate your home

The shelves are fundamental furniture in our homes. They fulfill both an aesthetic and a practical function. Are you looking for original shelves? We bring them to you.

pool table for decoration

Pool tables for your decoration

If you like to play pool, then do not miss how to incorporate pool tables for your decoration, and that you can also enjoy this fun game!

Original headboard

Original headboards to renew your bed

Decorating the bed with original headboards is a great idea, since they can become the protagonists in the room, with ideas like the ones we show you.

Colorful stools

Using high stools at home

The high stools are a good piece to use in a kitchen that has a bar or island, but also for bars and commercial places.

Beds that hide

Don't miss out on these hideaway bed ideas that can be placed on the wall, ceiling, or inside furniture. Perfect for small spaces!

Bedside furniture

Furniture foot bed

We have prepared for you a selection with 10 bedside furniture; style benches and trunks along with tons of wonderful ideas. Enters!

Console at the entrance

Consoles for the entrance area

In the entrance area we normally need a piece of furniture that is functional, a piece of furniture that helps us to leave our ...

Bed with storage

Original beds to save space

Discover these original beds with which we save space at home, beds that are hidden or have a lot of storage space.

Garden benches with pallets

Garden benches made from pallets

These original garden benches are made with pallets, an ideal DIY fashion to recycle these wooden pallets and give them a new life.

Basic storage furniture

Basic home storage furniture

Basic storage furniture is perfect for any space. That is why these simple pieces of furniture are ideal for the home.

Kallax shelf from Ikea

The Kallax shelf from Ikea is a great storage unit that has many uses and is easily hacked.

Trunk at the foot of the bed

Bedside furniture, varied ideas

There are many possibilities when it comes to putting the furniture at the foot of the bed. From antique trunks to practical chests and tables.

Nordic style Banak Importa

Nordic style at Banak Importa

The Nordic style comes to the new collections of the Banak Importa firm, with simple furniture with beautiful pastel and white tones.

Colorful Tolix chairs

Decorate with Tolix chairs

Tolix chairs are typical of the industrial style, with their metal frame and vintage touch. Plus, they come in many colors.

Green painted furniture

Paint your old furniture green

Painting your old furniture green is a way to give it a second chance by adding a natural and fresh touch to the environment.

BBQ area in the garden

BBQ area in the garden

If you want to have a barbecue area in the garden, we have great ideas for you to get a functional space and at the same time well decorated.

Sliding door styles

Sliding door styles

Sliding doors have become a great alternative, as well as a trend item. They help to save ...

Beds with wheels

Rolling beds in the bedroom

The beds with wheels have very interesting aesthetic and practical qualities to decorate the bedroom. Do you want to know them? We show them to you.

Conforama garden set

Conforama garden collection

Discover the new garden collection of the Conforama firm for this 2016. Classic or modern ideas for the exterior of the home.