Ikea dining rooms

News in Ikea dining rooms

The new proposals for Ikea dining rooms are charming, with different styles and furniture, and with all kinds of details for different spaces.

bathroom in arabic style

baths in arabic style

The Arabic-style bathrooms are very charming, with an unrepeatable exotic touch. Discover ideas to inspire you and have this type of bathroom at home.

Modern bathroom

How to get a modern bathroom

Getting a great modern bathroom is simple if we follow certain guidelines and tips. Simple furniture, lighting and other proposals.

Exotic style

Rooms with an exotic touch

Discover how to give an exotic touch to the rooms of your home. Ideas and details so that everything has an exotic and different twist.

Big Brother 16

Big Brother house decoration 16

The decoration of the house of Big Brother 16 is totally modern and avant-garde. Colorful interiors with designer furniture and original details.

Maison du Monde retro style

Retro style at Maison du Monde

At Maison du Monde they have many inspiring styles. Today we show you the retro style, vintage ideas for any home that combine with everything.

Terrace in eclectic style

Terrace with eclectic style

We discovered a terrace with an original eclectic style. Eclecticism mixes pieces and details of different styles for a surprising result.

Black and white home office

Black and white home office

A home office in black and white is a great option for anyone. Basic tones and simple things for a work corner with personality.

Ibizan rustic style house

An Ibizan rustic-style house

We show you the interior of an Ibizan house with more than 400 years of history, decorated in a rustic way with natural materials and exclusive pieces.

Mediterranean style house

A colorful Mediterranean-style house

The Mediterranean style is fresh and summery, ideal for a country house or beach house. Find out in this original house with touches of orange and blue.

wooden roofs

Wooden ceilings for home

Wood ceilings are a great way to spruce up your home and create a rustic and very relaxing atmosphere.

how to get the industrial style in your home

What is the industrial style?

If you are looking to give your home a really new and different touch, do not miss a detail of the industrial style since it is the perfect one to achieve it.

Tuscan style patio

Under the Tuscan Sun

We show you some of the keys to the Tuscan style so that you can decorate your patio as if it were a patio in Tuscany.

Walls with paint

The walls become a canvas

Painting the walls with a single smooth tone is a thing of the past. Now creativity rules, as if the wall were a canvas.

Ethnic decoration, a current trend

Do you like ethnic decoration? Without a doubt it is a decorative style with a lot of personality and with a lot of tolerance towards people.

Hippie style house

A hippie style house

This hippie style house is full of small elements that make it special. We show you some of their rooms.

Bathrooms in gothic style

Bathrooms in gothic style

Discover the best ideas for Gothic-style bathrooms. It is a difficult trend, only for very marked personalities, but it is very interesting.

Nordic style

Dining room in Nordic style

Today we show you how to decorate a dining room in Nordic style. This type of trend is very relaxing and clean, ideal for large and bright spaces.

Rustic summer house

Ideas for a rustic summer house

If you are wanting to have a rustic summer house, discover one of the best ideas. This style has certain basic guidelines that we tell you.

Marine style on the outside

Decoration in marine style

The sailor style is very typical of summer and spring. Although it is a classic, it is reinvented every year.

Bedrooms with chandelier

Vintage rooms with chandeliers

Chandeliers, a symbol of elegance and wealth in other times, are ideal for decorating rooms with classic and vintage inspiration.

Original vintage hall

Get a vintage hall

A vintage hall is a place full of character. Find out how to decorate it in this style.

Arab puffs outside

Decorate with Arabic puffs

The Arab beanbags have a very modern and original style. Include them in your décor for a splash of color.

Screens to decorate

Screens for different styles

The screens are decorative elements that give life to the rooms. Also, you can find them in very different styles.

Advent Calendar

Create your advent calendar

The advent calendar is a piece that can be decorative. Learn to make your own, with the DIY ideas that we give you.

The taste of romance in your home

The romantic country house style decoration with vintage nuances has become very fashionable in recent years although it has always been present.

A very romantic dressing table

The dressing table has been a fundamental element in the bedroom throughout history. Today it has a very vintage style, a good decorative element.

Summer trends: "tiki" style

The aesthetic motifs of the tiki culture come out of their original bars of the 30s to create an appetizing decorative cocktail this summer.

Eclecticism for all

Eclecticism is an artistic trend that mixes elements of different styles and periods, with which we will take the opportunity to add details to our home.

Aires of Mexico 1

Octavio Paz said that to be truly modern we must come to terms with our cultural traditions, something that shows the Mexican style

Scandinavian sideboard from the 50s for sale in Gidlööf, Barcelona

50's style sideboards, essential

The fifties-inspired sideboards have become a key piece of the house, due to the roundness of their simple lines and their versatility of use.

Russian style dining room

Russian-inspired decor

An environment with small details of Russian inspiration will give a distinguished and chic air or an extravagant point to the decoration of the house.

Mirrors in decoration

Mirrors have unquestionably always been an excellent resource when it comes to dressing environments and giving them character. On…

Sixty Cafe Bar Shanghai

Shanghai's Sixty Café

The Sixty Café in Shanghai The restaurant combines a modern decoration concept in its environments with a vintage style from the 60s.

Decorate your window with curtains

Curtains, draperies, curtains and blinds can produce a clean, neutral background or provide a complete finish to your window or bay window.

Hindu decoration in your home

Hindu decoration in your home

Hindu decoration in your home. How to give a special touch to the decoration of our home with an exotic style, such as Hindu.

Industrial style bookcases

The industrial style in decoration has gone from being used basically in lofts to establishing itself as a trend in all kinds ...

decorate with bamboo

Decoration with bamboo

Furniture and decorative objects made with bamboo are an option to create an atmosphere in your home

Scandinavian style house

For those who like a quiet life accompanied by a natural environment of spectacular beauty, this home can be ...

How to decorate the living room

How to decorate the living room The lounges or living rooms are places where style is developed on the premise of creating comfortable and comfortable environments.

Stylish pool

Tips for your pool

The pool is the relaxing place where the family spends their free time. Original, simple or luxury designs are the ones chosen by the majority.

Stylish armchairs

Special armchairs

The armchairs play an important role when it comes to decorating an environment, to the classic models are added the pieces of colonial and contemporary style.

Wooden porch

Build the porch

The porch, a light space that acts as a transition between inside and outside. To be integrated, you have to find a structure that harmonizes with the house

Outdoor furniture

Summer tips

With the gentle summer breeze, it is time to set up the relaxation area in patios. Lounge chairs and chairs, rub shoulders with a myriad of outdoor accessories.

Acapulco chair

Acapulco Chair is inspired by the typical Mexican chairs of the 60s. It reflects in its precious structure the memory ...

Baroque style decoration

A classic that is renewed. Of the trends recently introduced in the deco universe, the baroque style reinvents itself, stands out ...