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Maison de Vacances bedding

Maison de Vacances offers us in its new catalog "The ultimate deluxe 2015" soft or bold metallic colors to dress our bed

Beds for small rooms

If your home has small rooms, don't worry about space as you can find beds that suit you and your needs.

La Oca studios and offices

La Oca studios and offices

La Oca shows us in its 2014 catalog four very different proposals among them to decorate our studio or office.

How to decorate a small balcony

Do you have a small balcony in your home but you don't know how to start decorating it? In this article I will give you some ideas to get you started.

Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage solutions

A good distribution and compartmentalisation are today the key to storage solutions for the kitchen. We show you some.

Multicolored bathrooms

Multicolored bathrooms

The multicolored bathrooms are very nice and cheerful. Discover the best ideas to have a bathroom of this type.

Marble sinks

Marble sinks, modern or classic?

Marble sinks add elegance to the bathroom. Modern, classic and even vintage, you will find them of all kinds to adapt them to your style.

Hallways with wallpaper

Wallpaper to decorate the hall

Wallpaper is one of our options when decorating the hall. Depending on the patterns and motifs used, we will achieve one or the other style.

Bathrooms in gothic style

Bathrooms in gothic style

Discover the best ideas for Gothic-style bathrooms. It is a difficult trend, only for very marked personalities, but it is very interesting.

Nordic style

Dining room in Nordic style

Today we show you how to decorate a dining room in Nordic style. This type of trend is very relaxing and clean, ideal for large and bright spaces.

White bathrooms

White but original bathrooms

Decorating white bathrooms can be something simple, but you also have to know how to choose the elements. We give you some ideas.

Kitchens with wine rack

Practical wine racks in the kitchen

Having a wine rack in the kitchen is the dream of every wine lover. They can be placed under the worktop, in the shape of a tower, as a separator ...

Rooms for twins

Room ideas for twins

The rooms for twins should have very well used spaces. Discover some of the most interesting ideas.

Beds at floor level

Sleeping at ground level

Beds at floor level have become common in certain decoration publishers. To what extent are they practical?

Chairs as a bedside table

Chairs as a bedside table

Using chairs as a nightstand has become a trend. They do not provide a lot of storage space but they are practical.

Decor in warm peach tones

Decor in warm peach tones

The peach tones are warm and welcoming and provide relaxed environments, which is why they are ideal for decorating living rooms, bedrooms or passageways.

Mint decoration

Decor in soft mint tones

Mint green or mint is a fantastic color to bring freshness to your home this spring. Do you want to know how to combine it?

Kitchen in pink

Fun kitchens in pink

A kitchen in pink is a risky choice, but with which you can win. Bet on this tone and discover the best ideas.

Bohemian Style Porches and Patios

Bohemian Style Porches and Patios

Decorating your porch or patio with a bohemian style will allow you to play with color, creating cheerful, fun and cozy spaces to enjoy the summer.

White bedrooms

White, clean and serene bedrooms

White is a fantastic color for painting and decorating bedrooms. In addition to lighting and expanding spaces, it is a serene and relaxing color.

Round bathroom mirror

Round mirrors for the bathroom

The round mirrors with a minimalist cut are perfect for decorating the bathroom. Wall-mounted or standing, they add an elegant touch to the bathroom.


Minimalist wooden kitchens

Minimalist kitchens are practical, comfortable and easy to clean. Counteract its coldness with wooden furniture in natural tones.

Modern bathroom in red color

Bathrooms in red

The red bathrooms are very original and daring. Discover new ideas for your bathroom.

Bedrooms with chandelier

Vintage rooms with chandeliers

Chandeliers, a symbol of elegance and wealth in other times, are ideal for decorating rooms with classic and vintage inspiration.

Rooms for girls

Rooms for young girls

In the rooms for young girls you have to add a lot of their tastes and hobbies, but always with a good decoration.

Valentine at your table

Tables for Valentine's Day

The tables for Valentine's Day have a romantic decoration. Discover ideas to celebrate this day with your partner.

