Decorate with antique tables and modern chairs

old table new chairs

La mix of antique and modern furniture It is something very original, and that we can see more and more regularly in decorations. Mixtures are a trend, but not everything goes: an unsuccessful combination can be an aesthetic disaster; On the other hand, when we hit the right key, we find compositions as original as they are beautiful. We will be able to see it clearly in the combo of old tables and modern chairs, which we will discuss in this post.

We will say, before continuing, that reusing furniture that already has a long life is another way of showing ecologically conscious behavior and respect for the environment. A magnificent idea for many and varied reasons.

The ideal place in the house to dare this type of experiment is the dining room. A large, solid, classical-style table, conveniently restored, does not have to be surrounded by chairs of the same style. Maybe it deserves a more modern touch. The seriousness of the large table for meals and meetings can be lightened by the freshness of some beautiful contemporary-style chairs, even made of plastic or metal. The result is striking and very creative, and will captivate the most skeptical. Here are some examples:

in search of contrast

old table new chairs

Like the spaces in a home, furniture also benefits from the richness that ethe contrast. It is the best antidote against monotony and boredom. Old tables are usually aesthetically sober: dark, voluminous, compact... However, this painting can be completely transformed simply by adding a few chairs with a modern design and bright colors.

It is not an opinion, but a verified reality: the contrast appears when there are elements that are different from each other, which provokes an interest in the design in the observer's gaze. At the same time, strange as it sounds, the contrast also serves as a link between two apparently opposite elements: the big and the small, the light and the dark, the old and the new…

How to get a balanced contrast? We illustrate it through the examples of the images that are on these paragraphs. In the photo on the right, the bet is clear for the color (dark table and white chairs with pink cushions) and for the confrontation between the classic and the modern.

In the image on the left, the proposal is more subtle, since it takes place in a totally neutral environment. A demonstration that these old tables, those that are no longer manufactured and are very difficult to find, can be inserted harmoniously into a decoration of Nordic style with the invaluable help of this set of white metal chairs.

Classic designs with a refreshing twist

old tables

There is a maxim that governs the world of art, but that can also be applied to other areas such as fashion or decoration: the classic never dies. This being true, it is also true that nothing prevents us from giving them a new life, shedding a new light or a different look. There is nothing written about that.

Many may consider that mixing a classic table, almost monumental in character, with other elements devoid of any nobility is little less than a sacrilege. However, sometimes that is precisely the best way to highlight its value, paradoxical as it may sound. Good examples of this idea we have in the images above:

On the left, a table with legs that become columns in the shape of an animal. It could be a king's table; on the right, a solid wood design with turned legs and carved plant motifs. majestic models. Surrounding them with too simple chairs could be almost an insult.

But in this case it is not so. Overshadowed by the aristocratic presence of the table, the chairs automatically acquire a completely secondary role. If we are lucky enough to have one of these jewels at home, there is no need to complicate looking for too specific models. In this case, the chairs must assume the role of a worthy secondary actor.

A little ode to Eclecticism

tables and chairs

Eclecticism is often defined as a mixed style that drinks from different sources and styles. Precisely for this reason, there are many who consider that it is not really a style and often use the term "eclectic" in a pejorative tone.

It is true that the The line between an eclectic artwork and a pastiche can be a fine one.. And also very subjective. What seems horrible to some, others consider it wonderful. And vice versa.

Let's imagine that we have found one of those beautiful old tables in a flea market or an antique shop. We have bought it and we have taken it home, full of illusion. How to make it the star of our dining room or our living room? The answer is Look for a combination with elements that are foreign to your natural style, even antagonistic.

Again, we turn to images, which illustrate this concept much better than words. On the left we see a classic wooden table, nothing stately, but classic in appearance. By surrounding it with chairs that could well be more suitable for a garden or a terrace, we accentuate the "old" character of the table and, at the same time, we endow the whole with an unexpected unity. Everything fits.

But the most visual example is the one on the left. In this case they are mixed with chairs in bright colors and with very different designs, so that each one is different from the previous one, so that each member of the house can choose their favorite. A pleasant madness that shows us an original way of personalizing the places in the dining room.


By way of conclusion, we will say that the combination of old tables and modern chairs becomes an unsuspected aesthetic resource that can yield magnificent results. A trick that many decorators pull out of their hats to surprise and amaze us, as well as a way of showing us that, when it comes to decoration, that “everything has already been invented” is not valid. You never get to say the last word.

Logically, the success or failure of choosing the set will depend on many factors additional features that go beyond materials, colors and styles. In this not always simple equation, the decoration of the home or of the specific room where the set will go, the space needs of our home, our economic capacity (some old tables can be worth real fortunes) and, from then, our creativity and good taste.

Images - Apartment Therapy

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