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It is likely that reading the title of this post doubts have arisen. What is a built-in sofa? How can we incorporate it into our home? These will be some of the questions that can frequently haunt your mind. But let's start at the beginning. When we talk about a built-in sofa we refer to a sofa with a solid concrete structure.

It is, in any case, a solid structure that we can incorporate into the design of our home at a much cheaper price than that of a normal sofa. An alternative that allows us to personalize the living room and put it to our liking. Of course, it is also an option with your advantages and disadvantages, which it is advisable to contemplate before making any decision.

What exactly is a construction sofa?

The only difference between a normal sofa and a construction sofa is the structure that supports it. The conventional sofa already has this built-in structure, generally with a base made of wood and other materials around which the shapes, padding and outer fabrics are configured.

On the other hand, the brick sofa (as its name indicates) sits on a base of brick, cement, plaster or concrete. In short, a solid and fixed construction.

Advantages of the construction sofa

These are some of the and advantages of making built-in furniture and, of course, also of built-in sofas:

  • They can adapt to any space.
  • They can be built with wide variety of materials.
  • They help us to make efficient use of the square meters of a home.
  • allows to create personalized and exclusive designs.
  • They are more durable.

Disadvantages of the built-in sofa

There are also some disadvantages that are worth considering:

  • Its cost is higher that of conventional sofas (except in the case of exclusive designs).
  • For obvious reasons, can't change location.

Spaces, measurements and materials

Work sofas

Beyond its unquestionable aesthetics, the great point in favor of the built-in sofas is that They can be adapted to any space in the house, both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes they are a magnificent resource for those dead or wasted spaces due to the presence of columns, pillars and other architectural elements that condition the decoration.

Without a doubt, it is the best solution for those who live in a small flat or for those who have rooms or halls with complex and irregular shapes. It is also a widely used resource for a kitchen gallery, where there is always a lack of space.

Reference Measurements

Although there are no fixed rules, if we are going to build our sofa from scratch, it is good to respect some reference measurements to ensure a good final result:

  • Seat: the minimum width must be 90 centimeters. Less than that would be uncomfortable.
  • Backup: A height of between 85 and 95 centimeters is recommended, which will allow us to support the entire back.
  • Armrests (optional), with heights between 10 and 20 centimeters with respect to the seat.

Used materials

Although we have mentioned before that the price of these sofas may be more expensive than normal sofas, actually everything will depend on the materials we use. And this in turn will depend on whether it is an indoor or outdoor sofa.

In general, for core structure Concrete is always used, although cement, plaster, stucco, etc. are also good alternatives.

For cushions and soft areas that have to dress our built-in sofa, you can use goose or duck feathers (it is the expensive option), but the most common is to use less noble materials such as viscoelastic or polyurethane foam.

Dress the work sofas

sofa work

To crown our sofa and give it a superb appearance, we must take great care of the final external details. Luckily, there is one major benefit to its very simple and straightforward design: the textiles They become the main protagonists. If we choose them correctly, they will shine with their own light.

A key issue is the correct choice of colors. In this sense, there is an old norm that can help us: it consists of choose a color and a texture that occupies the majority of the composition. All additional elements (cushions, blankets, etc.) must be adapted to this main line. As for the color range, beige, earth, gray or white colors are always a great decision.

This predominant color can (should) be complemented by some other more daring color, although only in small doses, without abusing. A patterned cushion would do, for example.

Finally, we must finish off the decoration of the built-in sofa with a carpet at its feet, an element that compensates for the hardness and geometry of the basic structure. The texture of the carpet runs to everyone's taste.


Work sofas

In the built-in sofas, it is the concrete structure that shapes the entire set that we are going to use to decorate our living room or living room. Do not forget that it is a solid and immovable structure in which it will be necessary to find a way to transform it into a comfortable and beautiful piece of furniture. Basically, it is about applying the same principles that we use when decorating rustic or industrial spaces, often too cold and bare. Definitely, Find a way to bring warmth.

What are the advantages of betting on this alternative to a traditional sofa? One fundamental aspect must be stressed: this type of structure made on site it is more economical. On the other hand, in a house that has already been completed, it can become a new, more expensive investment. Not to mention the inconvenience of working with concrete in a "clean" space.

But the best thing about this decorative option is that it is an alternative that allows us to get involved in the design and personalize it. In this way, we do not ensure that we are going to have the sofa that we really want to have, while at the same time avoiding the hassle of looking for one that fits some of our needs. determined measures.

For example, the idea of ​​creating a wall-to-wall bench and even "raising" some tables on both sides, also built-in tables, without having to set foot in any furniture store, can be valued.

Finally, we must bear in mind that the decision we make is irreversible. You have to be really sure of what you are doing, since, Once the structure of a piece of furniture has been built, this is immovable. That does not mean having to be afraid, it is simply a matter of thinking it through, assessing the pros and cons and, above all, having a clear idea of ​​what you want.

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