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When it comes to decoration, we all like to have a little inspiration to be able to enjoy a home that is also cozy and comfortable, it seems that it is made for us. If you are interested in the subject of interior decoration, I am sure that you have ever looked at magazines dedicated to it or that you like to look at websites dedicated to articles that help you to be inspired and to find your own ideas and tricks.

That is what I intend to achieve today with this article. My intention is that you can know some easy decoration tricks so that you can use it in your home and that in this way you are able to decorate your home to your liking. But if after reading the following tricks what has happened to you is that it has served as an inspiration to create your own ideas, it will also have been worth it because you will have found a way to decorate according to your own personal tastes. You want to know more? Check out!

Add textures

There are homes with modern furniture, and they are practical and very elegant, but if they are not combined well they can seem too cold or unattractive. In order to soften the lines of modern furniture you can do it by adding texture to the room, If you do, you will realize how suddenly the room will go from looking cold to feeling much more welcoming and attractive.

You can use soft rugs, colorful cushions on the sofa or on the beds, decorative pieces with textures on the side tables ... and do not miss the attractive colors!

Stockholm rug Ikea

The books in the decoration

If you have many books and you don't know what to do with them, you not only have the option of donating them or having them in a library without ever touching them… you can create decorations with them in your home. For example, you can create tables with books, you can use small towers of books in a decorative way in some areas of your home and even create your own seats with your leftover books. And how about creating a headboard of a bed with the books open in the middle? The feeling would be incredible without a doubt!

Fabrics on the walls

If you have a defect in the wall that you want to cover but you do not know how to do it because you do not want to do work or your landlord does not allow you to make changes to the structure even if it is damaged ... the best way is to hide it. One way to do this is with colored fabrics. Choose a fabric that you like and that can fit in with the decoration of your home and with a special stapler for walls you can cover the defect of the wall and also have a very well decorated corner.

You may be thinking that with wallpaper you could also achieve a good effect, but for the paper to adhere well to the wall, you will need the surface to be completely smooth, otherwise it would be uneven and look bad.

Plants in the bathroom

Plants in decoration

The plants in the decoration cannot be missing to be able to provide vitality and so that the home feels more comfortable instantly. Well-cared for plants convey delicacy, but if you are a bit of a slob, you can opt for artificial plants. (Today there are plants that are very well achieved and that will help you create a good home environment).

The only thing that only live plants will help you clean the environment of toxins and have a much cleaner and fresher environment. But if you have live plants in your home, you must commit to taking care of them and that they are in good condition.

The color of the rooms

Color is key when you decorate the rooms, and you should think very well about the shades that you want to have in each of the rooms.. You must remember that light colors will be those that help you visually expand a space since light spreads better throughout the room.. On the other hand, dark colors in addition to making rooms smaller are also ideal to use with light ones and create color contrasts.

Ideally, keep in mind that color is the key to styling your rooms.. You can choose two shades that harmonize and blend evenly. Use shape coordination to organize the size, but don't be afraid to use bright colors in the decorative elements if it is something you like. Dare to combine, but what matters is that you like the colors you use and convey good feelings.

Add photos

Adding personal photos can give a very cozy touch to your home, since you will be showing a very important part of your life. You can find a way to display your photos that you like, such as putting the photos directly on the wall, with paintings, hang black and white photographs in a colorful environment, create a personalized mural ... the choice is yours!

Wall murals with flowers

Focal point

The focal point is an excellent idea for enjoying home décor. The focal point is a point in the decoration that when a person enters the room, their eye is immediately drawn to it. Examples to enhance focal points can be: a fireplace, a four-poster bed, a piece of furniture, a wall decorated with photographs or painted in a different color, etc.


The shelves are also a good idea to enjoy a good decoration and that is also practical. It can be a high shelf and turn it into a library and also a place to store your things, or perhaps you prefer to have a smaller shelf that becomes a shoe rack in the entrance. The use and the function are chosen by you according to your personal needs.

What do you think of these decorative tricks? Is there one that you liked more than another and that you want to use in the decoration of your house? Have you been able to inspire yourself with ideas other than what I have mentioned here?

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