Curtains to separate different environments

Curtains to separate environments

Decorating an open space is always a challenge. Studios and loft force us to create different environments in the same place. Therefore, if you want to achieve some privacy in them, it is probably the most complicated task, especially if we are looking for a solution that is simple and cheap at the same time. What can we use to separate different environments? How do you like the curtains?

We have a large space already decorated, little desire to get into construction and/or another large investment. But we want to achieve some privacy in the room or in the living room. In this situation the curtains become our great ally compared to other proposals: bookstores or glass walls. If you are still not very convinced, wait to see the following images.

The great advantage of curtains to separate different environments

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of curtains is that we can find them with different finishes and always at our whim. Because both the colors and the proposals for long or somewhat shorter curtains do not wait. They are perfect for each room to have its own space although it does not have doors. Seeing all this we are no longer going to need them!

Types of curtains

Using curtains to separate rooms might at first seem like a "provisional" or "not very serious" proposal, but it doesn't have to be that way. If we come up with the right design and color, they can become a differentiating element with which to attend to both the practical sense, as aesthetic Of the stay. We do not want to forget about another situation in which the curtains are really useful: in small spaces where a door would be impractical or get in the way In all these cases, a rail anchored to the ceiling and a curtain is all we need to separate rooms. Does it convince you?

Place curtains to create more privacy in the bedrooms

Separating the bedroom from the living room is usually the main objective in this type of space. With this we seek a more welcoming and warm space; definitely more intimate. We can do it by wrapping the bed and letting yourself be carried away by some curtains that are not completely thick, thus stealing the minimum necessary space from the living room. But also we can imitate the limits of a solid wall with a wall-to-wall curtain.

Advantages of curtains to separate environments

So, it is always necessary to take into account the space you have. Since on the one hand you can delimit a wide area from one wall to another as long as you have amplitude or, simply 'wrap' as we have mentioned, the bed area. In the world of decoration, we can both play with spaces and with our tastes or needs in general.

Choose between an opaque or slightly transparent finish

In this case it is also necessary to talk about both because each of them has its own purpose. On the one hand, we have seen that the curtains that are slightly transparent are in charge of delimiting the spaces but they allow the light to pass from one side to the other. Do you want even more privacy? So you can always bet on dense or opaque finishes for this textile. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to materials, colors and styles of curtains. Fabric curtains are the most common and can be found in a wide range of fabrics, from linen to silk to cotton. and polyester. Which of them would you stay with?

Curtains instead of doors

The best options for hanging curtains

Another important point is how we can hang our curtains. Shades can be hung from a rod or a rod, and each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages.. Shades hung from a rod are easier to install and offer a greater variety of styles. While curtains hung from a rod (which is a thinner item but just as strong) are more elegant and provide a more uniform look.

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