Characteristics of the Provencal style

Provencal style

The Provencal style is one of the most used in current decoration, especially in the homes that do not have much sun, since its chromatic characteristics manage to give it a very special air. This type of style is perfect for country-inspired settings and also for those rustic settings that want a more open touch at home.

It should be noted that the Provencal decoration style is based on the warm colors, and in natural materials, so that a room decorated like this always gains clarity and authenticity. Many homes choose this style for its versatility, so we should not miss the opportunity to add it to our home.

Why choose the Provencal style

El Provencal style has many good things. Today we see many modern spaces, other vintage and a lot of Nordic style with furniture of basic lines. But if you like vintage furniture with a more beautiful and detailed design, where you can see shapes and natural inspiration, the Provencal style is yours. It is a bright style, as it uses light and warm colors. In addition, it is very versatile, since it combines the classic, the current and the vintage in its furniture and details. It is very cozy because it uses wooden furniture and a country style and also has a certain rustic charm that is very popular. All these details make this beautiful style essential for many houses.

Decorate the walls

Provencal style walls

To decorate the walls in the Provencal style, you have to start by giving a simple decoration to the walls. Uses natural stone, or wallpaper that has natural patterns like flowers or stones. For the floor, the best options are aged marble or glazed ceramic. There are a wide variety of ideas that give this Provençal style that versatility

On the walls you should use light colors and in terms of decoration there are many ideas. Look for paintings with pretty vintage frames and natural motifs. The walls can also be covered with wood or brick but painted in white or beige tones. If we opt for wallpaper, it can have that old-fashioned touch and a floral pattern, which is very common in these environments that imitate country houses. However, it is good to choose a wallpaper with soft tones such as pink.

Mirrors in the Provence style

Provencal style

Mirrors can be another very special detail for Provencal settings. Mirrors add light to rooms and is perfect for this style in which light and diaphanous is sought. The mirrors multiply the light and add spaciousness to the rooms as well as decorating the walls. In this type of style, mirrors with vintage-type frames are worn, with many decorative details and tones such as gold or white. Add these mirrors in places where they can naturally reflect that light, in front of a window or in a place where natural light enters.

Provencal style furniture

Provencal furniture

As for the furniture used when decorating following the Provencal style, we must also make the idea of ​​naturalness prevail. Therefore, we will use materials such as wicker, and wrought iron. Provencal-style furniture has a certain vintage touch and is inspired by country houses, using wood and decorative finishes such as moldings or curved shapes. This type of furniture is usually painted in light tones, since the current Provencal style brings clarity to the spaces. You can look for old furniture and paint it white to give it that style. Shelves with display cabinets are a perfect example of this type of furniture.

It is also possible to see furniture in light wood but with the same vintage style and with details. The handles are also usually vintage, with materials such as metal. The beautiful handles also add a certain touch to Provencal furniture, especially in places like the bathroom and kitchen, where we have many cabinets.

Natural details in the spaces

Natural Provencal style

Another thing that we can see in the Provençal style is that it is very inspired by nature. It is common to see natural plants in kitchens, flowers on the walls and also natural materials such as wood. Another of the materials used is wicker. Nowadays it is also in fashion, so we can add a wicker rug in the living room, some wicker storage baskets or even some chairs in this beautiful material. They will give your home a natural touch and combine perfectly with wood.

Warm and clear environments

Colors are also essential when creating an atmosphere of Provençal air in our home. We must combine white with warm and vivid tones, such as ocher, spice red, ocean blue, yellow or orange. Open rooms are created with large doses of light tones that serve as a base. The walls can be painted in beige, white or off-white tones. This will give a lot of light to everything and will make it easier for us to add other tones in small details. The brushstrokes of color to give life to these environments can come through textiles, by adding some plants or a single piece of furniture painted in an intense color.

Provence style textiles

Provencal textiles

Finally, we cannot forget the small details, if we want our rooms to have the closest thing to a Provencal-style decoration. The Cthick netts, cushions on the bed and the sofa will become essential elements for the final aesthetic set. We always say that textiles are a very necessary detail to dress and finish by giving the special touch to the decoration, so we must choose them very well.

The tones of the textiles can have natural shades like green or blue to give more color to the environments. If you are looking for something that combines with a country touch, you can choose colors such as orange or pink. Prints such as gingham squares are ideal for this type of environment, as they also give it a very dreamy touch. It is important to take into account the tones and textiles that we must buy so that everything combines well with our Provencal style.

Consider these basic ideas when decorating your house following this style, and always keep in mind that the Provencal is a valid decoration for any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

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