Wooden sink with chains

Rustic stone or wood washbasins

Rustic stone or wood sinks are pieces of great presence and with a very marked style, perfect for this type of rural environment.

blue bedroom

Paint the bedroom walls blue

Blue is a very appropriate color to paint the room, it inspires calm and promotes sleep. We show you how to combine it.

Green tiled bathroom

Green Tiled Bathrooms

We show you in Decoora different proposals to use green tiles in your bathroom. An unusual proposal.

Ideas in gray kitchens

Gray kitchens in various styles

Gray is a neutral color that looks great in the kitchen: alone, with white, or with many other colors, on the floor, the walls, the cabinets.

Work sofas

Design your sofa on site

Concrete frames are a great base to create a sofa. An interesting alternative that has, however, its advantages and disadvantages.

covered barbecue area

BBQ area in the garden

We leave you some very useful tips to set up a barbecue area in your garden: materials, furniture, types of barbecues and much more.

Buddhas in the yoga room

Tips for decorating your yoga room

The following proposals will help you create and decorate an appropriate place to practice yoga in your home. Colors, lights, essential elements and more.

orange upholstered armchair

The importance of upholstery in decoration

Upholstery is fundamental in interior decoration, but it is advisable to choose the materials well, depending on the use of the furniture to be upholstered. Check out these tips!

The green color in the kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a little life and are you thinking about the color green? Here you have all the information about what shades of green to use, where and how.

Ideas to put the cushions on the bed

How to put the cushions on the bed

Do you want to fill the bed with cushions but you don't know how to do it? We show you how to put the cushions on the bed and make them look good.

unclog pipes

How to unclog pipes at home

Does your sink not swallow? Does your sink give off a bad smell? Learn how to unclog pipes and how to keep them clean.

Cheap garden

Idas to decorate a cheap garden

Do you need ideas to decorate a cheap garden? At Decoora we give you some ideas to create a functional and cozy space with little.


5 ideal floors for the bathroom

The market offers a wide variety of models, so it is important to find the right type of floor that will make the bathroom different from before.

You can have nice furniture in the garage

Furniture for the garage

Would you like to have a well decorated garage? Come in and discover what well-chosen furniture can do for your garage.


How to unclog a flat shower tray

The big problem with which you have the flat shower tray is the fact that over time, it tends to get clogged with all the hassle that this entails.

American kitchen

American kitchens with island

The island kitchens are quite practical as well as helping to give a unique and wonderful decorative touch to the kitchen itself.

Chalkboard paint on the walls

Kitchen trends for 2021

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and getting the decoration right is key when it comes to getting a cozy and up-to-date place.

There are many things you can add to your bathroom.

Essential in a laundry room

A laundry room can be really practical in a home, but only if it has all these elements that we mention here. Enters.

Decorate the kitchen wall

Kitchen wall decor

We give you varied ideas and inspirations for decorating the kitchen wall with original elements.

Bed in bedroom

The best colors for a double room

When painting such an important room in the house, it is advisable to use light and not very intense colors that help create a relaxing and calm environment.

Practical kitchen island in small size wood

Rustic, wooden kitchen islands

Rustic wooden islands are an excellent proposal to decorate kitchens of this style, also offering extra storage. Discover them.

Kitchens with polished concrete

Polished cement in the kitchen

Polished concrete is a trend material; a coating applicable to any surface that can be used on floors, countertops and / or furniture.

Rustic handles

Rustic kitchen handles

Discover some inspiration in rustic style kitchen handles for your home, with very varied and original ideas.

Coffee zone

Coffee area in the kitchen

Discover how to create a coffee area in the kitchen, with a lot of style. Ideas to have a corner dedicated to morning coffees.