Old sewing machines outside

Repurposed old sewing machines

Taking old furniture and turning it into something totally different is a very current trend. In addition, there are ideas for everyone ...

Bertoia chair

Bertoia chair to decorate the home

The Bertoia chair is a very characteristic model of the Nordic style. A simple and light piece, ideal for any environment, especially the Scandinavian one.

Ikea Forhoja Cart

Ideas with the Förhöja trolley from Ikea

The Förhöja trolley from Ikea is an auxiliary piece of furniture that is used for the kitchen or for work areas. Discover all the uses of this versatile piece of furniture.

Designer chairs in modern offices

Design chairs for modern offices

Designer chairs are great pieces of furniture to include in modern offices. There are all kinds of models to enhance the style of the office.

Cheap furniture

Is it worth buying cheap furniture?

Do you want to buy cheap furniture or do you prefer to spend more money on your investment? You may need to keep a few things in mind in order to do the right thing.

Vintage sofas

Decorate with great vintage sofas

Decorating with vintage sofas is an idea with a lot of personality, which can contribute a lot to the living room, so you have to choose the perfect sofa.

Ideas to buy cheap furniture

Do you want to buy cheap furniture but do not know where you should go to buy it? Don't worry, today I bring you a few ideas.

Original shelves

Original shelves for the walls

Original shelves are more than just a storage unit. They are also pieces that are part of the decoration with their designs.

Trestle table

Trestle table for office

A trestle table for the office is a cheap and simple choice that is functional and also part of the trends for the home.

Rustic washbasin

Rustic stone or wood washbasins

Rustic stone or wood sinks are pieces of great presence and with a very marked style, perfect for this type of rural environment.

Maison du Monde retro style

Retro style at Maison du Monde

At Maison du Monde they have many inspiring styles. Today we show you the retro style, vintage ideas for any home that combine with everything.

Butterfly chairs

Environments with the Mariposa chair

The Butterfly Chair is a classic and timeless piece of furniture. An object that has survived several eras, and that adapts to all possible environments.

Ikea double bed

Ikea double beds

Ikea firm double beds have all kinds of styles and designs. Discover the most beautiful.

Practical decoration for young people

Practical (and inexpensive) decoration is essential for young people. You have to find that the furniture is functional and also does not cost a lot of money.


Types of wood for your furniture

There are different types of wood that you can choose for your home furniture, but you will have to first differentiate which one you prefer.

Headboards Rue VIntage 74

Headboards Rue VIntage 74

Today we show you the collection of headboards from Rue Vintage 74, an online store of vintage furniture and decorative objects

Indoor swings

Indoor swings for adults

The indoor swings located in a pleasant place and in front of a window are a great proposal to relax.

Decorate small spaces

Decorate small spaces

Decorating small spaces is difficult, since you have to choose everything perfectly. We tell you some tricks to do it.

IKEA PS 2014

IKEA PS 2014 bets on young designers

IKEA has opted for top-of-the-line young designers to create the PS 2014 collection, a set of 50 innovative and functional furniture and accessories.

Arab puffs outside

Decorate with Arabic puffs

The Arab beanbags have a very modern and original style. Include them in your décor for a splash of color.

A very romantic dressing table

The dressing table has been a fundamental element in the bedroom throughout history. Today it has a very vintage style, a good decorative element.

Bacon tables for the kitchen

Renewed trends: "bacon" tables

Formerly an essential piece of the town houses where the kitchen, dining room or patio used to be, the bacon table has become a decorative "must"

Fabric lined studs

Tacks return to the world of decoration

There are different designs on the market with a stud finish, but we can also opt for DIY and give a piece of furniture a special character with little style.

Bedside table with lift-up table

Get the most out of your nightstand

A bedside table does not have to be limited to being a support surface or container; we can give it an extra function that makes life pleasant for us.

High gloss lacquered table

High gloss lacquer: How to use

A high-gloss furniture or element has great visual strength by itself, enhances the appearance of other pieces and adds personality to any room.

E15 signature wood table

Conventual dining rooms

Our current lifestyle has ended up turning the dining table into the home base; as it used to be in convents.

Waitress as a coffee table

How to reuse a waitress cart

If you have a waitress that you hardly use, renew its function with originality by using it as a side table, console, bedside table or furniture for the bathroom.

Storage accessories for children

Children's storage furniture

Containers for toys regain prominence at this time of year for all the gifts that children receive at Christmas, and then it is necessary to organize

Scandinavian sideboard from the 50s for sale in Gidlööf, Barcelona

50's style sideboards, essential

The fifties-inspired sideboards have become a key piece of the house, due to the roundness of their simple lines and their versatility of use.

Shallow folding bunk beds

The folding beds are diversified

The current folding or retractable beds improve in design and acquire new multipurpose functions, so that during the day we forget about them

Classic style high stools for the kitchen

High stools for the kitchen

Kitchens have evolved towards more versatile uses with central islands or countertops for common use, requiring the use of high stools as a seat.

Glass desks

Glass desks

Home office furniture that allows you to create a perfectly organized office with a place for everything.

Dressing rooms

Prepare a dressing room

Prepare a dressing room and personalize your closet to save space at home and have the necessary space for your outfits.

Kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks

The design of kitchens, with modular kitchens, prefabricated module systems, etc., require sinks to match, and allow space savings.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture

The types of bathroom furniture are cabinets and furniture to hang on the walls of the bathtub for, all the space necessary for each of our objects.

Canopy beds

A canopy bed is a bed with fabric drape, giving a feeling of privacy and protection. Alternatively,…

How to perfume the closet

How to perfume the closet

Perfume the closet. Scented bags for clothes are the best way to avoid odors in closets, drawers or boxes.

Decorate with colonial style

Decorate with colonial style

Decorate with colonial style. Colonial-style furniture is a classic type of furniture that has evolved from European styles.

Chesterfield style

what it is and how to differentiate the chesterfield style with some examples

comfortable beds

The best designer beds

Enjoy the experience of sleeping in a state-of-the-art design bed, a luxury for your rest.

Furniture in blue color

Furniture in blue color. Decorating in blue and the different shades of blue conquer designers in their creations.

How to furnish a baby's room

How to furnish a baby's room. How to adapt the home to the needs of a baby: hygiene, sleep, leisure and feeding of the baby.

Stylish shelving

Stylish shelving. The shelves are an accessory and a decorative element of the home.

Wrought iron bed, a timeless classic

Wrought iron bed, a timeless classic. It is an ideal solution for a very romantic room with a classic, sober style and very little exaggeration.

Natuzzi sofas news

Natuzzi sofas news

Natuzzi sofas news. Comfortable and comfortable sofas with the ability to adapt to different styles and spaces.

Flou: beds for the bedroom

Flou: beds for the bedroom

Flou: beds for the bedroom. Flou beds are distinguished by their quality and attention to the design and beauty of the materials used.

Stylish armchairs

Special armchairs

The armchairs play an important role when it comes to decorating an environment, to the classic models are added the pieces of colonial and contemporary style.

Outdoor furniture

Summer tips

With the gentle summer breeze, it is time to set up the relaxation area in patios. Lounge chairs and chairs, rub shoulders with a myriad of outdoor accessories.

Charming gallery

Build the gallery

Converting the gallery into a space for continuous use is an excellent idea. Thanks to a suitable enclosure you can also use it in winter.

outlets wall art

Outlets to decorate your home

The big brands of furniture and accessories open outlets where you can buy their products out of season at the best price.