Low cost home spa

Get a cheap home spa

Creating a cheap homemade spa is easy, since you only have to focus on certain details.

Reading corner

Reading corner at home

Creating a reading corner in your home is possible. You just have to take into account certain qualities.

Christmas centerpieces

Christmas centerpieces

The ideas of Christmas centerpieces are very varied. Discover everything you can do to decorate your table.

Vintage style bathtubs

Vintage style bathtubs

Bathtubs in a vintage style are very fashionable, and they can create a cozy atmosphere. Discover its possibilities.

Vibrant lounges

Vibrant rooms, full of color

The vibrant colors bring joy and freshness to the rooms. This is what happens in these salons that we have selected for you.

Art in the bathroom

Art in the bathroom

Paintings and photographs can also serve as decorative elements in a bathroom.

Original bedrooms for girls

Original bedrooms for girls

The original bedrooms for girls have many ideas to carry them out. Discover the ideas that your daughter may like the most.

Decorate the bathroom with plants

Plants to decorate the bathroom

Plants are a good decoration idea for the bathroom. Both because it is the ideal environment for plants and because of the atmosphere it creates.

Bucolic house Brussels

A bucolic house full of antiques

Chipped ceilings, vintage armchairs, rough wooden tables ... are just some of the valuable elements and antiques of this bucolic house in Brussels.

A deluxe bathroom in two rooms

Here we have a deluxe bathroom in two rooms, separated by a countertop, with a very special way of distributing the furniture.

Concrete bathrooms

Concrete or concrete bathrooms

Concrete or concrete bathrooms are a rising option in the world of decoration to achieve different, simple and functional bathrooms.

Modern white tile kitchen

Modern kitchens with white tile

New ranges of colors and textures have resurrected the use of tiles in the kitchen. We show you some modern kitchens tiled with white tile.

The romance of grandmother's kitchen

When we remember our grandmother's kitchen we always associate it with a romantic idea. It is possible to have a functional and vintage kitchen at the same time.

Standing room mirrors

Standing mirrors in the room

Standing mirrors in addition to creating a feeling of spaciousness are an exceptional decorative element in a room

Red and gray boy's room

Kid's rooms in red and gray

Decorate the boy's rooms in red and gray in thinking long-term. Create a balanced environment with both colors for your baby and even adolescence

Children's canopy beds

Canopy beds for children's rooms

The canopy is a decorative and very striking element capable of transforming a children's room for princesses, adventurers and teenagers.

Green water in the kitchen and living room

Spring tones: Water green

It is not a new color in decoration, but it is in the character it has taken, extending to all rooms in the house, as it is bright and pleasant.

Height Decoration: Vaulted Ceilings

They take us back to the most inspiring architectural past and fascinate us with their charm and originality, but a vault can also be a practical solution.

White and radiant spring

For many reasons and contrary to what is dictated, white is still the king of contemporary decoration and interior design, not just Scandinavian.

Bedside table with lift-up table

Get the most out of your nightstand

A bedside table does not have to be limited to being a support surface or container; we can give it an extra function that makes life pleasant for us.

High gloss lacquered table

High gloss lacquer: How to use

A high-gloss furniture or element has great visual strength by itself, enhances the appearance of other pieces and adds personality to any room.

Ceiling decoration with graffiti

Give your ceilings an extra touch

Wallpaper, PVC, plaster moldings, fresco paint, tiles ... the possibilities are endless if we want our ceilings to go beyond serving as lamp holders.

Modern attic penthouse

Attic penthouses that inspire us

Renew your attic with sloping ceilings creating a unique, intimate or family atmosphere that revalues ​​the house and improves your quality of life.

E15 signature wood table

Conventual dining rooms

Our current lifestyle has ended up turning the dining table into the home base; as it used to be in convents.

Examples of Japanese indoor gardens

Japanese gardens have changed positions from the outside to the inside, although without losing their purpose or their essence: Decorate, refresh and relax tensions