boho style lounges

Salons in very chic boho style

Discover how to decorate the living rooms in a boho style with very chic touches. Fabulous ideas for every home, with bohemian touches.

Ideas in gray kitchens

Gray kitchens in various styles

Gray is a neutral color that looks great in the kitchen: alone, with white, or with many other colors, on the floor, the walls, the cabinets.

Industrial style

Industrial style colors

We tell you what are the ranges of colors that are usually used in the industrial style that is a trend.

Rustic style

Rustic color range

We give you ideas to create a decoration with the range of rustic colors for the home.

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean style kitchens

We give you some ideas to decorate kitchens in the Mediterranean style, a very nice and fresh style for your home.

Kitchen with wooden beams

Modern rustic kitchens

We tell you what the inspiration can be to decorate modern rustic kitchens, with materials such as wood or stone.

rustic style penthouse

Ideas for a rustic-style attic

If you have an attic in your home and decide to give it a rustic style, you will love the effects it will bring you! Are you missing ideas? Keep reading!

Nordic style bench

Nordic style bench for home

We give you many ideas to integrate into your home a beautiful and practical bench in the trendy Nordic style with materials such as wood.

Nordic decoration

Nordic home decor

We tell you all the keys to get a great Nordic decoration at home, a decorative trend on the rise.

White kitchens

Nordic stylish kitchens for your home

Nordic kitchens have an unmistakable style and we can enjoy them in our homes just by taking into account some details, such as white or functionality.


Decoration in country houses

The decoration in country houses can be done in many ways, with all kinds of styles and typical materials to give warmth to the environments.

kitsch style in decoration

Kitsch style in decoration

Discover what is the Kitsch style that is setting the trend in current decoration thanks to its extravagance and color.

5 ideas to decorate with photos

The photos can be ideal to decorate your home and also personalize it. If you like to decorate with photos, don't miss these ideas to make it look great.

Mountain house in the Pyrenees

A mountain house in the Pyrenees

Today we discover a prefabricated mountain house located in the Pyrenees. A house clad in wood with interiors in a minimalist rustic style.

Rustic dining room

Renovated rustic house

This house has a very authentic rustic style, but at the same time it is a renovated space to offer a current style.

34m2 male apartment

A 34m2 male apartment

We discover the interior of a 34m2 male apartment with wooden floors and walls painted in a blue-gray tone.

Masculine style

Open floor decorated with wood

This open floor has an industrial and masculine style, with materials such as wood, brick or leather to give it that touch.

Boho lounge

Apartment in boho chic style

Discover how to decorate a space in a boho chic style with the inspiration that this bohemian and carefree apartment brings us.

Ibiza colorful house

A house full of color in Ibiza

We show you the interior of a house in Ibiza that exudes freshness and optimism thanks to numerous accessories in intense colors.

House in eclectic style

Amazing house in eclectic style

This amazing house has an incredible eclectic style in which all kinds of styles and details are mixed, from vintage mirrors to modern pieces.

Decorate in orange

Decorate the home in orange

The color orange is a very cheerful tone, ideal to give life to any space, and therefore it is a perfect tone for the home.

Rustic style walls

White brick walls in the home

The white brick walls are perfect for all types of environments, and above all they are used to give an industrial or rustic touch to the home.

Sailor style in the living room

A house decorated in a marine style

The sailor style with stripes and motifs inspired by the sea is a summer classic, and in this house they have reinvented it with a modern twist.

Baroque renewed style

A renovated baroque style house

In this house we find a renovated baroque style, with a lot of color and with really creative and striking but modern touches.

Nordic style Banak Importa

Nordic style at Banak Importa

The Nordic style comes to the new collections of the Banak Importa firm, with simple furniture with beautiful pastel and white tones.

Colorful Tolix chairs

Decorate with Tolix chairs

Tolix chairs are typical of the industrial style, with their metal frame and vintage touch. Plus, they come in many colors.

Country house in natural style

A country house in natural style

The natural style arises thanks to the charm of the Scandinavian style, which uses woods, white tones and illuminated spaces, as in this house.

Blue shades in the marine style

Keys of marine style for your home

The marine style always returns every summer, and that is why we are going to uncover the keys necessary to create it, from colors to materials.

Scandinavian style

Basic office in Nordic style

Having a basic home office is simple if we use the Nordic or Scandinavian style as a base. Discover ideas to decorate the office.

Victorian house melbourne

A Victorian house full of art

We show you the interior of an elegant, sophisticated and cozy Victorian house, decorated in neutral colors and with numerous pieces of art.

Terrace in coastal style

Coastal style terraces for summer

If you like the coastal style inspired by the beach and the sea, discover these great outdoor terraces with marine and coastal touches.

Kitchen in mid century style

Kitchens in mid century style

The mid century style is a trend on the rise. We show you kitchens in this great style with vintage and industrial touches.

Black and white living room

Decorate in black and white

Black and white decoration is already a classic, because it is a simple idea that does not go out of style ...

Cottage style living room

House in cottage style

The cottage style is the one that is inspired by the country cabins. Today we can find inspirations in ...