stucco 1

What is stucco

Plastering is an essential technique when it comes to getting the walls of a house to fit perfectly.

I printed

What is wood primer

The primer is something that should be done whenever a material such as wood is going to be painted and achieve a perfect finish. 

fancy laundry

How to have a well decorated laundry

A laundry room is a practical area of ​​the home, but the fact that it is practical does not mean that it should be poorly decorated ... Here are some ideas.

Painted furniture

How to paint wooden furniture

We tell you how to paint wooden furniture to be able to renew those quality pieces that we have at home and that are still a trend.

How to upholster a chair

Do not lose detail of the steps you must follow to upholster a chair and leave it completely as new.

Old sewing machines outside

Repurposed old sewing machines

Taking old furniture and turning it into something totally different is a very current trend. In addition, there are ideas for everyone ...

Chalk Paint

What is chalk paint

Chalk paint is a plaster paint that is widely used today. It has the quality that you can paint on it.

Refurbish your dresser in turquoise

Do you have an old dresser in your hall? You want to give it a more stylish and fashionable vintage touch. Today we bet on the turquoise color.

Bacon tables for the kitchen

Renewed trends: "bacon" tables

Formerly an essential piece of the town houses where the kitchen, dining room or patio used to be, the bacon table has become a decorative "must"

Fabric lined studs

Tacks return to the world of decoration

There are different designs on the market with a stud finish, but we can also opt for DIY and give a piece of furniture a special character with little style.

Waitress as a coffee table

How to reuse a waitress cart

If you have a waitress that you hardly use, renew its function with originality by using it as a side table, console, bedside table or furniture for the bathroom.